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Smart foods know it to develop the intelligence of your child

Friday, November 13, 2009

Varied abilities of children in everything, everyone of them a different character, consisting of a special blend of foul, customs, behaviors, as Child bold, and another is shy, while others described a lot of movement, some children have a quiet demeanor, and this child is so intelligent striking , while the companion less than intelligent.

All those things natural and real, depends on various factors, part of which carries genes and genotype, while the other part is inherited from a child's immediate environment, and friction with others, in addition to education, hence the parents are responsible for certain qualities possessed by the child, controlled, and forming their own, while another part can not control it, no matter how tried and they did, but.

With the development of science and studies of children, according to the latest research, that the IQ advantage and differentiated between children, which was exclusively on the genetics and genes.

Can also contribute to the adaptation and development of children's so-called "smart foods", which is working to improve the capacities of the child, mental and intellectual development.

Thus, they are back again - indirectly - of the Department of things that can be controlled and control, if the family turned to those foods and food, which turned out to have a strong and effective role in the development of intelligence and skills of the child mental health.

And about that, and the extent to which intelligence of the child by addressing in particular foods, nutrition experts say that the intelligence of the child is linked not only with food,or so-called "smart foods", although its impact already in it.

But it is also linked to several other factors, including: genetics, education, intellectual and spiritual, and thus the intervention of parents, and giving the child these foods, do not change from that situation, and does not assume parental waiting for gifted children, in return for eating these foods specifically, but was confirmed by studies and research.

That these foods and the development of support and develop children's intelligence and mental and intellectual, but keep it in the end, within limits, and the participation of other factors are also responsible for intelligence and personal capacities, not the food alone, we get a child-capable smart strong and striking.

The importance of breakfast and fish
As for the food in support of intelligence, you must start choosing breast-feeding instead of formula, breast milk to contain the amino acids necessary for brain development.

The fish comes on top of foods that so-called "smart foods", and can focus on in the second year of life, when a child's brain grows, fish also contains material (DNA) that help focus and maximize the performance of intellectual property, and contains the Secretary-triathlon.

The proteins in general prying amino acids, zinc, iron, and the latter is important to increase the intelligence, and the growth of the brain, are available proteins in meat, eggs, milk and cheese, no matter the quantity of protein intake, to the extent addressed the importance of repeated continuously.

On the other hand, The presence of "smart foods" support and contribute to the increased intelligence of the child, does not mean that there are foods responsible for the reduction of intelligence, as is the case in the increase, and that there are generally foods reduce the mental capacity, and "a healthy mind in a sound body."

Advised to increase the intelligence of the child and the development of intellectual performance by following the following:
- Breakfast on a permanent basis to increase energy, thereby improving concentration and intellectual performance in the school.

- Eat food rich in vitamins and minerals, and fiber intake because they contain folic acid.

- Eat fish three times a week.

- Eat food rich in antioxidants, such as: strawberries, cranberries, and carrots.

- Drink a lot of water and natural juices instead of carbonated drinks

Electronic devices To ease migraine headaches

She offered to separate studies of the American Headache Society Annual Scientific in Boston, to the success of systems, electrical nerve stimulation and magnetic fields to reduce or prevent pain Associates (migraine).

The study was conducted first to assess the impact of the synergy to stimulate the nerve at the back of the head of the company "Medtronics" on their condition, while the second study, conducted by researchers at Ohio State University to assess the work of the magnetic system to stimulate the nerves through the skull of a company "Nerolayev" to remedy the situation.

The third study reviewed the results of a number of studies on the effect of exercise on pain relief migraine.

And participated in the first study, called "stimulated occipital nerve for the treatment of hard-to-sister Hosting pains" 66 patients from 9 medical centers recorded electronically on the honor for three months.

The results of the study assumes that occipital nerve stimulation offers a promising solution for people who will not succeed so far in the treatment of chronic pain sister, she said, according to Dr. Joel Saber Director, Institute for the pain and nerve head in Ann Arbor in Michigan.

They placed the wires of lead under the skin near the occipital nerve, which arises from the spinal cord, and branches around the back of the head carrying sensory signals from that location of the brain.

Linked wire system with stimulation of the "Medtronics," which had been sending electrical impulses to the nerve.

In the second study, researchers from Ohio State University in Columbus, said the tool from a company "Nerolayev" bear in the hand and sent without any pain magnetic pulses to the head, may ease some pain of those who suffer from migraine headaches. The present treatment device known as "activation magnetic skull" or simply as "T or S".

It generates magnetic pulses that occur when he went to head an electric current between the nerve cells of the brain.

This is to disable the migraine at the stage of the emergence of "halo" which is being preceded by pain in some migraine sufferers.

Although the migraine occurs without warning in most cases, but some people feel the phase prior to his shift, which are such as to disrupt the vision and flashes of light or squiggly lines or other sensations such as tingling or numbness.

In the new study, researchers recruited 201 patients suffering from migraine with aura that precedes migraine and then randomly assigned them to use either a "T or S" and was either a "fake" and used by researchers in the comparison.

And ask patients to guide the device to the site of the migraine at its onset.

The researchers found that after two hours of treatment, 39 percent of patients who used a "T or S" feel the pain of migraine headaches compared with 22 percent of patients who used the placebo device, according to an announcement by Dr. Yousef Mohammad, a researcher at the university who led the study , told the conference.

In a third study, published the beginning of the month of July, researchers reported on Germans in their review of a number of previous research, that exercise does not appear to reduce migraine headaches or duration, although it may reduce pain intensity for those suffering from this disease.

Dr. Volker Bousquet of the University of Regensburg, Germany, and colleagues at the display, published in the "headache", that the exercise of migraine patients to exercise is to be welcomed and urged by almost all the references and manuals for patients and even websites for migraine headaches.

He added that most studies acknowledge that regular exercise may reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches, or perhaps eliminate it entirely.

Aniseed for the prevention of influenza

China scholars said that drinking one cup of lukewarm Aniseed, in the morning is the best way to prevent bird flu.

The researchers said that the ability of anise excellence in medicine usefulness "Tamiflu", which was developed by "Roche" Swiss.

The researchers explained that Hemkik acid, which is extracted from the fruit of anise after leaving a few weeks to ferment, is one basic component used in the production of this drug.

And grind anise seeds rich in protein to a boil and drink, and oil extracts of the pilot, and this is what makes it tops the list of nutritional benefits, and enter in the drive industry laxatives, and in several types of emulsions used to relieve the pain of the throat.

Dry skin

Dry skin very nature,Poor excretion of fatty and are normally dealt with using cosmetic moisturizing and nutritious The other is dry skin due to lack of water, rather than the skin oils, a severe drought that we are going to talk about in this case is the dry skin condition which may affect all skin types at any age appearance and is usually grim addition to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by especially around the mouth and eyes and the skin becoming worse with excessive exposure to harmful environmental factors as Heating and cooling also changes the atmosphere in winter and summer

Treatment of severe dry skin:
Treatment starts and then addressing the root causes then the result that to start Skin Care drink plenty of water at least two liters per day while maintaining wetting the room where she sits in the office or at home and eating plenty of oily fish to keep on the cover of the skin and fat were used Detergents maintaining the balance of your skin pH natural rather than those that Take away moisture and cause drier then use Doping moisturizing skin moisture to satisfy, and then seek the help of an effective moisturizer to replenish the skin with Humidifier the necessary protection and refreshment, we recommend that you use just two minutes after cleaning the skin and to avoid giving your baby soap once

Crowded roads affect the heart

Sit behind the wheel of the car during the congestion affects the nerves, as it affects the heart as well.

The team of researchers explored the views of the 1500 of the survivors of heart attacks in the area of Luxembourg, German, and questions addressed to them: where they were four days before a seizure?

And responded to 8 per cent said that they were crammed on the roads because of congestion for a few hours prior to a heart attack.

The effects stay in the hustle worse in women, as well as in people suffering from chest pains known as angina pectoris (the Conference of the American Epidemiological Society, March 2009).

Hustle and heart
What is the possible relationship between the congestion on the roads and the heart attack? According to theoretical pioneers to be due to anger or tension, as well as air pollution, Sitting behind the wheel of the car during the rousing crowd some nerves, especially if they were surrounded by drivers entering from here and out of there, while another number of them feel nervous.

Has been associated with anger and tension contractions occur in the coronary arteries, and an abrupt disturbance in the sediment (found on the walls of blood vessels) filled with cholesterol, in addition to their role in stimulating the emergence of an abnormal rhythm to the beats of the heart, and any one of these effects can lead to heart attack.

Air pollution, another potential criminal, the small volatile with exhaust of cars and trucks of severe infections, and deepen the fragile situation of the deposits containing cholesterol, and lead to a heart rhythm disorder.

It has become Crowded roads in most cities are part of daily life, including providing incentives to hustle himself a heart attack is small, the study does not ring alarm bells, but it assumes that listening to soft music in the car a good idea, as it would be prudent attention to any symptoms for chest pain appears in traffic jams.

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