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lazy eye

Monday, November 16, 2009

The lazy eye or what is known medically Amblyopia has many causes, including:
1 - There are about a single aspect of the birth or during early childhood.
2 - a weakness in one eye, vision and other eye be sound; If this weakness is severe, especially if caused by (astigmatism) did not reveal this weakness early (before the age of five - six) years of age, this will happen lazy in the eye.

For the lazy kind several degrees:
- Laziness is simple and the visibility ranging from between 7-8 years.
- Lazy, mean and where the degree of visibility of 4-5 years.
- Very lazy and when visibility is less than one out of ten.

And be kind to address laziness early as possible to maximize benefits, and have corrected the weaknesses existing eye glasses as appropriate, and may resort to cover the sound eye to strengthen the affected eye, particularly when there is a laziness on the facilities, and should be corrected early, strabismus, and that after the improvement of visual capacity.
And be of more benefit if it is performed by age (4 - 5 years), but if the person is greater than the age of six Improving laziness remains part.

With regard to increasing laziness, it is possible if it is not treating the cause, but in case of the cause; the laziness either improve or remain on the degree to which it is laziness at the time of discovery, diagnosis,


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