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Crowded roads affect the heart

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sit behind the wheel of the car during the congestion affects the nerves, as it affects the heart as well.

The team of researchers explored the views of the 1500 of the survivors of heart attacks in the area of Luxembourg, German, and questions addressed to them: where they were four days before a seizure?

And responded to 8 per cent said that they were crammed on the roads because of congestion for a few hours prior to a heart attack.

The effects stay in the hustle worse in women, as well as in people suffering from chest pains known as angina pectoris (the Conference of the American Epidemiological Society, March 2009).

Hustle and heart
What is the possible relationship between the congestion on the roads and the heart attack? According to theoretical pioneers to be due to anger or tension, as well as air pollution, Sitting behind the wheel of the car during the rousing crowd some nerves, especially if they were surrounded by drivers entering from here and out of there, while another number of them feel nervous.

Has been associated with anger and tension contractions occur in the coronary arteries, and an abrupt disturbance in the sediment (found on the walls of blood vessels) filled with cholesterol, in addition to their role in stimulating the emergence of an abnormal rhythm to the beats of the heart, and any one of these effects can lead to heart attack.

Air pollution, another potential criminal, the small volatile with exhaust of cars and trucks of severe infections, and deepen the fragile situation of the deposits containing cholesterol, and lead to a heart rhythm disorder.

It has become Crowded roads in most cities are part of daily life, including providing incentives to hustle himself a heart attack is small, the study does not ring alarm bells, but it assumes that listening to soft music in the car a good idea, as it would be prudent attention to any symptoms for chest pain appears in traffic jams.


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