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Breastfed bottle isnot safe

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Six U.S. companies will stop selling bottles containing a substance Bisphenol A "or BPA" is a chemical added to plastic to make it appear a net, says these companies, the Avent, and Disney First Year, and Gerber, and Dr Brown, Playtex, and Evenflo, that this was in response to consumer demand, that is to give up chemicals; because of health concerns, but that these companies will continue to sell bottles containing BPA rule in the United Kingdom.

Point of view:
Any research conducted by the University of Exeter, that adults who have their bodies contain high levels of a substance BPA, more vulnerable to heart disease and diabetes.

Dr Lain Lang, who led the study: "At present, there is not enough evidence to say that there is a definite relationship between the feeding bottles for children, and morbidity in the future, but there are grounds for concern" and now there are six major U.S. manufacturers, banned the import or sale of feeding bottles containing material BPA "which followed the lead of Canada in 2008."

It is Belinda Phipps, chief executive of the national birth, is concerned; because the United Kingdom has not taken this step, she says "must have parents the option not to use Article BPA in bottles for feeding their children, but they can not do that now," but that the Commission on food standards insisting that it has examined the potential risks, and found that the levels of exposure lower than those considered harmful.

What can we do?
Advice that is given to people currently, is not to pour boiling liquid directly into the bottle, and non-heated microwave, and the use of feeding bottles which old or Scarified, where it is believed that this substance increases the amount of BPA that are removed from the milk bottle and sell the most bottles wholesale in the United States of a substance-free alternatives to BPA, and that one of the manufacturing companies, is NUK, material removed BPA from all products: so anxious parents can buy them, instead of bottles containing a substance BPA.


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