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Expands the scope of breast cancer to spread in developing countries

Thursday, November 5, 2009

WASHINGTON - expands the scope of breast cancer to spread in developing countries where the mortality rate is higher due to lack of prevention measures and access to treatments, according to an American experts Monday on the eve of this conference on the subject.

Said Felicia Noel, an expert in public health at Harvard University (Massachusetts, north-east United States) "is enough that breast cancer affects women in rich countries, mainly, but we discovered recently that it also affects women in developing countries."

Noel and attributed this phenomenon to a decline of infectious diseases and malnutrition and improve prolong life in these countries.

According to the figures, the Institute of Public Health at Harvard University, the 1,35 million new cases of breast cancer will be recorded in the world of 2009 and this represents the 10,5% of all cancers. And, consequently, breast cancer occupies second place after lung cancer.

The same study predicted an increase of 26% in cases of breast cancer diagnosis of any 1,7 million new infections by 2020. The focus of most of these cases in countries with middle-income or limited.

But as of this year will go down more than 55% of the 450 thousand deaths from this disease in developing countries that do not have available sufficient means to provide early diagnosis and effective treatment.

And thus estimated the probability of dying from breast cancer, which is one of the most treatable cancers that someone early, with 56% in low-income countries, up 39% in middle-income countries, up 24% in developed countries.

In view of this situation, decided to health experts, including Felicia Noel disease specialists and cancer from the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard and the Institute of Dana-Farber Cancer Center in Boston (Massachusetts) forming a working team and the organization of an international conference on this topic will be held at Harvard University, between the third and the fifth of November.

It is expected the presence of representatives from more than fifty countries.

The Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Julio Swiss "We have to rely on approaches that have been adopted successfully to combat other diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV (AIDS) in order to fight against breast cancer and other cancers in the least favored."

The Swiss "Ten years ago were not anti-virus discards used in the treatment of HIV Allied + in the reach of developing countries due to the high price tag." He continued, "but that the organization of movement on a global level was allowed to change the data" and make these treatments available to a large number of patients in developing countries.

According to the Harvard experts that only 5% of the resources allocated to cancer all in the world spent in developing countries.

Study warns of aspirin for prevention

Researchers recommended not to take aspirin for preventing those who are not diagnosed with heart disease.

According to the study published in Drugs and Therapeutics Bulletin that taking aspirin can cause internal bleeding and that does not prevent death caused by heart disease.

According to the study that its recommendations are based on tests he underwent 95 thousand people.

The study recommends that the doctors of persons who take aspirin for prevention screened.

The Royal Society of Physicians two years that she agreed with the findings of the study.

The patients who had already suffered a heart attack using diluted doses of aspirin to prevent a recurrence, the behavior of a medical benefits, but it is believed that many people who did not suffer any heart disease taking aspirin for prevention.

Said John Davidson, a large nurses in the Commonwealth of the British Heart has proved that eating heart disease and circulatory benefits of aspirin to him, and they continue to be, but it is dealt with without suffering any of the mentioned diseases is exposing himself to the risk of hemorrhage, which is beyond the potential benefits of addressing aspirin.

Davidson added that the best means of prevention of heart disease is to abstain from smoking and reducing consumption of foods containing saturated fat and eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise.

Flowers Accelerate healing after surgery

Nature of the various known therapeutic tenders, and interact with the rights granted positive feelings and reduce tension, and distracted away from the pain associated with the disease.

And is now proving a new U.S. study conducted by researchers at the Department of agricultural crops and forests at the University «Kansas» of the State, the benefits of plants and flowers to patients who underwent surgery at the disemboweled.

The study indicates that there is strong evidence that dealing directly with the flowers provide interest for hospital patients.

And Seung-employed - Hyung Park, Richard Mattson, researchers at the university, various devices and sensors for medical and physiological monitoring to assess the impact of plants in the rooms of hospital patients, and their role in treatment.

According to studies, patients who suffer from tension after the surgery, also suffer from severe pain and was delayed for there Wellness and recovery.

And address some of these problems addressed anesthetics or medicines mitigating pain, but that these drugs may lead to side effects ranging from vomiting, headache, or addiction to drugs. Therefore, scientists looking for ways to non-drug treatment.

The study, published in the journal «Hurt Technology», 90 patients were in the process of recovering from appendicitis surgery.

And the deployment of the participants in the study, randomly, rooms with plants or free them. In a survey presented to the participants, the researchers got their data included length of hospitalization, medication to relieve pain, average pain, severe pain, stress and anxiety.

Researchers also monitored the work of the vital organs in the body. The study showed that living plants with reduced medication mitigating pain, and reduced blood pressure, heart rate, also reduced in pain and say tension and stress.

Also showed that the plants that grow in the best Anvils impact intensities of flowers placed in the bottles.

Flowers latest method for the treatment of diseases

Treatment with flowers is the latest method to overcome the mental illness that affects individuals, despite the surge recorded at the level of psychiatric medicine and psychotherapy at the level of the entire world, led by the United States and European countries, headed once again strongly about natural treatment to fight the pain body and soul to the extent both, and now comes herbal medicine treatment by psychological crises nectar of roses and flowers.

It is astonishing that our ancestors the pharaohs were the first to discover the magic of flowers and use it in many things in life .. In the adornment and perfume and treatment of minor aches, and since many years re-British doctor of German origin, "Edward Bach" discover the secret of roses.

But this time as a means for the treatment of psychological problems daily the British doctor Engaged specializing in physical therapy for many months in his lab mix nectar rose 39 different, selected carefully; combines them in a mix of one, stressed that magical blend sponsor treatment and to heal the psychological wounds of different.

And how to prepare roses medicine is a way, very simple, where they are putting the leaves of the rose in deep pots with the addition of a fixed amount of water, then put the pot in the sun for six hours and then is added a little alcohol to help keep treatment.

There are various flowers that can be used as a medicine, there are papers that address the rights of olive exhausted physically and emotionally, Backed and provide him with vital force and there is violet, which deals with trauma resulting from severe emotional problems or flower of the five pillars, it gives one a sense of security, tranquility, and address the problems of convergence and unity, -and-rose black eye contribute to the treatment of permanent tension and cases of sudden anger and inability to control the nerves and flowers Spider Gray useful to the problems of fear and panic for no apparent reason.

In addition to psychological problems roses can fix the problems, such as physical treatment for diarrhea, which is caused by anxiety, tension and cases of vomiting, associated with fear and panic and pain in the stomach and head and headaches that often visit the depressed

Tampering with surgical breast lead to disaster

Tampering with surgical breast lead to disaster is a sign of femininity, the breast and therefore show some complaints from the girls not appropriate breast size or different appearance and may turn to ways to reform could be detrimental to them! Doctors have confirmed that there was no enough to understand the developmental stages of breast Many of the girls. The growth in the breast was not complete until after pregnancy and childbirth for the first time. On the other hand in most cases, the breasts are different in size, where size is one greater than the other and this is normal and should be the female in this case should not panic and do not be surprised. If the difference was significant, the attempt to change the size of the one before the birth for the first time will not prevent the small breasts that grow up and shows the imbalance between them after that! There are misconceptions about breast size and its relationship to sexual response. And correct them by saying doctors for the breast size is not involved in this operation the Pap and around the sensitive is the place which responds to raise sexual because many men believe that breast size is the position of responding to woman and advised not to intervene to change the size of the breast before the completion of growth that would otherwise be saluting the risk of the woman or the girl lead to problems, not easy to repair. Where it: When a pregnancy of that woman who intervened to change the breast size has the potential to imbalance occurs in the size of your breasts again. Also zoom in or out a surgical procedure that must be left behind and scars on the skin. Can also affect surgical intervention in these areas on the degree of feeling in them, which in turn affects women's response to sexual banter! The removal of mammary glands and fat in a large breast may affect the ability of women to breastfeed after birth

To preserve the beauty of the breast

Maintain weight within normal limits because the increase in weight caused large breasts and then Sagging and Slouch(sagging of the breast).
Exercise regularly, particularly those exercises that work on tightening the muscles surrounding the breast.
Strap-on breasts use appropriate, relevant and to make sure the correct size of the chest girth and breast.
Breast self-examination once every month or two months after the completion of the menstrual cycle to detect any problem in which early.
Check with your doctor when you have symptoms such as pain in the breast or the discovery of a tumor or discharge from the nipples to non-lactating breast, whether milk or mixed with blood.

Source: doctor

Five symptoms to know Breast Cancer

Breast tumors are the most common tumors in women, and if 90% of benign tumors only 15% of breast tumors are malignant tumors 'cancer'. In America there are about one hundred and eighty thousand new cases of breast cancer, and more than forty thousand deaths from this cancer annually. U.S. statistics indicate that one of every eight or ten women develop breast cancer.

Cause of the disease:

The cause of this cancer is unknown, but there are factors such as:


The virus.

Quality of eating.




There are also factors that increase the possibility of the emergence of this cancer, including:


Pregnancy after the age of thirty.

Starting menstruation before the age of twelve.

Continuation of the post-menstrual age of fifty.


Incidence of breast cancer in relatives.

It was found a relationship between breast cancer and other cancers in women, such as cancer of the ovaries, and the fact that 75% of cases of this disease can not be linked to appear in any of the above.

What are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer:

Part 1: Every woman should be fully aware of the form and size and strength of her breast, and to periodically examine the same month, after the end of the menstrual cycle a few days and must review and inform your doctor as soon as any of the following changes:

1 and a mass in the breast 'is usually not painful'.

2 discharge from the nipple, whether mixed with blood or secretions Yellow 'is not mixed with blood'.

3 change in the color of the nipple and the skin and the appearance of cracks or shrinkage of the nipple.

4 swollen lymph nodes under the armpit.

5 localized breast pain 'Although most malignant tumors are not accompanied by pain'.

What is required?

Part 2: required by the instructions and guidance centers and associations in the field of specialized health breast tumors as follows:

1 Keep yourself periodically check each month.

2 Check your breasts regularly X-ray every two years from the age of forty to fifty, and then annually thereafter.

3 Choose a center there by physicians specializing in the follow-up treatment with the same doctors they can review the files and compared to a year, so rays can detect any change easily.


1 eat less fat.

2 to avoid obesity.

3 foods to eat a lot of fiber.

4 a lot of eating fruits and vegetables.

5 consult a doctor when you see any symptoms of sickness breast.

6 of the periodic inspection.

Walking reduces the risk of breast cancer

A study Scientific American, the practice of actively walking for an hour or two hours per week reduces the risk of breast cancer by 20 per cent for women and even if their use of certain hormones to treat symptoms of menopause. It is based on research results of the study dealt with analysis of data for more than 74 thousand women between the ages of 50 to 79 years. The study found that women who engage in exercise, limited to a period of time ranging from an hour and a quarter to two and a half per week ratio decreased breast cancer by 18 per cent compared to women inactive. The results of the study suggest that exercise may reduce the impact of the use of hormone that can trigger breast cancer, but does not eliminate those effects at all, and according to Dr. 'Mac as Tiznn' principal investigator at the Fred Hutchinson for Research Breast Cancer in Seattle. The study also demonstrated that the initiation of a simple exercise at a later age for women is happening the same positive effects compared with those who engage in sports in the early stages of their lives.

Surgical treatment of malignant breast tumors

C 3: different treatment of breast cancer according to the stage or the degree to which a patient is diagnosed:

1 breast cancer stage I and II.

2 breast cancer stage III.

3 breast cancer stage IV.

Surgical treatment of breast cancer Phase I and II.

Tumors in these two phases, which reduces usually 5 cm in circumference inside the breast with the possibility of the presence of lymph glands under the armpit, and there are two trends of treatment:

The first trend:

1 to remove the tumor and maintain the breast with the removal of lymph nodes under the armpit and giving radiotherapy to the breast.

2 complementary chemotherapy if cancer cells have found the lymph glands, or if the patient is in the stage before menopause.

3 give the hormone therapy, especially if it was found that the selection of cancer cells to the hormonal receptor positive.

The second trend:

If breast size is small and the tumor is large or if the tumor is at an advanced stage localized preferable in these cases mastectomy with lymph nodes from under the armpit lymph glands if found cancerous cells give the patient chemotherapy and possibly radiation and hormone supplement.

Surgical treatment of tumor Phase III:

This is a tumor in an advanced stage localized tumor of any size greater than 5 cm or extended to the chest muscles or skin with the possibility of lymph glands under the armpit. In this case must be given chemotherapy before any surgical intervention 'about three sessions' so younger than the size of the tumor and it might be possible in this case, remove the tumor and lymph nodes and to maintain the breast and then give the rest of the chemotherapy and radiation and hormonal.

Surgical treatment of tumor Phase IV:

At this stage the tumor has spread to other parts of the body 'out of the breast' and the treatment would often by hormones if the tumor is hormone receptor positive or chemotherapy if the hormone receptor negative, or tumor Refunds after hormone therapy and sometimes treatment of complications of tumor localized 'breast' as the existence of ulcers have a doctor to intervene surgically or give spot-ray of the breast.

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