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Tips to avoid eye strain due to the computer

Monday, November 9, 2009

Of errors made by the many users of the computer exposure to strain the eyes and the longer they sit in front of the screen, without indifference, considering it is only natural! Is not surprising that computers cause eye strain, studies have shown that computer users tend to stare at the screen incandescent light without blinking for much longer periods than do users of typewriters.

And that many computer users sit down and face to face with the screen.

In addition, the computer screens reflect a great deal of glare from the shiny objects nearby, even from the clothes the same user.

This is why many people suffer from a users eye problems due to drought.

Whatever the duration of computer use, whether for a day or only a few hours a week, that after a period of time will cause pain in the neck, and redder in the eye and have different impacts in every part of the body.

There are steps computer users can (and must) take to reduce the complications and disadvantages of the use of computer, including:

- Conduct a thorough periodic inspection of the eye to computer users, at least once a year.

- Stay away from the screen a distance of not less than 20 inches (50 cm).

- Sit on a chair stable and comfortable and adjustable.

- Stop work every 20 minutes or so, and look around the room, so that the eyes focus on distant objects, and this is an exercise of the eye helps to prevent Strain your eye.

- The status of all materials used at the same distance as the screen, and this reduces the eye strain and neck.

- Develop a computer screen at an angle 35 degrees less than the level of the eyes, and this reduces the incidence of dry eye.

- Development of the keyboard a few inches below the surface of the Bureau. This will keep the wrist in a more comfortable angle.

- Use artificial tears free of preservatives intermittently through the use of the computer, and this reduces the redness of the eye and sensitivity, most cases of fatigue resulting from the computer resulting from dry eye.

- Finally, take a break while using your computer, to walk in the room, and try to do some non-computer tasks for 15 minutes every two hours or three hours.

Vegetables during pregnancy Protection your baby

Stockholm - A new study shows that mothers who eat a large amount of vegetables during pregnancy give birth to children less likely to have diabetes type 1.

According to a study published in Sweden "diabetes in children," in its latest edition, double risk of injury to children who rarely dealt with mothers of vegetables diabetes type 1, with the least risk to the lowest for children whose mothers vegetables a day during their pregnancy.

The study by researchers Academy "Shjerienska" at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, the first of its kind, which refers to the relationship between vegetable consumption during pregnancy and the risk of subsequent diabetes type 1.

The study relied on analysis of 6 thousand children in the fifth, and found that 3 percent of them have infected the entire diabetes type 1, or have high levels of antibodies indicate a risk of infection.

Despite not knowing the real causes of diabetes type 1, there are factors believed to play a role in this, including the immunity mechanisms, environmental toxins, and genetic differences.

Source: Middle East News Agency

Soft drinks (Diet) have a negative impact on kidney function

New York - the latest research revealed that soft drinks free of sugar may help to maintain weight and enjoy the graceful strength, but it doubled the chances of impaired kidney function.

And research has shown that eating two packs of these drinks especially cola endeavor to increase the chances of a defect in kidney function.

Research has shown that women who drank two or more of these special cola carbonated beverages have a fall of 30% efficiency and kidney function, while the doctors see as the kidney and urinary tract that this percentage is very high, which should limit his mind and the limits of these beverages.

And conducted research on nearly 3256 women were divided up into two groups. the first drink soft drinks with sugar and the second Drinks Soft drinks without sugar.
it was observed that women who drink soft drinks sugar-free cola fell among them a special rate of 30% efficiency and kidney function, compared with 12% among women with these beverages adorned in the traditional way but they also fell victim to the clutches of increased chances of contracting diabetes.

Source: Middle East News Agency

Medicine than from the sperm of women

Taken sow cabbage,sow hndqouka ,sow asparagus ,chickpeas black ,the Mrakecita silver ,the houdd ,Rue and green bean, from the weight of all the weight. Beats and knead the foam skimmed honey and raised in the water, and used in every day, a quarter of the weight of saliva.

Onion Soup

5 onion (cut into thin wings)
6 cups chicken or meat broth
1 cup cheese grated turkeys
6 pieces rolls or toast slices and toasted
3 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
A fine white pepper

A key point:
All kinds of soup white or light color must Used where a fine white pepper instead of black pepper in order to preserve the color of the soup.

How to prepare:
- Onions, peeled and cut into thin pandemics.
- Put the butter in a pot with a little cooking oil (one tablespoon only) and add the onion until golden brown, stirring constantly.
- Of flour (wheat flour) over the onions and stir until the flour absorbs the butter.
- Add chicken or beef broth to the onion and leave on low heat for half an hour (and still lather that will appear on the surface of soup) and Spicing soup with salt and pepper
- Toasted bread in the oven and pour soup and toasted bread is placed above and sprayed Cheese grated and provide hot.

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