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Creme Caramel

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

¼ cup of sugar to burn
6 eggs
Cups of milk
¼ cup of sugar
Teaspoon vanilla
How to prepare:
- We will develop custom of burning sugar in a pan
- And put it on the fire to become as CARAMEL
- And then ambush equally cups that we will make the Creme Caramel we will now add eggs + sugar + milk + vanilla in a blender juice and Whisk them to Reassorted with each other.
- And then lay in the cups of which we will put the caramel cups in the tray of the oven and Scoop as much as 3 cups of water.
- Enter it in the oven warm for a period ranging between 40 minutes to an hour to freeze the batter into cups then Out from the oven and leave it to cool completely.
- Take the cups and put them in the fridge and made in the next day


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