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Chickpeas to fight the disease vitiligo

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Researchers from the University of Varanasi's in India Discover chickpea plant that has the ability to fight the therapeutic potential of vitiligo skin disease, this view of the chronic disease of the skin and lose color due to the loss of natural colored cells that produce melanin, the pigment of the skin, which leads to the spread of spots and white spots on the skin.

In the research project was carried out jointly between the sections of skin and medicinal chemistry at the university, the scientists found that use one ointment that combines a number of herbal plants grown with the use of chickpeas as a base, a medical method has been actively working to address the skin disease vitiligo, and control as well as the extent of the disease, which causes panic of millions around the world because of the ugly white patches that produce it.

The researcher said Yamini Tripathi, a professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry University and a member of the research team, amid a state of jubilation: "The results of this study are very encouraging."

Tripathi said that they had the experience of treatment technique on 50 patients, chick peas, they have eased the symptoms of skin disease significantly, indicating that he had contacted the Indian Council of Medical Research, to discuss with them on starting a large research project on the treatment of disease vitiligo.

According to the researchers found patients who used creams that depend on chickpea plants in the places affected skin for a period ranging between 20 to 90 days that the color of their skin have begun to return normal again to normal.

In the fastest way of treatment, the disease disappeared patches of white young man who works in a mechanic within 28 days only!

Which commented upon Tripathi, said: "We have hit us fast that result shocked and surprised.

When we asked to know and rejected, "said this young man that he was assisted by a moderate amount of chickpeas in the regular diet during the treatment period."

This disease is vitiligo disease self, which begins in which the body produces antibodies to destroy the cells known as melanocytes, which give the skin its color natural.

Gradually, turn the infected areas to areas of the skin color white, which is one of the most symptoms of vitiligo.

The researchers at the same time that the processor ointment vitiligo disease derives its healing of amino acids that no structures chickpeas.

Here, Tripathi said: "promote the amino acids that are found in a combination of chickpeas, the configuration of the cells, melanin, is also working on the renewal of colored cells, and also help address the chronic syndrome."


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