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Material produced by the body may solve the problem of obesity

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scientists have discovered fatty substance produced by the human body sends a signal to the brain to stop eating
Scientists have discovered fatty substance produced by the human body at the level of the intestines, send a signal to the brain to stop eating, which may open new horizons for the fight against obesity.

A U.S. medical team who discovered the article in the journal "Sale" scientific they were able to control the amounts covered by eating rats by that article. The same article which is commonly called NAPE found in humans.

Said team member Dr. Gerald Shulman that when mice fed a fatty meal too, the exact Maiha produces a lot of the NAPE and secreted in the blood, where he stopped feeling hungry when they arrive to the brain.

The increased levels of that substance in the blood after eating mice and fatty meals, but did not rise when it dealt with a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates.

The scientific team says that NAPE had the same effect, both reached the brain in small doses intermittently after eating a fatty meal, or the largest quantity of injected artificially.

After injecting the substance in blood that clumps in the area "under the mulch," a brain region that regulates appetite and hunger.

When injected into mice, excessive quantities of this article for five days, I decreased appetite and weight, and this is what a reliable, researchers in the fight against obesity, which has been spreading around the world, threatening the health of many.


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