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Frenchman address book recommended 20 types of food for the prevention of disease

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paris - I recommend the book Frenchman eat 20 kinds of food help to heal the individual from many diseases and good health by strengthening the immune system, on top of carrots and garlic, onions, artichokes, honey, tea, olive oil, broccoli and gooseberry and thyme.

Revealed the book "20 kinds of food, dealing with diseases," that our ancestors were right when they recommended the need to eat more islands, which works to strengthen the consideration, and helps to smooth skin and freshness, as well as its contribution to the growth of rights in the age group of small and renew the body's cells at the stage of post-puberty.

The book highlights which is compiled by Emily Marie Picard specialized in natural medicine and herbal medicine the importance of garlic in activating blood circulation in the case of fruit, "Nea" especially before eating breakfast, as well as a sexual stimulant if men regularly dealt with the practice of sports activities.

And stopped when the writer often asserting that tea helps to lose weight and rid the body of nicotine and alcohol, helping to treat fungal infections in particular fungi that affect the foot and strengthens the body's immunity in the event of human exposure to insect bites, and helps to strengthen the muscles of the body.

The thyme has proved effective in the treatment of asthma with gooseberry helps in the treatment of people with Alzheimer's disease and reduce the incidence of non-patients.

The author described the "honey bees" that Healing from diseases .. Stressing the importance of eating honey because of the multiple benefits of all members of the body.

And a book "20 kinds of food, dealing with diseases," publishing house "Ch√Ętelet" French, and is sold in bookstores to 50.18 euros and is located at 224 pages, written in the style and slim support scientific evidence.


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