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Some medicines for gastritis increases the risk of cancer

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paris - Scientists Frenchmen said that some drug therapies for IBD may increase the risk of cancers associated with infection, but, nevertheless, still the benefits of drugs outweigh the risks.

A recent study revealed that the drug "Theopourin" - a drug inhibitor of immunity and inhibitory immune system of the body and is usually used for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease - can increase the risk of cancers associated with viral infection.

A team of Dr. Laurent Bugery and colleagues Hospital St. Antoine in the French capital Paris to study more than 19 thousand patients suffering from Crohn's disease, and about 30 percent of patients treated with drugs Theopourin, and 14 percent have stopped their use, and 56 percent did not use them at all.

After the follow-up for about three years, the researchers found 23 new cases of cancer nodes.

The researchers said, in a study published the journal "The Lancet", statistical analysis showed that patient who use drugs Theopourin, such as azathioprine which is produced by several companies for the manufacture of pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (trade name Aimuran), risk of cancer of the lymph nodes at a rate five times, than those who did not use these drugs at all.

And increases the risk of cancer of the lymph nodes, according to researchers, in patients older males who have a longer history of IBD.

Dark colors to shelter from the harmful ultraviolet radiation

Madrid - a scientific Study Castilian showed that modern clothing, particularly cotton with dark colors help protect the body from harmful ultraviolet. Harmful of the sun without other colors and materials.

The Spanish researchers should be to people who want to prevent the damage of UV clothing made of Pulses of blue, dark red instead of yellow or white because it is the greater the severity darker color the more its ability to protect skin from penetration of harmful rays.

The initial research conducted in this regard to measure the absorption of tissue fabrics that darker colors more colors that serve to absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

Brushing equal to the strength of agile

TOKYO - Japanese Studies later proved that clean teeth three times a day is better than diet or physical exercise to maintain fitness.

Professor "Takashi Wada" from the University Jiki of Tokyo found during the survey conducted on the daily habits of nearly 14 thousand people, middle-aged adults in the mid-forties, those with a graceful strength tends to wash their teeth after every meal.

The study indicated men who suffer from obesity may do not washed their teeth for a period of more than a day, assuring that this does not mean that brushing in itself is a sport for fat burning, but we believe that the concern with cleaning teeth play an important role in maintaining health and preventing obesity.

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