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Avoid errors when you remove the make-up

Saturday, October 24, 2009

There is no doubt that the removal of make-up is an essential step to keep skin beautiful and Deficiency. But with the availability of large groups of removing cosmetics make-up, may find it confusing to choose what suits your skin and needs. Here are answers to clear and explicit on a number of questions concerning the elimination of make-up.

Can I use lotion to remove make-up oil painting for oily skin?
Of course, that, contrary to common belief, does not affect fat oil never in the skin. But if your skin is oily and sensitive at the same time, oil may find uncomfortable and never feel that your skin has become tight after removing make-up. In this case, use makeup remover for sensitive skin.

Can I use makeup remover face on the eyes as well?
No problem with that, if written on the product to be reserved for the face and eyes. In this case, the product has been subjected to medical tests were necessary to make sure it does not harm the area never eyes. But if the ad hoc makeup remover for the face only, you can not never use on the eyes because its structure does not fit the sensitive area of the eyes and, if the use of facial makeup remover to clean the eye area, you may suffer from redness and sensitivity and swollen eyes. However, you can use eye makeup remover to remove makeup from the rest of the face, because its composition be in this case soft skin, not harm at all.

Do you really works use makeup remover warrior on Aging?
It depends on the result, which Expecting. Cosmetics remove make-up will inevitably affect the cohesion of the skin or wrinkles. But it may give freshness and sparkle to your face and smooth your skin peeled with the factors in it. Advisable to use makeup remover aging warrior after the age of 40 years when the skin begins to lose her splendor, but no point never to use it before the age of 40

Am I obliged to use liquid or cream to remove make-up if my skin dry?
Be the composition of liquid and decent sticky and more Hydrating the rest of the fixtures. However, removing cosmetics makeup available in the form of oils or water may also be useful for dry skin condition rinsed well With tonik free from alcohol or water intake and not tap water (tap).

You have chosen the following types of cosmetic make-up removal:
• Lotion Clean It Tenders of Givenchy
• Take the Day Off from Clinique
• Eau de Confort Nettoyante Express a L'eau essentielle de Peche by Clarins
• Prodigy Make up Remover by Helena Rubinstein
• Huile Seche Demaquillante Equilibrante of Make Up For Ever
• Fluide Demaquillant Visage et Yeux of Neutrogena
• A Secret de Purete of Guerlain

What is the benefit of tonik?
After removing the liquid make-up by private tonik can get rid of all remnants of makeup remover and all dirt remaining on the surface of the skin. You can also use tonik am to awaken the skin and make it a thriving and vital. In both cases, reveals the impact of tonik tonic for the skin, in addition to the benefits of cleansing or purification or humidification or peeling. So, choose tonik that suits your skin and needs.

Should I use makeup remover even if it did not put make-up?
Of course, because the removal of make-up does not mean just get rid of make-up. It is also concerned with the disposal of excess lipid, pollution, and sweating, and carbon monoxide caused by smoking cigarettes. So, do not Miss never step to remove makeup every night.

If you use liquid wealth to remove make-up, you can dispense with the cream the night?
Reveals the make-up remover for the effect of detergent before everything, and as long as you do not you find your skin is tight, you can dispense with the cream at night. But as soon as the first appearance of wrinkles, moisturizing skin, you care a preparation light. After the age of 40 the skin tends to drought and need time to moisturizing cream rich and effective, and you can then dispense with the use of cream night.

Three different ways to use liquid makeup remover
1 - The first method provides for the extension of the liquid makeup remover fingertips over face and rubbed until well penetrates the skin. Then you wait a bit longer to make-up remover to get out of the face, as if by magic, then rinse your face thoroughly with water, then it Pass wet cotton ball tonik a preparation.
2 - The second method provides for the development of liquid makeup remover in the palm and finger tip and then extended over the face. You make-up remover distribution on your face light circular movements to penetrate well in the skin.
3 - The third way ORDAINS heating makeup remover between the hands and then unrolled on the face and neck and pulled back quickly as if you Rinse. Repeat this five to six times in a row to get rid of all the sediment

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