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Benefits of swimming, many of the lungs and blood vessels and muscles

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The practice of any kind of sport is better for your heart not to exercise any of the exercises, and walking is always described as a «gold standard», because the majority of people able to implement it, the weight is easier on the body, and does not need any additional hardware or special methods.

Although the walk is not considered the best exercise for heart health, and body generally, it remains the best option for the vast majority of people, but the most vital exercises provide more benefits for the heart of walking.

The occupied studies have focused on running the lion's share of research, because running is a logical extension of walking, and that one of the most popular form of sport almost.

As they swim, by comparison, has been ranked the last of research, with the emergence of several studies over the years on the swimming and heart disease.

And shed new studies conducted by researchers at the «Cooper Clinic» in the city of Dallas, highlighted the health benefits of swimming.

Swimming and heart
One of the studies have compared the blood pressure, cholesterol levels, maximum power consumption, and other measurements to a healthy heart and blood vessels, for approximately 45 thousand men and women practitioners of walking, jogging, swimming, and zombies too!

The measurements of practitioners swimming and jogging are the best, and then followed by a difference of a few indicators and practitioners walk.

According to expectations, the zombies were more participants who suffered from overweight, and they have higher rates of the number of heart rate at rest, and they have the worst levels of cholesterol and the worst cases of physical fitness.

The second study was checked in the mortality of 40547 men between the ages of 20 and 90 years, over 13 years of follow-up, on average.

The observed mortality rate of only 2 per cent of the practitioners swimming, compared to 8 per cent of the practitioners of jogging, and 9 per cent of the practitioners of walking, and 11 per cent of those who did not exercise.

These studies have been published in the magazine «International Journal of Research Okwatik AT & PLC unit Pearson Education».

Sport and relaxation
Swimming affect the heart and lungs, which trains the body to use oxygen more efficiently, which generally appear in the form of a decrease in heart rate at rest, and rate of breathing.

Swimming employ arms, legs and other muscle groups in them, and this is what improves muscle strength and flexibility.

And supports the body and the water around him, but it is unlikely that exposure to the type of strikes against them during jogging.

And because the water is easy impact on the joints and muscles, swimming is often recommended for people with arthritis and other chronic conditions.

The water resistance also allows a person floating exercises strong without being subjected to any harm.

Relaxation, meditation, are also other aspects of the pool, as they can exercise your mind while you Guards, while bathing in a basin of water controversial knife, and focus on how your breathing, your moves.

Also, by swimming «destructive tension» able to contribute to the realization of the benefits of a healthy heart and blood vessels.

It is the best of all things is that swimming is a type of activity that can be implemented throughout your whole life, which does not abandon him even at the end of your days.

If you are practitioners of swimming, they have discovered the benefits of this sport, but were not, learning it is not too late whatever your age.

If you are a beginner, or of returning soon to go swimming, start with simple movements of swim slowly for 5 to 10 minutes.

Once you get used to the sport, and after becoming a hit your hands and your feet and kicks your breathing more efficient, you can swim for a longer period.

Try to confuse the kinds of swimming: freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, or any kind you want, since the exercise of various kinds of swimming helps to maintain the usual way your Swimming and regeneration, and also assist in the recruitment of other groups of muscles to work.

If you do not want to swim, you can resort to other water exercises, try walking or jogging on the water, they are much easier on the body of walking or jogging on the ground, and they offer the same benefits of good for the heart and blood vessels.

The other option is aerobic exercise in the water swimming pools.

What is the exercise that you wish to continue to make in order to remain with you until the end of your life? ..
Answer: Football (Soccer), says a study that followed 1000 students of medical colleges over the past 40 years, it was shown that medical students who have practiced the sport they continue to practice even when they are not large, more than those who chose basketball or football , also appeared to have lower rates of heart disease.

It is nice and the results of the fairly reasonable. Open the idea of providing a good sport for your heart. A sport that can be exercised at various levels. And able to exercise rights, such as swimming, at older ages.

However, the reality is that any program of exercise helps you stay active most days of the week is best for you, whether walking, swimming, tennis, kayaking, biking, or anything else makes you moving.

In spite of great interest to swim for the heart, lungs, blood vessels and muscles, they do not provide significant benefits to the bones. And therefore requires swimmers to complete the thier Exercises water with some of the weight exercises, such as strength training, walking, dancing, climbing stairs, or working in the garden.


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