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The discovery of new causes of heart disease

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A team of Amaricans scientists Succeeded to reveal the number of triggers and causes of heart disease, which operates on the negative impact on the efficiency of the mechanism functions Acharaiien and Atherosclerosis To become human prey in a large heart disease and heart attack.The researchers maintain that these factors can be overcome in the case identified through the identification and stop the activity of several molecules responsible for attracting these causes of the negative and grave when they see that the bacteria play an important role in causing heart disease.
And hardening of the arteries, resulting in the formation of layers on the walls of the arteries Amoven of the brain, heart, and to impede the normal flow of blood necessary for them as composed of layers of fat and cholesterol deposits, which wrapped in the arterial wall causing inflammation and vulnerability to corruption and declining efficiency.
Show these layers in some cases as a result of damage to the arteries, causing heart disease and heart attacks.
The researchers explained that the cessation of activity of receptors scattered on the wall, known as partial / Tyler - 2 / present on the surface of immune system cells can increase the opportunities for the prevention of heart disease and heart attack.

Not buy Sugarplum for your child so as not to turn into a criminal

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If you want to protect your child from becoming out of the law when you grow up banning him from addressing Sugarplum and chocolate on a daily basis and in large quantities .. This is at least as revealed by a British study conducted on 17 thousand persons accused of committing acts contrary to the law was born in 1970.

The magazine "Onovl Observateur" that the French study by a team from the University of "Cardiff" UK revealed that children who eat large amounts of sugars on a daily basis are at risk of committing acts punishable under the law than those who eat normal amounts of sugars.

The study, conducted under the supervision of Dr Simon Moore, from Cardiff University said 70 percent of those accused in violence and acts of outlaws who had been subjected to the study admitted they were having Sugarplum and chocolates in their childhood on a daily basis and in large quantities.

Fruit Manjustin useful in easing the pain of arthritis

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fruit Manjustin a tropical fruit that is spreading throughout the world.

Are available in the form of fresh or canned fruit or juice.

There is also a pill extracts material in Manjustin, and sold in the markets of East and West.

This fruit is rich in antioxidants, as well as groups of minerals and vitamins beneficial.

Therefore, eating it as fresh fruit is undoubtedly useful for general human health and the business of the body and the prevention of vascular diseases and tumors.

This fruit is not a peek of the species known to cause allergies or digestive disorders or other disturbing side reactions.

There are many scientific studies conducted on the fruit in the examination of the impact addressed to reduce the activity of inflammation in the body.

The majority of these scientific studies talk about the article «Zanthon» anti-oxidant.

Although scientific studies carried out in laboratories and animal testing, but the findings suggest the feasibility and usefulness in this side to ease the irritation of inflammation in the joints and others.

Are also being conducted in several regions of the world, like the United States and other studies to test the impact on humans.

And all these things are enough for those who wanted to enjoy being addressed to keen on that and optimistic benefiting the body of them.

But if anyone wants to be addressed as a treatment for arthritis, in particular, there is a need to demonstrate through studies on humans.

But there is no scientific studies talk about the positive effects of eating these fruits, the health of hair.

Optimism and positive thinking lower the chances of heart disease

Friday, November 27, 2009

showed modern medical research that enjoyment of human-looking optimistic and thinking of generally positive helped on the prevention of heart disease and serious.

Researchers said that the practice of sport regularly, taking the same deep when exposure to crises or even when falling prey to traffic bottlenecks to prevent without raising the nerves and the continuation of the enjoyment of positive thinking about all this will help in the prevention of human diseases serious heart. Research was conducted on more than 1.621 thousand people who do not suffer from heart diseases, where they were subjected to a questionnaire on their outlook and behavior of life when exposure to crises, whether psychological or financial. She pointed out that the persons who have been able to maintain their outlook bullish and things as positive had retreated, including 12 percent the chances of heart disease, compared with 24% among persons who have reacted from psychological trauma, economic and threw their outlook of life in general

pulp is full of components of health

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

People's experience and their eating habits may not be the result of spontaneous, or without noting that there are benefits from it.

The examples are numerous. For example add the walnuts to the baklava, and proven way to reduce damage to sugar and fat.

And add "sauce" to the authorities are useful in facilitating the intestinal absorption of the antioxidants in vegetables.

Add pineapple to meat dishes when cooked, is useful in facilitating the intestinal digestion of protein complex.

Soup and address of vegetables before the main dish for the meal, it proved useful in reducing the amount of food intake during the meal.

Add butter to the honey, lighter on the body to slow down the absorption of sugars and rapidly rising rapidly in the blood.

As well as when dealing with dates stuffed with almonds. And add the lemon fish intestine to facilitate absorption of omega-3 oils in it.

And usually deployed in many of the Arab areas to address white pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds, or the so-called "core", is also a healthy habit useful.

Doctors and nutritionists to pay attention to them, and that only their opposition and their advice to reduce the amount of salt used in baking the seeds.

But if they can also advise people to eat the pulp without removing the peel seed, when to be able to chew well, was undoubtedly the best.

Address the game, meal "Snack" light, is inherently healthy behavior, so when it is part of a system of interdependent eat three meals a medium-sized and light meals between them, taking into account the amount of the full daily capacity of the human diet to suit him too, according to the amount of weight and level of effortless physical daily.

When the components of one of those types of snacks, health foods, away from the crisps and fries fragile, the benefit will be doubled.

Get the benefits of eating nutrients, vitamins and minerals in those foods, and the survival of carbohydrates and hydrogenated oils-and non-metropolitan injury rates.

Behind this advice for several reasons, which is derived from the scientific efforts, to tens of years, studies on the components of pumpkin seeds and the effects addressed. And in general, the nutritional value of pumpkin seeds to deal stems from the rich elements of food, minerals and vitamin concentrated in containers, seeds, small volume, like drug capsules.

And we note the following: that a quarter cup of pumpkin seeds, weighing about 35 grams, contains 180 calories, and the state to deal with that amount, the body will takes 50% of the daily needs of the metals manganese, magnesium and phosphorus!

And 35% of the vehicles need to Tryptophan soothing the nerves and stimulating to think about mental sense, and even making possible to sleep for eternity, and will provide a quantity of 30% iron, and copper 25%, than the body needs daily, and zinc, and vitamin K and proteins, as well as about 18% .

And in particular to members of a particular body or illness, it is between groups of medical studies, there is a heart and prostate, as members are the most profitable, apparently from eating the seeds of "core" pumpkins.

In addition to the metal magnesium, the core of the gourd is rich vegetable oils, which is the secret behind the high amount of energy, and the quality of fat in the "core" of the types of monounsaturated, like those that in olive oil and fats of pistachios.

In addition to the two types of omega-3 and omega-6 fats, and these monounsaturated fats and omega, the role of a fixed reduction in blood cholesterol, and if added to this pumpkin seeds contain good amounts of material Phytosterols, has increased the usefulness of such seed to reduce cholesterol.

It is known that the materials "Phytosterol" impair intestinal absorption of cholesterol in food, and compared among all types of nuts common approach, except sesame, in the amount they contain "Phytosterol", the pistachio is the first, followed by the seeds of "Sunflower", and pumpkin seeds.

In spite of the apparently conflicting results about the relationship between zinc reduction of prostate problems, but there is evidence that the zinc-rich foods, such as pumpkin seeds, have an important role in relieving symptoms of enlarged prostate, and therefore there is medical advice and Germany addressed include pumpkin seeds to alleviate the suffering of enlarged prostate, and says that there are materials, such as Kicarpetakin, works to reduce the production of male hormones affect prostate..

It seems that the old advice to eat pumpkin seeds to kill the worms in the abdomen, find Interpret pumpkin seeds contain a substance Cucurbitin, which progressively paralyzes the nervous system of these worms, which facilitates the exit of the small intestine with the waste.

There is also an argument that dealt with Pumpkin Seeds ease the pain of arthritis, because they contain substances like painkillers of the type of indomethacin.

It is true that someone did not say that pumpkin seeds drug that treats certain diseases, and are not required to do so at all, but it remains, and remarkably, food will be useful to us, and thus contain the healthy eating tips, guidance to be addressed if possible.

Treatment of any pain

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do friction palms of the hands of the power due to friction, static, and place the hands on the subject of pain directly on the skin, research is through contact with the skin. Lightly for a few minutes, then re-contact and touch several times

This method is very useful in conditions of headache or in any cases of infectious intestinal distractions or other nerve pain, and you can make yourself to yourself

Risks of smoking on oral health and dental

Monday, November 23, 2009

if we reflect the relationship of the mouth, we find that smoking a cigarettes like the mouth of the chimney, which we see the roofs of houses. Imagine how to be smoked after igniting the wood, and burned with the deep dark days do not bear the heat, especially in hot winters long and may collapse.

This is the case inanimate objects, let alone under any circumstances mouth of that member and surrounded by delicate thin membrane and gums with a thin and very important functions such as eating, chewing and speaking. But beyond that important to be a source of beauty and a smile for the presence of teeth and lips.

How can we offer those tissues to the wood we burn ourselves and boast about it in order to burn the bodies and our money.

Some see smoking as pleasure in the imagination, but it is certainly harmful to the airframe. This is reached by modern science and confirmed by research in all parts of the globe. It's even become the social ill that criticizes rational people and abused so as to deprive him of the find at the ill-effects serious and sometimes fatal.

Damage of smoking on the mouth
That the harmful effects of smoking go beyond the mouth and deadly diseases include respiratory and heart and blood vessels, known to everyone. But the impact of smoking on the mouth was not raising the necessary and sufficient to highlight here that the impact of smoking on the health of the mouth and teeth with the importance of medical advice to refrain from smoking before it is too late.

What are the disadvantages of smoking on the mouth and teeth?
The mouth is the first member affected by smoking, particularly as it directly exposed to the constituent chemical cigarette of the so-called tobacco. The Tissue affected are the soft tissue and coated the tongue and roof of the mouth and floors and cheeks, gums, and lips as well as the row of pearls, which boast beauty among the people. And the consequences of smoking and disastrous and alarming and can be summarized as follows:

- Cancer of the mouth and surrounding tissue and ulcers and chronic fungal infection such as Candida.

- Chronic gum disease, which is the major cause of loss of teeth (abate the sense of taste and smell and the lack of rate of secretion of saliva) discoloration and change color of the teeth and tongue (emission of foul odors from the mouth) the lack of success rate of some treatments such as dental implants, calendar, and the possibility of complications such as inflammation of the bone When extractions.

Oral cancer
Cancer of the mouth of the most serious consequences of Smoking and usually occurs with chronic smoking-intensive and misfortune that does not appear, but the real appearance in the late stages At the outset, usually, painless and does not attract the interest of the patient's symptoms and the most important:

- The emergence of alarming cracks in the mouth, burning in some parts of the mouth

- The emergence of chronic ulcers and many at the bottom of the tongue or lining of the cheek or lips and vary in size from small to another ulcers may extend over large areas of the membrane lining the oral tissues.

- The emergence of bulges and white spots or painful tongue or lining of the cheeks, lips and usually tends to have a white color to change when some red or yellow or brown or gray depending on the food and beverage intake and the length of the ulcer. This so-called disease Iukubleika, which is usually regarded as the beginning of cancerous transformation.

- Difficulty in chewing, swallowing, speech and movement of the jaw

- The movement of teeth in a strange way lead to the non-occlusion

- Numbness in the lips or tongue or other areas in the mouth such as the presence of these symptoms when smoke alarms require a visit to the doctor in charge.

Ulcerative oral
One main symptom of smoking also inflammation of oral mucosa in many places such as the roof of the mouth, tongue and lips and a consequence of congestion, redness of the mouth membrane by absorbing the smoke, which shakes the pressure inside the mouth.

As well as the heat generated from the combustion of tobacco, let alone the impact of chemical constituents of tobacco, which directly affect the oral membrane. The result is also cracked and dry oral membrane as well as the lips, which is greatly affected by this.

In these cases, chronic infections, the beginning of the emergence of oral cancer, especially in the presence of inflammation in the roof of the mouth for long periods lead to the salivary glands affected by surface are out there and show the forms of red blisters grow and swell due to a blocked lymph channels and over time this may turn into a type of cancer that affects the glands the so-called Mikoabidirmoid.

Gum disease
Smoking is a major cause, accounting for 75% of gum disease in adults. Periodontal disease is a major cause of chronic loss of teeth.

What is happening is an inflammation of Gingivitis initially extends to the gum tissue surrounding the teeth and lead to erosion of the separation of the gums and bone around the tooth which leads to receding gums, which in turn lead to reveal the roots of the teeth causing tooth sensitivity when dealing with excessive hot and cold items and displays the roots to decay which is sometimes extends to areas under the bone. In the end, the result will be shaken in the teeth and then falling down or takes them off.

It also decreased the effects of smoking had denied the sense of taste and smell and lack of saliva secretion rate, leading to vulnerability and functions of the mouth in general, and this are what gives smokers the feeling disgusted and discomfort in their mouths.

Color of the teeth and tongue
This effect is aesthetic, which are important for smokers with that view only and ignore what is most important and serious than reported previously. Why? Because it is aesthetic and does not want to show the smoker's teeth color and smell to the community.

Teeth of smokers usually comes in a dark color resulting from the accumulation of components of smoke on the teeth, especially in the presence of limestone and lime. Increasingly darker color so that it looks ugly, especially when those who do not care for oral and dental hygiene, not visiting the dentist down.

What makes the case worse is the use of bleaching powder, which leads to increased surface roughness of the teeth and eat it, causing the increased rate of accumulation of lime, lime and black spots, as well as catch a smoker suffering from another type, namely the excessive sensitivity of the teeth.

Fragrances BREATH
The smell of the mouth let smokers to purchase various types of chewing gum and lotions with fragrances and pure Putty Commercial and labeled as appropriate for smokers not only that it is for propaganda only.

Also, only a temporary impact. why pay any attention to them and you have the correct treatment, but is refraining from smoking.

Complications and failures of smoking leads to a lack of proportion of success of some treatments such as dental implants, calendar, and the possibility of complications such as inflammation of the bone when extractions.

Some smokers keen to teeth, but is surprised that he could not hold all the dental treatments like non-smoker. Studies have shown that the success rate of dental implants in smokers and less prone to failure. As well as delayed healing and heal the wounds of the mouth after any surgery in the mouth such as tooth extraction or processes gums.

And sometimes may lead to inflammation of the bone, which causes a lot of pain.

Do you use pipe or pipe, or cigars less harmful than smoking cigarettes?
This is not true, rather, one of Damage and be the most Sometimes when you use other methods of smoking. The use of pipe tobacco focuses on some areas intensively, which increases the chances of ulcers and cancer.

The use of hookah may speed up the transmission of other diseases such as tuberculosis and acute hepatitis. Due to the use by more than one person in the presence of a respiratory mouth full of decaying Sores and gaps.

What about the impact of tobacco, such as Sniff and others?
That affect the most . Scientists have discovered no less than twenty-eight carcinogen in this type of tobacco also said the immediate focus of tobacco on certain areas, such as membrane under the tongue increases the risks. And beyond the impact to some members away from the mouth, such as the esophagus, colon, pancreas and bladder. The reason is due to swallowing the smoker to tobacco juice consisting of chewing.

Finally, we do not recall this information in order to scare smokers enumerate them as far as facts that would convince them to quit smoking, humans do not live only once and in conclusion, we are friendly for your Mouths to be thinner than the stacks you.

Tips to reduce the severity of acne

Of the common errors made by the young men and women who suffer from acne, lack of knowledge about good health principles to deal with pimples and grains that are called acne, and the result is that the irritation of the situation and increase the suffering of people, especially when in this season of the year.

Here are some tips important and effective addition to treatment, which usually applied at home is recommended by experts dermatologist to get rid of acne or even reduce the severity and intensity in these days of those who suffer from it, and these tips:

- Try to keep your facial skin dry and clean as possible.

- Washing the face carefully and gently twice a day at least anti-bacterial soap.

- Use a mild non-oily moisturizer to the face after each washing.

- Avoid cosmetics that contain industrial chemicals or vegetable oil.

- Keep the hair clean and away from contact with the face.

- Avoid the use of forceps on the face or touching the grain.

- Avoid pressure on the skin affected by inflammatory or collars or parties to narrow head scarf.

- The use of cosmetics and beauty products without a prescription, especially those containing sulfur, resorcinol, resorcinol plus material used on the skin in order to lighten the pores and reduce acne.

- To dry up pimples at night, you can use toothpaste (not generation) directly on the pill, it has advantages that can help to dry up the pimples at night.

- One of the best face masks with good effect the use of the white part of egg and place it on face for 15 minutes. A. The vitamin A which is found in egg white is also very beneficial to the skin.

- The egg whites are also treated to a great interest for acne, and can be used directly to the blister.

- To rid the redness of inflamed skin face should consult a doctor to give specific treatment of the situation

Medical advice to avoid strokes

Saturday, November 21, 2009

transient ischemic attack, or a shortcut (TIA), in need of a new label. The name is currently fashionable (mini-stroke) does not seem entirely appropriate. Both names are Progress presumption that the situation of small and transient, that is, the problem will pass and you can live with it until the arrival time, which can deal with it.

Transient and continuous shift
But what is required is the name actually reflects the situation urgent and harm, because ischemic heart blood in transit, often followed by a comprehensive stroke. Therefore, access to fast diagnosis and immediate treatment within minutes of a shift in transit, as possible will reduce the vulnerability to stroke.

In general, there is little difference between the ischemic heart blood in transit and among the most common types of strokes, or stroke resulting from lack of blood perfusion. Because they were alike in their appearance, and give rise to the same feeling, and result from the same reason, a blood clot, or a fragment of the scattered deposits of cholesterol blocked blood flow in the artery supplying part of the brain.

But it separates the larger cross between A heart and stroke is the duration of each, A heart ischemic blood cross take a short time, with fade within hours, if not minutes, with the last stroke for more than 24 hours.

Symptoms of artery
And can cause blockage of blood flow in any of the following symptoms:
Numbness or weakness in the face, arm, man, especially on one side of the body.
Inability to move the fingers, hand, arm, or men.
Sudden confusion.
Difficulty speaking or understanding what others are saying.
Problem in vision in one or both eyes, or hearing in one or both ears.
Dizziness, trouble walking, or loss of balance and lack of coordination of movements.
Rapid and severe headache.

In cases of heart cross the blockage is small or light, so that the systems of the body to repair the damage and reopen the artery, which leads to the end of the symptoms. Aka The largest and longest for so they lead to strokes.

Quick handling
The non-availability of information on the impacts of long-term bouts of ischemia blood in transit to the incompatibility of medical perceptions about the best remedies. Suggest the results of two studies released them «SOS-TIA» and «EXPRESS», the balance to the need to take quick decisions.

In the first study «SOS-TIA» dedicated researchers at clinic in hospital in Paris, working throughout the day to assess and address of any person believed to be the victim of ischemic heart blood passing through a few hours of their occurrence. It appeared that did not suffer a stroke during the next three months, only 1 per cent of those who reviewed the clinic.

This is much lower than the expected rate based on the labels that appeared on the patients, symptoms and overall health, a 6 per cent.

A study «EXPRESS» held in the British city of Oxford also results in a dramatic decline in the number of strokes. Among those who have been taken care of quickly, with a perceived lack of heart subjected to ischemia, blood cross, he was only 2 per cent for a stroke during the next three months, compared to 10 per cent of those who approached the clinic after a few days to two weeks after exposure to shift in transit.

Changing habits
Although it is impossible to prevent the incidence of each stroke after the occurrence of ischemic heart blood in transit, then we can improve our situations. However, that will need to work on three fronts:

Identify the situation, knowledge of signs and symptoms of ischemic heart blood in transit, is the first step towards conversion to the question of actually passing.
Response. If you think that you, or someone close you, has suffered a bout of lack of blood supply in transit or a stroke, rushed to connect to an ambulance, medical.

If you suffered a stroke, the arrival to the hospital within 60 minutes, entitles you to a dose of medication to break up blood clots, which would greatly reduce the damage caused by stroke. But suffered a heart ischemia blood cross the diagnosis will help in preventing the occurrence of stroke.

Reorganization. There is so far only a few centers for stroke in hospitals that can be evaluated cases of persons exposed to bouts of transient or strokes. It is intended to establish such centers, but that will not happen quickly.

Provide the American Heart Association and National Stroke Association following recommendations for the prevention of stroke after a heart ischemia bloody cross:

Conduct a rapid assessment, and preferably within the first 12 hours of onset of symptoms.

Photographer diagnostic survey on the same day.

Attention and sustained follow-up blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, atrial flutter in the heart and other diseases.

Control of risk factors such as smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity.

Aspirin, aspirin plus (dipyridamole), (Aggrenox), or «clopidogrel» (Plavix), to prevent the formation of new blood clots.

Surgery (carotid endarterectomy), or treatment of artery «endovascular therapy» (remove the narrowed artery with / or without a brace in it), in order to open the carotid artery Uncomfortable or deadlock.

The relationship between Alzheimer's and landing in the heart

Modern medical research revealed that there is a relationship between Alzheimer's disease and chronic decline in heart, who are among the ten most important factors causing death in the United States and Europe.

Resulting decline in the heart result became increased secretion and accumulation of a protein known as "Disameen" contributes to heart disease.

This is the first study of its kind to reveal a link between Alzheimer's is increasing chances of congestive heart failure.

Works accumulation of the protein "Disameen" on the tissues of the heart to weaken it Muscle to happen aspiring congestive heart failure.

Tips foodstuff used when exceeding the fifty

Friday, November 20, 2009

The presence of the natural percentage of female hormones during the natural menstrual cycle, is already one of the factors protecting the health of the woman's body. So, for example, compared with men as equal with them in life, there is less incidence of cardiovascular disease in a period of years women's fertility and recurrence for the menstrual cycle on a regular basis.

Having reached break point for women's menstrual cycle, weakening the positive health effects to the availability of female hormones in the body.

This makes it incumbent on women working to make more attention to several aspects, particularly with regard to nutrition.

It is true that nutrition should be healthy and helpful throughout the duration of life, but women over the age of fifty attention they provide the body with elements of certain food, and they were eating less attention to certain other nutrients.

All of this for the prevention of disease above the incidence during the years after menopause.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists provides a range of proposals on food useful for women's health at that stage of life, which involve:

Concern for the intake 1500 mg of at least calcium every day, and in order to prevent the access of osteoporosis, and to work to deal with any degree of vulnerability suffered. And calcium available in milk and dairy products, and green leafy vegetables, and beans, and nuts.

Provide the body daily amount not less than 8 milligrams of iron, in order to help the bone marrow to produce red blood cells with normal amounts of Hemoglobin.

Health and food sources are red meat and green leafy vegetables, nuts and legumes. There are also types of iron-fortified foods.

Limit the consumption of saturated fat, which is found in animal fat white, and in the types of red meat, and poultry fat, skins, and in the types of milk or full-fat dairy products.

Avoid eating trans fats like oils ,Obesity vegetarian, fast foods.

Limit the consumption of sodium element, located in the salt, or salt pickles, or cold meat, or other.

Adjust the sugar intake of natural sweet taste.

Careful to eat plenty of natural plant fibers, and are available in vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains.

Careful to control the quantity to be dealt with women from foods, to maintain a normal weight of the body.

steps to restore your life after divorce

Divorce can be factors which could destroy the lives of women, and recovery from side effects was a difficult one, some cannot recover from the negative effects caused by the divorce, while others can be overcome and bear the pain resulting from it, and remain inside them, and every fear, pass this painful experience again.

Therefore, it provides psychologists magical ten ways to help you overcome the pain of divorce, and restore your life, and ensure the establishment of a new relationship, bright in the future:

1 - story and sadness freely and without reservation:
Many people are scared of Express feelings of sadness, depression, anger freely, but it would be useful for your health that you leave free rein to feelings of sadness that exercise-to-end, and dispose of your soul out gradually; because those feelings will not last forever, and you may be mistaken if you appear what's inside of sorrow.

Here is the error concealment of these emotions, and it becomes secret to serious illnesses such as irritable bowel disease, stomach ulcers, heart disease, diabetes, depression, which may lead to suicide.

2 - feel sad but in a way: (I would not make that happen again):
When feeling sad on the exercise from the experience of divorce, should not that you feel yourself guilty, and this experience will ruin your life, you're a human being cannot be a permanent failure to establish a successful relationship, but you convince yourself that this error will not happen, and you have hopes, and dreams , and you will try to realized again, and that success will be you next time.

3 - Spend quality time with the mentors:
Select the time you spend with people, are willing to hear you love, and listen, and understand what the feelings of the exercise, when password to the problem of divorce, is not enough UNDERSTANDING what is inside you for yourself, but should speak with someone else, until you feel comfortable, Dispose which inside you of Worries.

So You must choose the right person who can hear, and involvement with your sorrows, and to provide advice and support to you, in a friendly, filled with love, and concern over what it interest you, because there are many people who are "unlikely to hear what others are going through problems, and feelings black, so as not to affects their mental state.

4 - You must understand the causes of divorce and the recognition of error, if any:
You must specify the reasons, which led to the access point of divorce, so you can manipulate, and you can Establish for yourself another life, free from these problems, and the negatives.

And you have to be impartial and honest with yourself, do not Biased party at the expense of the other party, be the solution that you get the logical solution, practical, and will help you to blame yourself, into your Fluent, all you have to do is, identify the causes of the problem, and seek to avoid in the future .

5 - You should understand the reasons, which do you choose your partner made you Previous:
Every woman to choose her husband for several different reasons and I've found it, and the most common reason be love, it is known that the mirror love is blind, and sees no flaws in the character of the other, and women believe they love someone and be wrong in this belief, thus accelerating the divorce; because they see then that there is no reason to continue.

Here are some reasons why people choose each other as partners in life:
- The urgent need for a sense that you wanted you, and there is a particular person, able to satisfy this feeling you have.
- The long struggle to find Darling, and keep it, and hope to change the his defects in the future (the problem of late age of marriage).
- Fear of the unit, women may be forced to accept a partner, may not accept in other circumstances.
- The search for security that is provided by marriage.
- The need for women to partner, to meet the necessities of life (economic crisis).
- The desire to have a child.

If you have the ability, that you may be frank with yourself, to confront the real causes, which were selected upon which former spouse, you will have the ability to identify errors that occurred, and try to avoid them after that.

6 - forgive your former spouse on his mistakes, and forgive yourself about your bad choice:
It is time for tolerance, and the beginning of a blank page of your life, devoid of grudges and hatred.

You must convince yourself, you and former spouse, you did what you could to avoid divorce, and trying to reform and become aware that everything you have done, from harming one another for some it was just a means of non-conscious to maintain the marriage.

Because violent behavior, can be derived for self-defense, and maintain, and perhaps those feelings of revenge, because the pain which you feel , Seeking and forgiveness are best among other ways to start a wonderful future life, Amnesty features of customers

7 - Avoid presence you and your former spouse in one place:
Difficult to be close to the former spouse after a divorce, because that will reminds you always about your Sufferings and not going to leave you the opportunity to forget what happened between you, so you must Away him for a period ranging between 3 to 6 months, which will help you recover from your pain, and disposal and that Talk with another person, or a close friend, so you can start again.

8 - Try to draw closer to all persons lover for your heart to support you in this crisis:
Divorce is a traumatic experience, where women lose their best friend, and the nearest person to it, a husband, and to Compensation this loss, we must Congregational around you who love you all, and they can support you in this crisis, where should you feel that there are those willing to get close to you and loves you and cares for your order.

It can be a supporter for you, a religious group, or spiritual, I believe they passed with such conditions that exercise, and were able to overcome, or group of people could identify them via the internet, and they have the desire to help.

Should be selected that group accurately, so that they have full awareness of your problem, and how to provide support to you in an effective manner, commensurate with the condition in which the exercise.

9 - must have the determination to get to know the strengths in your personality and its impact on your relationships:
If you have the desire to form a new relationship in the future, and be a successful relationship, do not reach what he has reached the previous one.

You have to do you recognize the features of the relations that you have done, and we must Madam Ambassador, the purpose behind these relations, what are the qualities important and necessary, which should meet the other side of your point of view of, and will not Disclaimer

What would you like it, until you feel satisfied with that relationship, you should identify the shortcomings that are not Want in your partner, especially those in the ex-husband and had a role in the problems between you.

10 - You must take care of your health good:
When the vulnerability of women to experience painful divorce, they become susceptible to many diseases associated with sadness and depression, to both those with experience, to look after themselves intensively, and away from the same strain at work, and maintain a healthy diet.

Also to do physical exercise to maintain fitness, and also get the rest, which the body needs to recover, and can do massage, and exercise activities, or learn something new, or resorting to spend hours of fun.

Although the recovery from the effects of divorce is not easy, but the will and strong determination, which characterize women, will succeed in achieving your goals, just Follow the previous steps.

In the end, I'd love to tell you Dear women: (to despair with life, no life with despair).

Tips for pregnant mothers

According to a study recently published in the magazine (the mother and child) that the British about 80% of pregnant women feel symptoms of fatigue, vomiting and fatigue after waking up from sleep am

Doctors recommend specialists Mother / during pregnancy / intake on a regular basis with no excessive eating and taking care to eat fruit and vegetables, thus ensuring the continuation of normal pregnancy and the need to drink water frequently throughout the day.

Hindi nine tips to protect your hair

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

There is no doubt that the Hindu girl has a beautiful shiny hair, and are generally characteristic of the continent have girls Hindi. In the Indian study published recently recommended cosmetic specialists in India, followers of nine notes help get your hair soft and healthy.

1 - healthy hair starts from your body you should know
Foods that you eat is affect mainly to get healthy hair Try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits contain natural sugar, as well as Eat dairy products like milk, yogurt and eat the coconut recipe, where it proved essential for hair health, Pour a little of it on the Authority or with rice in order to get the full the desired results.

2 - Avoid canned food
Foods canned materials are packed with preservatives that do not contain very useful for the body, making them very useful, as well as cold drinks hamper the digestion process and construction in the body so it is advisable to stay away as well.

3 - Add the spices to your food types
The addition of spices to your food gives it a special flavor in addition to these spices contribute to the provision of healthy nutrition for your hair.

So try to add it to food, especially soups or during frying vegetables, can also add cumin and black pepper roasted and ground fresh milk before eating, and eating the hibiscus plant also have an impact is effective in stimulating all the functions of the body in general.

4 - Stress
Have a serious impact on your health and also the color of your hair, try to organize and control your time and get rid of stress resulting from the lack of time ..

Try a relaxation exercises such as meditation .. Try to go to nature to assist in achieving greater health and mental balance more .. And Padre get enough sleep and comfortable as it helps greatly to the growth and renewal of hair.

5 - Avoid the use of materials that contain chemicals
Because it will lead to the destruction of your hair in the long term .. Padre to search for natural substances do not harm your hair during the washing and cleaning, especially if you wash your hair more than three times a week.

Therefore prefer to use the types of shampoo and conditioner of vegetable origin because it contributes to feed your hair better. Therefore, a national reading the ingredients before buying shampoo because some products may contain the word vegetable in the name of the product while it may not contain any component plant in the truth.

6 - Get oil bath with a massage of the scalp permanently
Access to bathrooms with massage oil scalp three times a week to stimulate the development process of your hair and gives it strength and great health as well as maintain moisture in the scalp is essential for healthy hair.

It is recommended here using coconut oil, almonds and olive oil. Then add the warm oil to your hair and carefully distributed to all scalp and then massage the scalp Padre parties fingers.

It is recommended that Left it on your hair until the morning if possible and if not, try to keep it as long as possible so that at least the oil bath for two hours, then use your hair shampoo to clean the scalp massage also helps to relax and to get a comfortable sleep as well.

7 - Do not use the brush and your hair wet
Never should be doing to demobilize if brushing your hair wet and no matter how you hurry, the best way to wet hair is the use of interlaced wooden-toothed comb, not a broad brush.

8 - as well as the excessive use of hair dryer
Leading to damage to hair in the long term it leads to dry hair and pounding his limbs so it is advisable to leave your hair dry naturally, and then do honorably discharged.

9 - Finally, the large amount of hair and use a brush
Lead to the appearance in a healthy and shiny, so national each night by a hair brush for the demobilization of all sides, but separately.

Any honorably discharged from the nationalist right to left and then from front to back or vice versa, and Use a good brush and Start from the scalp and finish at the edge of the hair.

Chickpeas to fight the disease vitiligo

Researchers from the University of Varanasi's in India Discover chickpea plant that has the ability to fight the therapeutic potential of vitiligo skin disease, this view of the chronic disease of the skin and lose color due to the loss of natural colored cells that produce melanin, the pigment of the skin, which leads to the spread of spots and white spots on the skin.

In the research project was carried out jointly between the sections of skin and medicinal chemistry at the university, the scientists found that use one ointment that combines a number of herbal plants grown with the use of chickpeas as a base, a medical method has been actively working to address the skin disease vitiligo, and control as well as the extent of the disease, which causes panic of millions around the world because of the ugly white patches that produce it.

The researcher said Yamini Tripathi, a professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry University and a member of the research team, amid a state of jubilation: "The results of this study are very encouraging."

Tripathi said that they had the experience of treatment technique on 50 patients, chick peas, they have eased the symptoms of skin disease significantly, indicating that he had contacted the Indian Council of Medical Research, to discuss with them on starting a large research project on the treatment of disease vitiligo.

According to the researchers found patients who used creams that depend on chickpea plants in the places affected skin for a period ranging between 20 to 90 days that the color of their skin have begun to return normal again to normal.

In the fastest way of treatment, the disease disappeared patches of white young man who works in a mechanic within 28 days only!

Which commented upon Tripathi, said: "We have hit us fast that result shocked and surprised.

When we asked to know and rejected, "said this young man that he was assisted by a moderate amount of chickpeas in the regular diet during the treatment period."

This disease is vitiligo disease self, which begins in which the body produces antibodies to destroy the cells known as melanocytes, which give the skin its color natural.

Gradually, turn the infected areas to areas of the skin color white, which is one of the most symptoms of vitiligo.

The researchers at the same time that the processor ointment vitiligo disease derives its healing of amino acids that no structures chickpeas.

Here, Tripathi said: "promote the amino acids that are found in a combination of chickpeas, the configuration of the cells, melanin, is also working on the renewal of colored cells, and also help address the chronic syndrome."

The Walking barefoot

Monday, November 16, 2009

From errors common among people at the global level, especially in the summer, many to go wrong to go out to walk barefoot from their places of residence to the beaches for swimming and relaxing on the sand.

And be motivated them in this behavior is a common misconception people transmitted since ancient times that walking barefoot is a healthy habit of feet.

Said Dr. Tracy Flahovic an associate professor of medicine and surgery in the foot bones of the foot School of Medicine at Temple University, that they are common, and often end up with serious problems in the feet.

Where many people suffer from inflammation of the membranes and rolls in foot or Twist in the joint or rupture of the tendons.

There are many amateur walking barefoot has suffered pain in the feet, blisters and severe heel, with cracks between the toes or cut wounds.

While not denying the benefits of walking barefoot, which can be obtained through the exercise of walking barefoot indoors, but we focus first and foremost on the safety of the feet.

In the case of some of the suffering or suffered from diabetes and cardiovascular disease, blood outside, we recommend that these, in these cases, always wear shoes when you go to the beaches and then return to the home.

The more serious is the belief that the foot does not need to shield from the sun sunscreen, like other parts of the body.

But scientific fact confirms that skin cancer, which affects the legs and feet, as a result of exposure to the sun, has a high mortality rate due to the fact that many people forget to check this area of the body and take care of it.

And therefore the disease is detected only in cases of late.

Including non-use of sunscreens on the lower limbs of the body and pay more attention to the face and chest and upper limbs.

That the right decision is the use of protective creams and highly sensitive SPF of at least 15 and be the prevention of both ultraviolet A and B A lobby is placed on foot every two to three hours.

Takes into account a larger amount if the person is traveling to the beach to swim several times.

lazy eye

The lazy eye or what is known medically Amblyopia has many causes, including:
1 - There are about a single aspect of the birth or during early childhood.
2 - a weakness in one eye, vision and other eye be sound; If this weakness is severe, especially if caused by (astigmatism) did not reveal this weakness early (before the age of five - six) years of age, this will happen lazy in the eye.

For the lazy kind several degrees:
- Laziness is simple and the visibility ranging from between 7-8 years.
- Lazy, mean and where the degree of visibility of 4-5 years.
- Very lazy and when visibility is less than one out of ten.

And be kind to address laziness early as possible to maximize benefits, and have corrected the weaknesses existing eye glasses as appropriate, and may resort to cover the sound eye to strengthen the affected eye, particularly when there is a laziness on the facilities, and should be corrected early, strabismus, and that after the improvement of visual capacity.
And be of more benefit if it is performed by age (4 - 5 years), but if the person is greater than the age of six Improving laziness remains part.

With regard to increasing laziness, it is possible if it is not treating the cause, but in case of the cause; the laziness either improve or remain on the degree to which it is laziness at the time of discovery, diagnosis,

What are you drinking children in the 15-year-old affect their weight

Recent research has shown that taking the child for about two or more sweetened soft drinks and juices at the age of age greatly increases the chances of suffering obesity.

The researchers stressed that the higher the intake levels for soft drinks and Sweetened juices among children in the age the greater the chances of being obese in ten years that followed.

The researchers warned that the high rate of clusters in the phase of fatty teenage child increases the chances of the continuation of this obesity in young adulthood to become vulnerable to greater health problems as Injury with heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Mango Ice Cream

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 tablets mango peeler
Cup milk
A decent cup of thick
¼ cup sugar

How to prepare: - definitive mango into cubes, leaving some of the pieces aside.
- Mix the mango, milk, sugar and stones in the mixer on high speed. Place mango cubes in the mixture.
- Put it in the cans for ice cream. And put them in the freezer.

The means of removing dark spots and Tattoos

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Between the minor problems, but spread widely in the Middle East region, occupies the dark spots that rank high as a proportion of, or in terms of demand for salt removal.

Either remove the tattoos remain relatively marginal issue for two reasons:
First it is not our habits propagation tattoos as in Western countries.

Secondly, because few people know the evolution now taking place, which leads to the removal of tattoos of little effect.

- Dark spots: come most often after exposure to the sun for long periods. We know that in some cases of disease, or pregnancy, or problems in the secretion of hormones, or after taking certain medications, or even genetically, these spots consist of abundant and persist for long periods of time that had never been.

- Tattoos: As we said, the tattoo ink, permanent, non-rich is rampant in our regions. But the most common tattoo is on the lips, eyelids and eyebrows.

We have noted that after the period of attention and love of tattoos, usually comes a definite second stage of one's wishes if he does not have it at all, either to change the taste or because the tattoo has changed and aged and lost the beauty and colors.

Solution to the problem is:
1. Treatment of dark spots: It often begins with some bleaching creams that are used daily for two to three.

And what is good and the other is not worth the experience. As well as using a condom from the sun throughout the treatment period and even beyond.

And usually improved the situation a bit. But most people are demanding acid peel done by a specialist doctor, who removes the affected skin with which to replace the skin smooth and uniform color.

Usually precedes and follows this treatment, put some creams, preparations for a month or two, and complementary to two or three The result is better.

But usually some remaining patches intractable, so the use of lasers to eliminate them.

And laser types, but I prefer in such cases are Nd-Yag, KTP Q Switched burned these spots without prejudice to the surrounding skin, so treat such problems are very limited that were not non-existent. We need to usually two or three at most.

Usually leave the laser treatment of specific spots that in the face or hands or chest, and use the peel acid stain non-specific skin and dark as a whole.

It should be noted that the treated area need protection from the sun constantly, otherwise the spots will return to appear gradually and quickly.

The use of a condom from the sun, the patches may gradually returning, but on much longer periods.

2. Treatment Tattoos: When the tattoo is small and very colorful, An easier way to get rid of it is surgically excised.

And here I'm talking about tattoos art in various parts of the body and not the outskirts of the gums and eyelid and eyebrow This leaves minor wound treatment is annoying.

But in cases of large tattoos, or in the face, the best way is laser Nd-Yag, KTP Q Switched burn it to the layers of ink without compromising the skin surrounding it, leading to erase without burning around it, if to little effect. Ink and burned spit out the skin or Melts internally.

It is useful to emphasize that the laser harsher or more effective on dark color, like lions and Dark blue and brown and less effective in light color,like red and green.

Also, the treatment requires several sessions (10 to 15) at a meeting every three weeks, but is not particularly painful if we put some creams that anesthetic before use. Usually blush a little skin for several days.

Of course, beauty salons, or some imitators would offer you various kinds of treatments from herbs and access to certain types of light emulator for laser, but you fooled, but because after the experience, and many in-depth medical studies from around the world, the treatments are useful only mentioned specifically. So please, always reviewed dermatologists or plastic surgeons specialists to get the best types of treatment.

Cinnamon and cocoa cake

1,1 / 2 cup sugar
2 cups flour
6 eggs
Bag vanilla
1 / 2 cup of oil
2 Tablespoon cocoa
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 / 4 cup of raisins

How to prepare:
- hit the oil with the sugar well, then add eggs and beat for 10 minutes, then add the flour, cocoa and cinnamon.
- And then we get a good tray painted with butter and pour the mixture .- and have been heating the oven at 190/200 degrees and put the raisins on the face and then put them in the oven for 35 minutes.

Smart foods know it to develop the intelligence of your child

Friday, November 13, 2009

Varied abilities of children in everything, everyone of them a different character, consisting of a special blend of foul, customs, behaviors, as Child bold, and another is shy, while others described a lot of movement, some children have a quiet demeanor, and this child is so intelligent striking , while the companion less than intelligent.

All those things natural and real, depends on various factors, part of which carries genes and genotype, while the other part is inherited from a child's immediate environment, and friction with others, in addition to education, hence the parents are responsible for certain qualities possessed by the child, controlled, and forming their own, while another part can not control it, no matter how tried and they did, but.

With the development of science and studies of children, according to the latest research, that the IQ advantage and differentiated between children, which was exclusively on the genetics and genes.

Can also contribute to the adaptation and development of children's so-called "smart foods", which is working to improve the capacities of the child, mental and intellectual development.

Thus, they are back again - indirectly - of the Department of things that can be controlled and control, if the family turned to those foods and food, which turned out to have a strong and effective role in the development of intelligence and skills of the child mental health.

And about that, and the extent to which intelligence of the child by addressing in particular foods, nutrition experts say that the intelligence of the child is linked not only with food,or so-called "smart foods", although its impact already in it.

But it is also linked to several other factors, including: genetics, education, intellectual and spiritual, and thus the intervention of parents, and giving the child these foods, do not change from that situation, and does not assume parental waiting for gifted children, in return for eating these foods specifically, but was confirmed by studies and research.

That these foods and the development of support and develop children's intelligence and mental and intellectual, but keep it in the end, within limits, and the participation of other factors are also responsible for intelligence and personal capacities, not the food alone, we get a child-capable smart strong and striking.

The importance of breakfast and fish
As for the food in support of intelligence, you must start choosing breast-feeding instead of formula, breast milk to contain the amino acids necessary for brain development.

The fish comes on top of foods that so-called "smart foods", and can focus on in the second year of life, when a child's brain grows, fish also contains material (DNA) that help focus and maximize the performance of intellectual property, and contains the Secretary-triathlon.

The proteins in general prying amino acids, zinc, iron, and the latter is important to increase the intelligence, and the growth of the brain, are available proteins in meat, eggs, milk and cheese, no matter the quantity of protein intake, to the extent addressed the importance of repeated continuously.

On the other hand, The presence of "smart foods" support and contribute to the increased intelligence of the child, does not mean that there are foods responsible for the reduction of intelligence, as is the case in the increase, and that there are generally foods reduce the mental capacity, and "a healthy mind in a sound body."

Advised to increase the intelligence of the child and the development of intellectual performance by following the following:
- Breakfast on a permanent basis to increase energy, thereby improving concentration and intellectual performance in the school.

- Eat food rich in vitamins and minerals, and fiber intake because they contain folic acid.

- Eat fish three times a week.

- Eat food rich in antioxidants, such as: strawberries, cranberries, and carrots.

- Drink a lot of water and natural juices instead of carbonated drinks

Electronic devices To ease migraine headaches

She offered to separate studies of the American Headache Society Annual Scientific in Boston, to the success of systems, electrical nerve stimulation and magnetic fields to reduce or prevent pain Associates (migraine).

The study was conducted first to assess the impact of the synergy to stimulate the nerve at the back of the head of the company "Medtronics" on their condition, while the second study, conducted by researchers at Ohio State University to assess the work of the magnetic system to stimulate the nerves through the skull of a company "Nerolayev" to remedy the situation.

The third study reviewed the results of a number of studies on the effect of exercise on pain relief migraine.

And participated in the first study, called "stimulated occipital nerve for the treatment of hard-to-sister Hosting pains" 66 patients from 9 medical centers recorded electronically on the honor for three months.

The results of the study assumes that occipital nerve stimulation offers a promising solution for people who will not succeed so far in the treatment of chronic pain sister, she said, according to Dr. Joel Saber Director, Institute for the pain and nerve head in Ann Arbor in Michigan.

They placed the wires of lead under the skin near the occipital nerve, which arises from the spinal cord, and branches around the back of the head carrying sensory signals from that location of the brain.

Linked wire system with stimulation of the "Medtronics," which had been sending electrical impulses to the nerve.

In the second study, researchers from Ohio State University in Columbus, said the tool from a company "Nerolayev" bear in the hand and sent without any pain magnetic pulses to the head, may ease some pain of those who suffer from migraine headaches. The present treatment device known as "activation magnetic skull" or simply as "T or S".

It generates magnetic pulses that occur when he went to head an electric current between the nerve cells of the brain.

This is to disable the migraine at the stage of the emergence of "halo" which is being preceded by pain in some migraine sufferers.

Although the migraine occurs without warning in most cases, but some people feel the phase prior to his shift, which are such as to disrupt the vision and flashes of light or squiggly lines or other sensations such as tingling or numbness.

In the new study, researchers recruited 201 patients suffering from migraine with aura that precedes migraine and then randomly assigned them to use either a "T or S" and was either a "fake" and used by researchers in the comparison.

And ask patients to guide the device to the site of the migraine at its onset.

The researchers found that after two hours of treatment, 39 percent of patients who used a "T or S" feel the pain of migraine headaches compared with 22 percent of patients who used the placebo device, according to an announcement by Dr. Yousef Mohammad, a researcher at the university who led the study , told the conference.

In a third study, published the beginning of the month of July, researchers reported on Germans in their review of a number of previous research, that exercise does not appear to reduce migraine headaches or duration, although it may reduce pain intensity for those suffering from this disease.

Dr. Volker Bousquet of the University of Regensburg, Germany, and colleagues at the display, published in the "headache", that the exercise of migraine patients to exercise is to be welcomed and urged by almost all the references and manuals for patients and even websites for migraine headaches.

He added that most studies acknowledge that regular exercise may reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches, or perhaps eliminate it entirely.

Aniseed for the prevention of influenza

China scholars said that drinking one cup of lukewarm Aniseed, in the morning is the best way to prevent bird flu.

The researchers said that the ability of anise excellence in medicine usefulness "Tamiflu", which was developed by "Roche" Swiss.

The researchers explained that Hemkik acid, which is extracted from the fruit of anise after leaving a few weeks to ferment, is one basic component used in the production of this drug.

And grind anise seeds rich in protein to a boil and drink, and oil extracts of the pilot, and this is what makes it tops the list of nutritional benefits, and enter in the drive industry laxatives, and in several types of emulsions used to relieve the pain of the throat.

Dry skin

Dry skin very nature,Poor excretion of fatty and are normally dealt with using cosmetic moisturizing and nutritious The other is dry skin due to lack of water, rather than the skin oils, a severe drought that we are going to talk about in this case is the dry skin condition which may affect all skin types at any age appearance and is usually grim addition to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by especially around the mouth and eyes and the skin becoming worse with excessive exposure to harmful environmental factors as Heating and cooling also changes the atmosphere in winter and summer

Treatment of severe dry skin:
Treatment starts and then addressing the root causes then the result that to start Skin Care drink plenty of water at least two liters per day while maintaining wetting the room where she sits in the office or at home and eating plenty of oily fish to keep on the cover of the skin and fat were used Detergents maintaining the balance of your skin pH natural rather than those that Take away moisture and cause drier then use Doping moisturizing skin moisture to satisfy, and then seek the help of an effective moisturizer to replenish the skin with Humidifier the necessary protection and refreshment, we recommend that you use just two minutes after cleaning the skin and to avoid giving your baby soap once

Crowded roads affect the heart

Sit behind the wheel of the car during the congestion affects the nerves, as it affects the heart as well.

The team of researchers explored the views of the 1500 of the survivors of heart attacks in the area of Luxembourg, German, and questions addressed to them: where they were four days before a seizure?

And responded to 8 per cent said that they were crammed on the roads because of congestion for a few hours prior to a heart attack.

The effects stay in the hustle worse in women, as well as in people suffering from chest pains known as angina pectoris (the Conference of the American Epidemiological Society, March 2009).

Hustle and heart
What is the possible relationship between the congestion on the roads and the heart attack? According to theoretical pioneers to be due to anger or tension, as well as air pollution, Sitting behind the wheel of the car during the rousing crowd some nerves, especially if they were surrounded by drivers entering from here and out of there, while another number of them feel nervous.

Has been associated with anger and tension contractions occur in the coronary arteries, and an abrupt disturbance in the sediment (found on the walls of blood vessels) filled with cholesterol, in addition to their role in stimulating the emergence of an abnormal rhythm to the beats of the heart, and any one of these effects can lead to heart attack.

Air pollution, another potential criminal, the small volatile with exhaust of cars and trucks of severe infections, and deepen the fragile situation of the deposits containing cholesterol, and lead to a heart rhythm disorder.

It has become Crowded roads in most cities are part of daily life, including providing incentives to hustle himself a heart attack is small, the study does not ring alarm bells, but it assumes that listening to soft music in the car a good idea, as it would be prudent attention to any symptoms for chest pain appears in traffic jams.

The risk of hair dryer

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hair dryer which operates hot air heat, before embarking on this subject we must know the heat: energy is transmitted from the body or body or system to another system at different temperatures, and energy: the changes or chemical reactions or biochemical or Physical Chemistry that occurs to the body by different processes, including heat, Hair Dryer one of these processes that occur these changes or interactions in the human body by hot air from the heat and vein that runs through the hot wire before departure within the powder causing the heat released if not used properly cancerous tumors, or killing of brain cells, lead with the passage of time permanent, non-use right, to death. We note that most of the hair drying devices contain two-speed or three, the first to introduce ordinary air, then the second hot air average temperature, and finally hot air too. Many of the women used the device in a manner that bad start to drying their hair with hot air and very targeted directly to the scalp, and here lies the danger, and that the direct effect on brain cells not adapted to these extreme heat .. The way the right is to start gradually by cold air and then the normal average, and hot to create all of the scalp and brain cells to accept this new situation.
There are several facts to prove it, if we assume that a piece of iron heated slowly up to the heat slowly until you feel your fingertips from heat you will Take DISCRETION, but if you must, hold this piece is too hot without the knowledge of your injury, it is certainly harmed by the heat from piece of iron to your fingertips, leading to damage and death of the infected cells, as well as for the hair dryer.
And more clarification from the effect of temperature .. Sunstroke and injuries occur with direct impact is the same powder, but the injury is direct and strong impact on the case when it affects the sun strikes a direct effect on brain cells, which affects the central nervous system thus leads to a coma, and may lead to death if not first aid.
Each user of a hair dryer that can lead this simple test, and you Recognize this story running national hot air dried very quickly and shedding directly on the scalp, What advice can you feel the change that gets you from the intense heat on brain cells, the output of this hot air work disorders in those cells and atrophy of some of the other.
The proof of this fact on the impact of temperature in cancer of the delegation said that the search of the World Health Organization in the seventies to the calendar area to study the phenomena of the emergence of cancerous tumors that affect the mouth, after a thorough study of many of the reported cases it was unclear which directly cause the phenomena, and finally explained The main reason that most of the people of that region ate meals, especially rice is very hot, leading to cell death of the mouth is affected by this heat.
And one other witness that many skin doctors warn of drinking tea and coffee is too hot for their direct impact on cells of the mouth and pharynx, also warns doctors skin from direct exposure to the scorching sun of the skin beach-goers advised to be dropped marine body painted some oils and creams that protect the body from the heat so as not to infected skin cancer.
The live-action scenes of the impact of heat on solids, pour a cup of tea in the cold, the sudden drop in temperature occurs sometimes broken or crack in the cup, as a result of random disturbances and repulsion between the chemical bonds that are part of the glass made him a cup of tea, as the Many doctors advise against a public body is exposed to air currents from the sudden cold to hot or vice versa so as not to be affected by the body are not affected by any human cells exposed to a cold or the flu, and this is what happens to the scalp or brain cells after bathing or washing of the scalp cells are brain cool, and the direct impact of these sudden temperature occurs may have dire consequences, so you must follow the proper way to create a scalp or brain cells, and the gradual degrees of air from the average normal to you may be so hot to have created these cells to receive this heat.


2 cups of flour
3 / 4 cup of butter
1 / 4 cup of milk
Teaspoon sugar
A piece of yeast

2 cups of sugar
Cup of water
Vanilla boil until it becomes somewhat heavy fluid

How to prepare:
- Rub the flour with Margarineis placed by the egg and then Took place yeast and one teaspoon of sugar and milk and then adding to the flour and kneaded the dough so that they are somewhat dry.
- And then left to ferment has been singled out dough half a cm thick, then cut in small squares and make their boxes from the middle order to give the form of the net.
- Leave 10 minutes and then Fry in very hot oil and then placed on a hot cold drink and then stacked in the dish and sprinkle them apply coconut

Material produced by the body may solve the problem of obesity

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scientists have discovered fatty substance produced by the human body sends a signal to the brain to stop eating
Scientists have discovered fatty substance produced by the human body at the level of the intestines, send a signal to the brain to stop eating, which may open new horizons for the fight against obesity.

A U.S. medical team who discovered the article in the journal "Sale" scientific they were able to control the amounts covered by eating rats by that article. The same article which is commonly called NAPE found in humans.

Said team member Dr. Gerald Shulman that when mice fed a fatty meal too, the exact Maiha produces a lot of the NAPE and secreted in the blood, where he stopped feeling hungry when they arrive to the brain.

The increased levels of that substance in the blood after eating mice and fatty meals, but did not rise when it dealt with a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates.

The scientific team says that NAPE had the same effect, both reached the brain in small doses intermittently after eating a fatty meal, or the largest quantity of injected artificially.

After injecting the substance in blood that clumps in the area "under the mulch," a brain region that regulates appetite and hunger.

When injected into mice, excessive quantities of this article for five days, I decreased appetite and weight, and this is what a reliable, researchers in the fight against obesity, which has been spreading around the world, threatening the health of many.

Discoloration of the teeth


External causes:
Sediment surface where it settles to some dyes and pigments found in food on the surface of the teeth and This type of hypocrisy when a lot of tea and coffee, smoking and certain medications for patients Iron solutions anemia and some mouthwashes solutions that address gingivitis such as klorhecsudain, and can control this type of Discoloration pigmentation or by brushing the teeth regularly and conduct periodic teeth cleaning at the dentist twice a year.
Accumulation of bacterial plaque counties contain the bacteria, especially Lactobacillus and Streptococcus Mutans and limestone deposits (calculus) on the tooth surface as the lack of clean teeth properly, adequate and predictable can lead to the formation of bacterial plaque and tartar time occurs for this plaque and then stained to the color turns to dark brown or . This bacterial plaque can also be removed through the practice of oral health and home on a regular basis, which include brushing teeth and cleaning the spaces between the Sunni through the use of thread in addition to periodic cleaning of the teeth at the dentist twice a year.

Domestic reasons:
The pigmentation which arises from the interior of age , and spoke these Colouration often die after the age or after handling the nerve, and there are certain ways to clean and then teeth whitening .this reason have made the dentist with the knowledge that in most cases it is the culmination or coating Age processor that would bring the League of age for the original color.

The causes of defects:
It causes that occur in the heart of the Sunni structure of the material, such as during a dental discoloration caused by tetracycline use of the drug or the result of some dental diseases such as congenital diseases are poor or ill-Ivory is the port. This is in addition to that, even for the natural color of teeth is different from person to person and there is a certain color can be considered a color ideal for all human beings, where for each person to the appropriate color which corresponds with the color of skin, for example.

Methods of Treatment:
Most of the discoloration of the teeth can be addressed in the following ways:

Brushing teeth at the doctor:
This is the basis where all roads should be cleaned at the dentist and polished and then not report whether there is a need for other therapeutic means.

Teeth whitening:
Through this method can be used chemicals with oxidizing properties as Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, one of the most effective and which have been studied scientifically and saturated scientific research. Where they are used multiple concentrations of which is used when a doctor in the clinic, including those used in my house, and the laser can be used with this material being bound upon to accelerate its work and the teeth whitening duration slightly shorter, but the laser will not change or improve the bleaching winning factor, as it accelerated the work of the Article bleached only.

Fillings label:
And here is the use of fillings kambozat label and similar to the natural color of the teeth on the surface of the teeth that Colouration, and can use this method does not work when the use of bleaching chemicals.

Ceramic crowns:
Used in cases of severe discoloration and in case of failure of the methods listed above, especially in case of a disease is bad in ivory or the port

The best way massage gums

Gum disease begins viscous membrane formation around the necks of the teeth where millions of germs. If the delayed rights to remove this membrane by the daily use of a toothbrush, increased its accumulation and intensification and stuck teeth and hardness increased adsorption of lime resulting from the saliva of the mouth who works on gum irritation, and the presence of numerous bacteria produce irritation of the gums and age, allowing the accumulation of food waste which disintegrates by the bacteria are composed of pus which damages the gums and bone tissue surrounding the teeth. In this mechanism will continues to decline the gums and bone absorption and exposure of the teeth, leading to Permeate and dislocation, and loss, though it may be free of any decay or rot.

The person in the first round to avoid these diseases, such as the selection of quality food and a lot of rough foods that help to massage gums as Vegetables, lettuce, fruit, carrots and apples. Should also minimize the intake of foods, sweets and sticky sweets that stick to the teeth easily, and disintegrate rapidly, and helps to form deposits . And rights to accelerate clean their teeth and rinsing the mouth after eating such foods directly, in addition to the daily care of the mouth and teeth. And you must visit the dentist regularly and periodically every six months and not to wait for signs of illness and pain. Here comes the role of the dentist in the early detection of any injury to persons or gums, and work on a preventive treatment before the disease takes hold and thus develop treatment and increases costs.

Benefits of Black Cohosh Root

Five of the first things you oblige to know about Black Cohosh is that if you are pregnant or nursing a new child then you cannot take this supplement. This herb is not toxic but there is no iota fix taking any risks when it comes down to your children right?

Black Cohosh is a herb that is receipt a lot more popular in these days of people wanting natural products as part of possibility treatments. More & more women are beginning to reconnaissance at Black Cohosh to help with the menopause being the claimed cooperation it brings to women going through this leading life alter.

The main reason you'd extinction up using Black Cohosh is owing to the relief it offers women suffering from the menopause. This includes night sweats & the queasy flashes that most menopausal women bonanza uncomfortable (& a bit embarrassing at times).

Most of you typical surmise that material is in noxious to take gob herb or supplement without taking a doctors guidance felicitous? Wrong! If you are ravishing moiety author of prescription medication (birth manage for example) buy cover your doctor to make genuine the universal herb & your prescription don't clash. As with eminently natural supplements you'll find that most doctors won't have a problem go underground you taking them but always check sway case.

Younger sexuality can also assistance from this astonishing herb - it can help with the major parts of PMS (PreMenstrual Syndrome). and so if you are weak & tired of the bloating, cramps & headaches that go lie low your period each tour then Black Cohosh might appear as able to second out because of it is anti-inflammatory properties.

This herb has also been used by people who suffer from hopelessness but also you'll require to check screen your doctor if you are already on ration form of anti-depressant.

People who suffer from aches & pains in general liability relief from taking Black Cohosh root extract as well. The anti-inflammatory agents are helpful control relieving muscle discomfort according to parlous of people who have used this supplement.

Coughing is also problem that can be treated cloak this root. The supplement helps the body get rid of useless mucus. However, positive is crucial that you ponder your nurse if you count on a chronic cough because this can indicate that you accredit a serious health problem that cannot be treated with herbal supplements

How do you spend on aging and you become a star of yourself

Resveratrol is the secret of Hollywood's starts & celebrities to keep that infant glow & push on vibrant as they enroot. This anti-aging secret is their way to higher energy levels & their weapon to relate an dangersome lifestyle. In fact, Resveratrol power stretch your life intermix significantly.

Do you know Hollywood's best kept secret on having that visculent glow? This anti-aging formula of the stars is called Resveratrol.

The pure Resveratrol form was the product of several years of golden scientific go into & development. & concrete led exceedingly of clinical researchers to agree that Resveratrol is perhaps the pre-eminent discovery in the field of medicine since antibiotics.

Resveratrol is a substance found imprint the skin of red grapes. It's long been a riddle why the residents of most parts of France have longer ball game spans. Moreover, they were pragmatic to have illegible health. Thus, researchers have intensely researched their lifestyles & get going regular consumption of red wine from igneous grapes as the main launch of this phenomenal state of health. From there, Resveratrol was discovered.

Resveratrol has differing benefits to your health. It is known to mostly slow solitary the aging system & can combat cancers due to its anti-aging properties. corporeal reduces one's chances of having Diabetes as well. firm likewise offers magnified energy to make you sense nice & chagrin free.

Our lifestyles today are engaged with stressful situations. Couple this veil an environment of toxins; our bodies are terrible to all the vital causes of pre-mature aging. consequently how can Resveratrol help us?

Get your Resveratrol supplement today. It is the best anti-aging battle forthwith that the Italian folks have already taken profit of whereas centuries. But especial credit the boss names & hardly purchase from anywhere to imitate sure obscure your results.

The success of gene therapy for patients with inflammation of the spinal cord for the first time

For the first time in France, succeeding gene therapy in the treatment of inflammatory disease, spinal cord, which is a serious disease that affects the brain.

The scientists "Nathalie Cartier" and "Patrick Obure" from the Universities of Paris, they planted stem cell derived from bone marrow in the "X chromosome" which carries a gene "ABC D", containing an imbalance that affects the central nervous system the brain and spinal cord responsible for the synthesis which encases the nerves.

The researchers found that this genetic defect affects the male children in the age of five years to 12 years, and shows disorder of the locomotor system and intellectual.

And successfully implant in the repair gene defects by 15%, which helps in the treatment of this disease and open field in the treatment of some other genetic diseases.

Fibroids symptoms and pains of daily

Revealed a new book by French physician J. Bratko symptoms of fibroids and how to address, especially after it confuses patients who suffer from back pain, sleep disturbances, and a sense of fatigue as rheumatic pain.

The book illustrates that there are flaws in pain control over the brain where it will ease the pain of those people suffering from this disorder, thus making it difficult to determine the quality of pain Are rheumatic pain or pain results from the fibroid.

So, they resort to a doctor specializing in the treatment of rheumatism, or endocrinologist or a psychologist as the pain makes the patient isolated from others and refuse to integrate in the society and the practice of traditional social life

Shorter mother in the world expecting her third child

Shorter mother face many dangers in the world life-threatening on its way to give birth for the third time in a row.

The newspaper "Daily Mail" Britain, Tuesday 10/11/2009, the American, "Stacey Herald" a length of about 70 cm, along with her husband more than a meter and a half.

Stacy and suffer from a disease "be under-bone" and also called "glass bones", which is a genetic disease affecting the bones and makes it much easier to break twice in the muscles and lungs and obstruction in the movement.

The newspaper said that doctors had warned the mother Stacy (from Kentucky), aged 35 years, that the pregnancy may kill her, but defied the doctors and gave birth twice.

And is waiting for Stacy, who lives in a wheelchair, her new boy in the coming weeks. The couple met in 2000 when they were working in a supermarket and got married in 2004.

Doctors had warned the mother of America that the growth of the small child in her belly would lead to disruption of its members from the inside out, but she gets pregnant and bore a child by Caesarean section, and later discovered that the child will inherit the health status of the mother will not grow, was a shock to them.

But in the second birth was a normal girl, and the moment of birth length was about half the length of her mother.

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