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Coffee ice cream

Friday, October 30, 2009

one A box of milk a local center
one cup of coffee and dark cool
A pinch of salt.
one teaspoon vanilla
two cups of lightly whipped heavy generous

How to prepare:
- mix all in blender until thick.
- Placed in a plastic box and enter the freezer until frozen.

Tray tost with meat

Cheese means or mayonnaise

How to prepare:
Tend aspects of toast and cheese liquid paint, mayonnaise, and then stacked in Chinese post-painted with butter.
- And then covering the drive toast with Fillers (meat + onions + salt + garlic + spices), and then put another layer of painted toast cheese and butter.
- And then covering the Chinese paper foil and placed from the top of the oven to be a golden color, then cut

Seasonings Cree kill cancer cells

New research shows that a substance extracted from turmeric, the yellow spice used in curry meal kill cancer cells.

Has been widely believed for a long time that the component in the subject of yellow turmeric helps to cure some diseases, and are being tested as a treatment for arthritis and Alzheimer's.

Tests conducted by a team from the Cork Cancer Research in the United Kingdom that this article can damage the cells of esophageal cancer.

Experts said the cancer that this discovery could help doctors find new cures for cancer.

Was discovered by Dr. Sharon McKenna and his team that started the yellow component in the killing of cancer cells within 24 hours.

McKenna says that scientist have realized long ago that the natural ingredients, the ability to heal damaged cells, adding believe that the yellow component in turmeric, could be of therapeutic value.

For its part, noted Lesley Walker of Cancer Research in Britain that the incidence of esophageal cancer rose by more than half of the seventies of the last century.

The Walker is believed that this increase is associated with increased rates of obesity and alcohol abuse.

It is noteworthy that about 7800 esophageal cancer cases are detected each year in Britain.

Esophageal cancer is the sixth form of the disease caused the death, as it leads to about five percent of the deaths in Britain

Pomegranate peel to install Hair Color

Paris - French devised a laboratory dyeing material of pomegranate peel, which is grown in more than 4 thousand a year in the Gardens of Babylon, where the rich rule proved to be installed for the color in women's hair.

Put in the French market Balsam entitled (Kloran) help to stabilize the pigment of hair also protects the hair from the depths of drought and nourish the scalp and makes hair after washed soft and easy to demobilization as it contains no chemicals that will affect the hair.

How do you place the French manicure

Follow the following six steps in order to do you recognize the right way to develop a French manicure on your nails yourself:
1 - Start painting your nails polished with Tonic transparent glossy
2 - Put layer of beige or ivory or light pink and will be the basis
3 - Paste on your fingernail Adhesives (sold to an ad hoc, etc.)
4 - the upper region merrily painted white or beige
5 - Remove the paper very gently
6 - Put a new layer of transparent gloss Tonic

And thus
Your nails beautiful and wonderful and consistent with all the colors of clothing

For more stability, my hands in cold water for a short period
In order to prevent the bloc be careful not to a lot of classes and types of good and Use a known brand.

How to choose kind of Makeup Brushes

Whether you passive makeup every month or just on occasion, you want to grasp you have the outstanding bent brushes for the job. licensed are some simple guidelines you liability follow to be conclusive you group the right brushes considering an even application and professional finish.

Get a Variety

Women don't regularly just wear unique kind of makeup also you need applicators for all the complex you wear. So getting a variety of brushes is a good plan. If you don't have chip brushes at all, viewing passion buying an admit. This will give you a few right aways for use on your eyelids or cheek bones or just for applying powder more evenly and you will save some money by getting more than one at a time.

Get What You Need

Figure outward what kinds of makeup you wear most recurrently and instigate specific you get brushes that are made for specifically over that lexicon. You may also need more than the same type of brush if you use several eye eclipse colors. If you buy a set, make decided the right brushes are in acknowledged. If you can't treasure trove or afford a set, make unequivocal you get important brushes such for a claret brush, spring conflict or shadow brush.

You should find that Bobbi Brown's essentials round set contains most of the brushes you need at a reasonable price. Vincent Longo's brush also include a resplendent brush that is ideal for applying concealer evenly and smoothly first time. Stila also have a great choice of makeup rumble sets available at a very reasonable price that won't discontinuity your budget.

Buy Quality

Since you are going to spend the chief you need to make sure that you are buying the matchless makeup brushes that you can afford. Now, buying professional cluster brushes might not exemplify necessary, but you don't want to scorched your money on brushes that are dash to fall apart or lose bristles further not resort to makeup the avenue you want.

Find surface what some of the best brands of brushes are and what their approximate prices are. This way you know what you are looking for and you will know true pronto if you come across a great deal.

By getting the supreme tone brushes you are ensuring better morale application and longer lasting brushes. You will serve as happier salt away your sway if you spend a mere fresh money to get something that lasts and gives you a qualified finish.

Masculinity is threatened because of lack of chromosome (j)

PARIS - A team of French scientists that chromosome (j) began to disappear from the gene-for-200 for chromosome 1100 / X /, which indicates the existence of a shortage of males to females

The team of scientists conducted experiments on male rats, revealing a severe lack of the hormone / Ositosen / is responsible for the interaction between the male and female, and to facilitate the process of birth

The scientists believe the disappearance of chromosome (j) does not cause any problems as it can be changed or replaced by another chromosome to bring nature is the only one responsible for the answer to this question

Chicken Baneh with cheese turkey

1 kg chicks Baneh
turkey grated cheese
Basal bleached
½ cup flour
Half of a cup rusk
2 eggs
Salt - pepper
Wood sticks Dispenser

How to prepare:
Mix chicken with the Albanians, grated onion and a little salt and pepper.
Padding: Chicks pulling onions and uniqueness and placed part of the cheese in half of a piece of chicken after the second half to close the cheese stick, wood fittings.
And then put flour in a pot and eating chicken in the flour to flipping.
Then hit the egg with a little salt and pepper and then Raise Chicks of flour and stir into eggs and then placed in Rusks. The reddening: Apply oil on low heat until potatoes are grilled golden color.

Baneh crunchy chicks

Chicken Baneh cross section and washed
Onion Bleached
2 eggs
Rusk and semolina flour mixed together in one vessel

How to prepare:
They put chicken onion, salt, pepper and mustard, honey and curry.
And then taken piece by piece and placed in the egg mixture and then Rusks and semolina flour and fry in oil

Discover Lung cancer through the smell of the mouth

In the latest discovery in the field of lung cancer, it has become possible today to patients who complain are infected with this type of cancer, check out the smell of mouth and, consequently, to make sure whether they have the pernicious disease.

Scientists have developed a sensor that can quickly and easily to discover whether a patient has the lung cancer through the smell of the mouth, as it has been possible through this device to save the lives of many through prior knowledge of the infected cancer.

The experiment was on the sensor by 40 people suspected of having cancer and 56 who are healthy and have found that there are 42 organic material present in the smell of the mouth of those suspected of having cancer by 83 percent and less than 83 percent in healthy people.

Israel and the world was Dr. Hassam Heck in Haifa had made this experience that could well lead to the development of significantly reduce the effects of lung cancer in the future.

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