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The best way massage gums

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gum disease begins viscous membrane formation around the necks of the teeth where millions of germs. If the delayed rights to remove this membrane by the daily use of a toothbrush, increased its accumulation and intensification and stuck teeth and hardness increased adsorption of lime resulting from the saliva of the mouth who works on gum irritation, and the presence of numerous bacteria produce irritation of the gums and age, allowing the accumulation of food waste which disintegrates by the bacteria are composed of pus which damages the gums and bone tissue surrounding the teeth. In this mechanism will continues to decline the gums and bone absorption and exposure of the teeth, leading to Permeate and dislocation, and loss, though it may be free of any decay or rot.

The person in the first round to avoid these diseases, such as the selection of quality food and a lot of rough foods that help to massage gums as Vegetables, lettuce, fruit, carrots and apples. Should also minimize the intake of foods, sweets and sticky sweets that stick to the teeth easily, and disintegrate rapidly, and helps to form deposits . And rights to accelerate clean their teeth and rinsing the mouth after eating such foods directly, in addition to the daily care of the mouth and teeth. And you must visit the dentist regularly and periodically every six months and not to wait for signs of illness and pain. Here comes the role of the dentist in the early detection of any injury to persons or gums, and work on a preventive treatment before the disease takes hold and thus develop treatment and increases costs.


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