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Tips foodstuff used when exceeding the fifty

Friday, November 20, 2009

The presence of the natural percentage of female hormones during the natural menstrual cycle, is already one of the factors protecting the health of the woman's body. So, for example, compared with men as equal with them in life, there is less incidence of cardiovascular disease in a period of years women's fertility and recurrence for the menstrual cycle on a regular basis.

Having reached break point for women's menstrual cycle, weakening the positive health effects to the availability of female hormones in the body.

This makes it incumbent on women working to make more attention to several aspects, particularly with regard to nutrition.

It is true that nutrition should be healthy and helpful throughout the duration of life, but women over the age of fifty attention they provide the body with elements of certain food, and they were eating less attention to certain other nutrients.

All of this for the prevention of disease above the incidence during the years after menopause.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists provides a range of proposals on food useful for women's health at that stage of life, which involve:

Concern for the intake 1500 mg of at least calcium every day, and in order to prevent the access of osteoporosis, and to work to deal with any degree of vulnerability suffered. And calcium available in milk and dairy products, and green leafy vegetables, and beans, and nuts.

Provide the body daily amount not less than 8 milligrams of iron, in order to help the bone marrow to produce red blood cells with normal amounts of Hemoglobin.

Health and food sources are red meat and green leafy vegetables, nuts and legumes. There are also types of iron-fortified foods.

Limit the consumption of saturated fat, which is found in animal fat white, and in the types of red meat, and poultry fat, skins, and in the types of milk or full-fat dairy products.

Avoid eating trans fats like oils ,Obesity vegetarian, fast foods.

Limit the consumption of sodium element, located in the salt, or salt pickles, or cold meat, or other.

Adjust the sugar intake of natural sweet taste.

Careful to eat plenty of natural plant fibers, and are available in vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains.

Careful to control the quantity to be dealt with women from foods, to maintain a normal weight of the body.

steps to restore your life after divorce

Divorce can be factors which could destroy the lives of women, and recovery from side effects was a difficult one, some cannot recover from the negative effects caused by the divorce, while others can be overcome and bear the pain resulting from it, and remain inside them, and every fear, pass this painful experience again.

Therefore, it provides psychologists magical ten ways to help you overcome the pain of divorce, and restore your life, and ensure the establishment of a new relationship, bright in the future:

1 - story and sadness freely and without reservation:
Many people are scared of Express feelings of sadness, depression, anger freely, but it would be useful for your health that you leave free rein to feelings of sadness that exercise-to-end, and dispose of your soul out gradually; because those feelings will not last forever, and you may be mistaken if you appear what's inside of sorrow.

Here is the error concealment of these emotions, and it becomes secret to serious illnesses such as irritable bowel disease, stomach ulcers, heart disease, diabetes, depression, which may lead to suicide.

2 - feel sad but in a way: (I would not make that happen again):
When feeling sad on the exercise from the experience of divorce, should not that you feel yourself guilty, and this experience will ruin your life, you're a human being cannot be a permanent failure to establish a successful relationship, but you convince yourself that this error will not happen, and you have hopes, and dreams , and you will try to realized again, and that success will be you next time.

3 - Spend quality time with the mentors:
Select the time you spend with people, are willing to hear you love, and listen, and understand what the feelings of the exercise, when password to the problem of divorce, is not enough UNDERSTANDING what is inside you for yourself, but should speak with someone else, until you feel comfortable, Dispose which inside you of Worries.

So You must choose the right person who can hear, and involvement with your sorrows, and to provide advice and support to you, in a friendly, filled with love, and concern over what it interest you, because there are many people who are "unlikely to hear what others are going through problems, and feelings black, so as not to affects their mental state.

4 - You must understand the causes of divorce and the recognition of error, if any:
You must specify the reasons, which led to the access point of divorce, so you can manipulate, and you can Establish for yourself another life, free from these problems, and the negatives.

And you have to be impartial and honest with yourself, do not Biased party at the expense of the other party, be the solution that you get the logical solution, practical, and will help you to blame yourself, into your Fluent, all you have to do is, identify the causes of the problem, and seek to avoid in the future .

5 - You should understand the reasons, which do you choose your partner made you Previous:
Every woman to choose her husband for several different reasons and I've found it, and the most common reason be love, it is known that the mirror love is blind, and sees no flaws in the character of the other, and women believe they love someone and be wrong in this belief, thus accelerating the divorce; because they see then that there is no reason to continue.

Here are some reasons why people choose each other as partners in life:
- The urgent need for a sense that you wanted you, and there is a particular person, able to satisfy this feeling you have.
- The long struggle to find Darling, and keep it, and hope to change the his defects in the future (the problem of late age of marriage).
- Fear of the unit, women may be forced to accept a partner, may not accept in other circumstances.
- The search for security that is provided by marriage.
- The need for women to partner, to meet the necessities of life (economic crisis).
- The desire to have a child.

If you have the ability, that you may be frank with yourself, to confront the real causes, which were selected upon which former spouse, you will have the ability to identify errors that occurred, and try to avoid them after that.

6 - forgive your former spouse on his mistakes, and forgive yourself about your bad choice:
It is time for tolerance, and the beginning of a blank page of your life, devoid of grudges and hatred.

You must convince yourself, you and former spouse, you did what you could to avoid divorce, and trying to reform and become aware that everything you have done, from harming one another for some it was just a means of non-conscious to maintain the marriage.

Because violent behavior, can be derived for self-defense, and maintain, and perhaps those feelings of revenge, because the pain which you feel , Seeking and forgiveness are best among other ways to start a wonderful future life, Amnesty features of customers

7 - Avoid presence you and your former spouse in one place:
Difficult to be close to the former spouse after a divorce, because that will reminds you always about your Sufferings and not going to leave you the opportunity to forget what happened between you, so you must Away him for a period ranging between 3 to 6 months, which will help you recover from your pain, and disposal and that Talk with another person, or a close friend, so you can start again.

8 - Try to draw closer to all persons lover for your heart to support you in this crisis:
Divorce is a traumatic experience, where women lose their best friend, and the nearest person to it, a husband, and to Compensation this loss, we must Congregational around you who love you all, and they can support you in this crisis, where should you feel that there are those willing to get close to you and loves you and cares for your order.

It can be a supporter for you, a religious group, or spiritual, I believe they passed with such conditions that exercise, and were able to overcome, or group of people could identify them via the internet, and they have the desire to help.

Should be selected that group accurately, so that they have full awareness of your problem, and how to provide support to you in an effective manner, commensurate with the condition in which the exercise.

9 - must have the determination to get to know the strengths in your personality and its impact on your relationships:
If you have the desire to form a new relationship in the future, and be a successful relationship, do not reach what he has reached the previous one.

You have to do you recognize the features of the relations that you have done, and we must Madam Ambassador, the purpose behind these relations, what are the qualities important and necessary, which should meet the other side of your point of view of, and will not Disclaimer

What would you like it, until you feel satisfied with that relationship, you should identify the shortcomings that are not Want in your partner, especially those in the ex-husband and had a role in the problems between you.

10 - You must take care of your health good:
When the vulnerability of women to experience painful divorce, they become susceptible to many diseases associated with sadness and depression, to both those with experience, to look after themselves intensively, and away from the same strain at work, and maintain a healthy diet.

Also to do physical exercise to maintain fitness, and also get the rest, which the body needs to recover, and can do massage, and exercise activities, or learn something new, or resorting to spend hours of fun.

Although the recovery from the effects of divorce is not easy, but the will and strong determination, which characterize women, will succeed in achieving your goals, just Follow the previous steps.

In the end, I'd love to tell you Dear women: (to despair with life, no life with despair).

Tips for pregnant mothers

According to a study recently published in the magazine (the mother and child) that the British about 80% of pregnant women feel symptoms of fatigue, vomiting and fatigue after waking up from sleep am

Doctors recommend specialists Mother / during pregnancy / intake on a regular basis with no excessive eating and taking care to eat fruit and vegetables, thus ensuring the continuation of normal pregnancy and the need to drink water frequently throughout the day.

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