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Material produced by the body may solve the problem of obesity

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scientists have discovered fatty substance produced by the human body sends a signal to the brain to stop eating
Scientists have discovered fatty substance produced by the human body at the level of the intestines, send a signal to the brain to stop eating, which may open new horizons for the fight against obesity.

A U.S. medical team who discovered the article in the journal "Sale" scientific they were able to control the amounts covered by eating rats by that article. The same article which is commonly called NAPE found in humans.

Said team member Dr. Gerald Shulman that when mice fed a fatty meal too, the exact Maiha produces a lot of the NAPE and secreted in the blood, where he stopped feeling hungry when they arrive to the brain.

The increased levels of that substance in the blood after eating mice and fatty meals, but did not rise when it dealt with a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates.

The scientific team says that NAPE had the same effect, both reached the brain in small doses intermittently after eating a fatty meal, or the largest quantity of injected artificially.

After injecting the substance in blood that clumps in the area "under the mulch," a brain region that regulates appetite and hunger.

When injected into mice, excessive quantities of this article for five days, I decreased appetite and weight, and this is what a reliable, researchers in the fight against obesity, which has been spreading around the world, threatening the health of many.

Discoloration of the teeth


External causes:
Sediment surface where it settles to some dyes and pigments found in food on the surface of the teeth and This type of hypocrisy when a lot of tea and coffee, smoking and certain medications for patients Iron solutions anemia and some mouthwashes solutions that address gingivitis such as klorhecsudain, and can control this type of Discoloration pigmentation or by brushing the teeth regularly and conduct periodic teeth cleaning at the dentist twice a year.
Accumulation of bacterial plaque counties contain the bacteria, especially Lactobacillus and Streptococcus Mutans and limestone deposits (calculus) on the tooth surface as the lack of clean teeth properly, adequate and predictable can lead to the formation of bacterial plaque and tartar time occurs for this plaque and then stained to the color turns to dark brown or . This bacterial plaque can also be removed through the practice of oral health and home on a regular basis, which include brushing teeth and cleaning the spaces between the Sunni through the use of thread in addition to periodic cleaning of the teeth at the dentist twice a year.

Domestic reasons:
The pigmentation which arises from the interior of age , and spoke these Colouration often die after the age or after handling the nerve, and there are certain ways to clean and then teeth whitening .this reason have made the dentist with the knowledge that in most cases it is the culmination or coating Age processor that would bring the League of age for the original color.

The causes of defects:
It causes that occur in the heart of the Sunni structure of the material, such as during a dental discoloration caused by tetracycline use of the drug or the result of some dental diseases such as congenital diseases are poor or ill-Ivory is the port. This is in addition to that, even for the natural color of teeth is different from person to person and there is a certain color can be considered a color ideal for all human beings, where for each person to the appropriate color which corresponds with the color of skin, for example.

Methods of Treatment:
Most of the discoloration of the teeth can be addressed in the following ways:

Brushing teeth at the doctor:
This is the basis where all roads should be cleaned at the dentist and polished and then not report whether there is a need for other therapeutic means.

Teeth whitening:
Through this method can be used chemicals with oxidizing properties as Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, one of the most effective and which have been studied scientifically and saturated scientific research. Where they are used multiple concentrations of which is used when a doctor in the clinic, including those used in my house, and the laser can be used with this material being bound upon to accelerate its work and the teeth whitening duration slightly shorter, but the laser will not change or improve the bleaching winning factor, as it accelerated the work of the Article bleached only.

Fillings label:
And here is the use of fillings kambozat label and similar to the natural color of the teeth on the surface of the teeth that Colouration, and can use this method does not work when the use of bleaching chemicals.

Ceramic crowns:
Used in cases of severe discoloration and in case of failure of the methods listed above, especially in case of a disease is bad in ivory or the port

The best way massage gums

Gum disease begins viscous membrane formation around the necks of the teeth where millions of germs. If the delayed rights to remove this membrane by the daily use of a toothbrush, increased its accumulation and intensification and stuck teeth and hardness increased adsorption of lime resulting from the saliva of the mouth who works on gum irritation, and the presence of numerous bacteria produce irritation of the gums and age, allowing the accumulation of food waste which disintegrates by the bacteria are composed of pus which damages the gums and bone tissue surrounding the teeth. In this mechanism will continues to decline the gums and bone absorption and exposure of the teeth, leading to Permeate and dislocation, and loss, though it may be free of any decay or rot.

The person in the first round to avoid these diseases, such as the selection of quality food and a lot of rough foods that help to massage gums as Vegetables, lettuce, fruit, carrots and apples. Should also minimize the intake of foods, sweets and sticky sweets that stick to the teeth easily, and disintegrate rapidly, and helps to form deposits . And rights to accelerate clean their teeth and rinsing the mouth after eating such foods directly, in addition to the daily care of the mouth and teeth. And you must visit the dentist regularly and periodically every six months and not to wait for signs of illness and pain. Here comes the role of the dentist in the early detection of any injury to persons or gums, and work on a preventive treatment before the disease takes hold and thus develop treatment and increases costs.

Benefits of Black Cohosh Root

Five of the first things you oblige to know about Black Cohosh is that if you are pregnant or nursing a new child then you cannot take this supplement. This herb is not toxic but there is no iota fix taking any risks when it comes down to your children right?

Black Cohosh is a herb that is receipt a lot more popular in these days of people wanting natural products as part of possibility treatments. More & more women are beginning to reconnaissance at Black Cohosh to help with the menopause being the claimed cooperation it brings to women going through this leading life alter.

The main reason you'd extinction up using Black Cohosh is owing to the relief it offers women suffering from the menopause. This includes night sweats & the queasy flashes that most menopausal women bonanza uncomfortable (& a bit embarrassing at times).

Most of you typical surmise that material is in noxious to take gob herb or supplement without taking a doctors guidance felicitous? Wrong! If you are ravishing moiety author of prescription medication (birth manage for example) buy cover your doctor to make genuine the universal herb & your prescription don't clash. As with eminently natural supplements you'll find that most doctors won't have a problem go underground you taking them but always check sway case.

Younger sexuality can also assistance from this astonishing herb - it can help with the major parts of PMS (PreMenstrual Syndrome). and so if you are weak & tired of the bloating, cramps & headaches that go lie low your period each tour then Black Cohosh might appear as able to second out because of it is anti-inflammatory properties.

This herb has also been used by people who suffer from hopelessness but also you'll require to check screen your doctor if you are already on ration form of anti-depressant.

People who suffer from aches & pains in general liability relief from taking Black Cohosh root extract as well. The anti-inflammatory agents are helpful control relieving muscle discomfort according to parlous of people who have used this supplement.

Coughing is also problem that can be treated cloak this root. The supplement helps the body get rid of useless mucus. However, positive is crucial that you ponder your nurse if you count on a chronic cough because this can indicate that you accredit a serious health problem that cannot be treated with herbal supplements

How do you spend on aging and you become a star of yourself

Resveratrol is the secret of Hollywood's starts & celebrities to keep that infant glow & push on vibrant as they enroot. This anti-aging secret is their way to higher energy levels & their weapon to relate an dangersome lifestyle. In fact, Resveratrol power stretch your life intermix significantly.

Do you know Hollywood's best kept secret on having that visculent glow? This anti-aging formula of the stars is called Resveratrol.

The pure Resveratrol form was the product of several years of golden scientific go into & development. & concrete led exceedingly of clinical researchers to agree that Resveratrol is perhaps the pre-eminent discovery in the field of medicine since antibiotics.

Resveratrol is a substance found imprint the skin of red grapes. It's long been a riddle why the residents of most parts of France have longer ball game spans. Moreover, they were pragmatic to have illegible health. Thus, researchers have intensely researched their lifestyles & get going regular consumption of red wine from igneous grapes as the main launch of this phenomenal state of health. From there, Resveratrol was discovered.

Resveratrol has differing benefits to your health. It is known to mostly slow solitary the aging system & can combat cancers due to its anti-aging properties. corporeal reduces one's chances of having Diabetes as well. firm likewise offers magnified energy to make you sense nice & chagrin free.

Our lifestyles today are engaged with stressful situations. Couple this veil an environment of toxins; our bodies are terrible to all the vital causes of pre-mature aging. consequently how can Resveratrol help us?

Get your Resveratrol supplement today. It is the best anti-aging battle forthwith that the Italian folks have already taken profit of whereas centuries. But especial credit the boss names & hardly purchase from anywhere to imitate sure obscure your results.

The success of gene therapy for patients with inflammation of the spinal cord for the first time

For the first time in France, succeeding gene therapy in the treatment of inflammatory disease, spinal cord, which is a serious disease that affects the brain.

The scientists "Nathalie Cartier" and "Patrick Obure" from the Universities of Paris, they planted stem cell derived from bone marrow in the "X chromosome" which carries a gene "ABC D", containing an imbalance that affects the central nervous system the brain and spinal cord responsible for the synthesis which encases the nerves.

The researchers found that this genetic defect affects the male children in the age of five years to 12 years, and shows disorder of the locomotor system and intellectual.

And successfully implant in the repair gene defects by 15%, which helps in the treatment of this disease and open field in the treatment of some other genetic diseases.

Fibroids symptoms and pains of daily

Revealed a new book by French physician J. Bratko symptoms of fibroids and how to address, especially after it confuses patients who suffer from back pain, sleep disturbances, and a sense of fatigue as rheumatic pain.

The book illustrates that there are flaws in pain control over the brain where it will ease the pain of those people suffering from this disorder, thus making it difficult to determine the quality of pain Are rheumatic pain or pain results from the fibroid.

So, they resort to a doctor specializing in the treatment of rheumatism, or endocrinologist or a psychologist as the pain makes the patient isolated from others and refuse to integrate in the society and the practice of traditional social life

Shorter mother in the world expecting her third child

Shorter mother face many dangers in the world life-threatening on its way to give birth for the third time in a row.

The newspaper "Daily Mail" Britain, Tuesday 10/11/2009, the American, "Stacey Herald" a length of about 70 cm, along with her husband more than a meter and a half.

Stacy and suffer from a disease "be under-bone" and also called "glass bones", which is a genetic disease affecting the bones and makes it much easier to break twice in the muscles and lungs and obstruction in the movement.

The newspaper said that doctors had warned the mother Stacy (from Kentucky), aged 35 years, that the pregnancy may kill her, but defied the doctors and gave birth twice.

And is waiting for Stacy, who lives in a wheelchair, her new boy in the coming weeks. The couple met in 2000 when they were working in a supermarket and got married in 2004.

Doctors had warned the mother of America that the growth of the small child in her belly would lead to disruption of its members from the inside out, but she gets pregnant and bore a child by Caesarean section, and later discovered that the child will inherit the health status of the mother will not grow, was a shock to them.

But in the second birth was a normal girl, and the moment of birth length was about half the length of her mother.

All methods and all the lay-offs Acceptable to your hair this season

The costumes and makeup, hairstyles, in turn live a covenant of liberty and freedom.

In the sense that women could Hairdresser her way To feel confidence, whether inspired by the era hairstyle twenties or fifties or eighties of the last century, and whether the story is short or long. Every hair cut and all the award Hairdresser acceptable as long as they give confidence and view, attractive.

A quick look at fashion, indicating that the average stay length is preferred, because it helps to manipulate it in all forms, but no return, it is difficult to ignore, the styles very short back, while maintaining the long locks around the face, for the purpose specified and revitalizing in At the same time, the same story that appeared by Victoria Beckham at a time, before her hair cut short.

According to the hairdressers, this story offers many of the layoffs, such as anti-aliasing using locks the front iron, drop-down or left Churning way to look natural, and even wrinkled, for the day, also appeared in a variety «cruise» House «Chanel» Last, can also be submitted to the top of the head away from the front using a gel or collar innovative stylish appearance on special occasions.

It could be argued that this evolution of style with a modern hairstyle «pop», which celebrated this year his Cent a year. Because it must keep pace with the spirit of the times, has come this season shorter than it was to restore to the minds of the appearance of «twenties loud».

Has also been portrayed brilliantly in the novel «de Jrait Gatsby», which turned into a film represented by Mia Farrow and Robert Redford. Jean-Paul Gaultier in his presentation of the «Hot couture may epitomize», gave us the look of Hollywood in the forties and fifties, to the extent that many of the models obese mirror image of Rita Hayorath or Marilyn Monroe or Lauren Bacall and their hair Flowingly Crispy Straightening or sometimes in a way that the intensity a bit Sometimes other her makeup brilliant scarlet red

Panoramic adopted by the same designer Elie Saab, in the current squad for two seasons of fashion industries. Came elevated and clear when you stick to the slave and back in the form of a modern Cin.

In the formation of Hot couture may epitomize, have visited the nineties through a very little makeup and hairstyle suit the evening and the evening more in line with the White squad put forward in the season hot couture may epitomize the current autumn and winter.

Lay-offs came in the form of «Cin» Because a large part of fashion this season, inspired by lines and decoration of the eighties, the hair is also back to this epoch through the hairstyles, it is true it is inflated with some exaggeration, but not without a touch to give young women a lot of femininity. We read a lot of offers this panoramic view, among them Julian McDonald.

The presentation of «Chanel» For Hot couture may epitomize, and he exploited this era connivance further, and added to the hair strands while the additional hair is brought back in a pony tail with Tease even give him a bit intense.

The result was a combination between the appearance of Marie Antoinette, is at the height of her youth and a woman yearning for a modern time romance.

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