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The Walking barefoot

Monday, November 16, 2009

From errors common among people at the global level, especially in the summer, many to go wrong to go out to walk barefoot from their places of residence to the beaches for swimming and relaxing on the sand.

And be motivated them in this behavior is a common misconception people transmitted since ancient times that walking barefoot is a healthy habit of feet.

Said Dr. Tracy Flahovic an associate professor of medicine and surgery in the foot bones of the foot School of Medicine at Temple University, that they are common, and often end up with serious problems in the feet.

Where many people suffer from inflammation of the membranes and rolls in foot or Twist in the joint or rupture of the tendons.

There are many amateur walking barefoot has suffered pain in the feet, blisters and severe heel, with cracks between the toes or cut wounds.

While not denying the benefits of walking barefoot, which can be obtained through the exercise of walking barefoot indoors, but we focus first and foremost on the safety of the feet.

In the case of some of the suffering or suffered from diabetes and cardiovascular disease, blood outside, we recommend that these, in these cases, always wear shoes when you go to the beaches and then return to the home.

The more serious is the belief that the foot does not need to shield from the sun sunscreen, like other parts of the body.

But scientific fact confirms that skin cancer, which affects the legs and feet, as a result of exposure to the sun, has a high mortality rate due to the fact that many people forget to check this area of the body and take care of it.

And therefore the disease is detected only in cases of late.

Including non-use of sunscreens on the lower limbs of the body and pay more attention to the face and chest and upper limbs.

That the right decision is the use of protective creams and highly sensitive SPF of at least 15 and be the prevention of both ultraviolet A and B A lobby is placed on foot every two to three hours.

Takes into account a larger amount if the person is traveling to the beach to swim several times.

lazy eye

The lazy eye or what is known medically Amblyopia has many causes, including:
1 - There are about a single aspect of the birth or during early childhood.
2 - a weakness in one eye, vision and other eye be sound; If this weakness is severe, especially if caused by (astigmatism) did not reveal this weakness early (before the age of five - six) years of age, this will happen lazy in the eye.

For the lazy kind several degrees:
- Laziness is simple and the visibility ranging from between 7-8 years.
- Lazy, mean and where the degree of visibility of 4-5 years.
- Very lazy and when visibility is less than one out of ten.

And be kind to address laziness early as possible to maximize benefits, and have corrected the weaknesses existing eye glasses as appropriate, and may resort to cover the sound eye to strengthen the affected eye, particularly when there is a laziness on the facilities, and should be corrected early, strabismus, and that after the improvement of visual capacity.
And be of more benefit if it is performed by age (4 - 5 years), but if the person is greater than the age of six Improving laziness remains part.

With regard to increasing laziness, it is possible if it is not treating the cause, but in case of the cause; the laziness either improve or remain on the degree to which it is laziness at the time of discovery, diagnosis,

What are you drinking children in the 15-year-old affect their weight

Recent research has shown that taking the child for about two or more sweetened soft drinks and juices at the age of age greatly increases the chances of suffering obesity.

The researchers stressed that the higher the intake levels for soft drinks and Sweetened juices among children in the age the greater the chances of being obese in ten years that followed.

The researchers warned that the high rate of clusters in the phase of fatty teenage child increases the chances of the continuation of this obesity in young adulthood to become vulnerable to greater health problems as Injury with heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

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