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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How accented specter of menopause? The extent to which medication (HRT) is safe today? Can herbs really help?

Jillian is trying to a woman in her age 45 to find a solution to the cases boiling blood frightening.

Feel Hot at the height of the cold
Started the first revolution and upheaval in the blood, attacking me in the middle of the night while I am asleep in my bed and that was more in the colder winter days, which I did not like years ago.

Not thick glass bedroom and the room was very cold and suddenly and without warning, I felt that my body is burning from the heat with increased temperature degree can (for fried egg).

Currently, I realized that what happens to me is not a regular rise in temperature on the stairs going up because of conformity or wander inside the house by the central heating in cold winter night.

In that night was this happening to me for the first time and this is what kept me awake after weeks.

Initially surprised, like many women when they enter the age of 40 and to be frank I had a case of total rejection of the so-called menopause, which started attacking me like a ghost.

After a period of tension from my shock I woke up and realized that I am with all that lucky to have this generation of women who wore fashionable clothes and acts engaged in activities with the spirit of youth, full of life which is hidden features of the menopause.

Despite this young man to feel that the composition of the body have a different opinion, which in turn disturbs the mind pain boiling Blood worry My Sleep and I intend to wear with very light to extremely cold weather.

Was a shattering experience and comforts me now is the arrival of spring and after summer. I prepared myself for a mission to find the best way to tame the Thermostat is my.

Here are some steps to resist the troubles of menopause
First step: go to a doctor
My Doctor knew that the death of my mother diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of (52) years and that it was worried about. So I said, Is there a solution to this problem?

The doctor said that both the brain and Thermostat (thermostat) and (hypothalamus) receive mixed signals this occurs when at least the body's production of the hormone estrogen and progesterone, which causes the expansion of blood vessels and increase blood flow irregularly here and start feeling very hot filling body.

The bad news is that doctors still do not know why this occurs. The doctor, that some patients have found a treatment called Clonidine were initially developed to address the low blood pressure and ease the pain when consumed in small doses.

Other opinion:
Where I always was suffering from low blood pressure, this medicine is not new. No Standardization doctor my blood pressure when prescribing this medicine and said it Send me to a doctor specializing in this age, if not help me to heal. It has therefore decided to stop this medication at the moment.

The second step: a visit to the gynecologist
Here, Dr. Janice Rymer physicist and Chancellor of gynecology at a hospital and the Foundation Guy's and St Thomas and also runs a clinic specializing in the follow-up to menopause. I went there first because I did not completely rejecting you (HRT) and secondly I wanted to get advice from is an expert in this area.

Dr. Lee's advice:
The doctor told me that the use of this medicine for more than five years may increase the risk of a possible incidence of breast cancer although the risk for this disease a few in a period of not more than five years of not using the (HRT) is about (45) One of (the 1000) a woman can grow to have the breast cancer In contrast, (47) woman who take the (HRT) do not have this disease.

On the other hand told me that I have in mind the positive benefits of using this medicine, such as feel better and care for my heart and my bones, especially if I've been using the drug with the early stage of menopause.

Other opinion:
Of course, if the increased menopausal symptoms worse, the use of (HRT) may be appropriate treatment.

As stated by Dr. Rymer "must weigh things but no need to reject the HRT", and knowing that there are some women in this age become a devastating their lives and lose their interest in life and be a concern to them are the correlation (HRT) breast cancer and ignore the fact that this drug a great benefit to the blood vessels of the heart.

The third step: the use of herbs to a doctor
While attacking the press for the herbal remedy, but I have a friend had nominated a herb doctor Dr. Peter Conway

The advise given by:
I told Dr. Peter detailed explanation of the last I have some symptoms so he took my blood pressure was low, too harsh blows my heart and told me that this is an indication of the weakness in the energy my body.

Although he wanted to help me with the problem of blood boiling has focused on the activation energy and the way my body by the blood flow. He described some herbs, such as root and herb Libido reduce sexual desire and Red Clover herbal plant and Almariamp Alistrajls and to use them twice a day for one month and repeat it again.

Other opinion:
Started in body temperature continues to worsen in the first week of treatment, but after about three weeks notice that this rise began to decline with the end of the Week symptoms disappeared completely.

There was some talk that the wire body temperature appears and disappear for years during menopause, but it was this talk terrifies me.

Step Four: consult a dietitian
It is known that both the diet and lifestyle a major impact on health. Therefore, it can be to change some behaviors of food as a catalyst in easing the troubles of menopause. Hence it was my conversation with nutritionist Nigel Denby

The advise given by:
Nigel spoke about the growing risk for heart disease and osteoporosis in women in menopause, but advised some simple changes in diet that could have yielded a clear difference.

The proposed system healthy and balanced diet includes access to three meals containing soy and calcium-rich day.

And also contain plant foods that help in cases of boiling blood. It also advised me to allocate 30 minutes for the exercise and aerobic training walks five times a week and weightlifting exercises to strengthen the bones.

Other opinion:
Stay away from alcohol, because alcohol and caffeine, food, warm lead to bubbles of blood and insomnia. Also try to walk for half a hour each day and take regular milk and soy milk or yogurt, despite the difficulty of the new habits I'm trying not to be addressed as food supplement.

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