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All methods and all the lay-offs Acceptable to your hair this season

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The costumes and makeup, hairstyles, in turn live a covenant of liberty and freedom.

In the sense that women could Hairdresser her way To feel confidence, whether inspired by the era hairstyle twenties or fifties or eighties of the last century, and whether the story is short or long. Every hair cut and all the award Hairdresser acceptable as long as they give confidence and view, attractive.

A quick look at fashion, indicating that the average stay length is preferred, because it helps to manipulate it in all forms, but no return, it is difficult to ignore, the styles very short back, while maintaining the long locks around the face, for the purpose specified and revitalizing in At the same time, the same story that appeared by Victoria Beckham at a time, before her hair cut short.

According to the hairdressers, this story offers many of the layoffs, such as anti-aliasing using locks the front iron, drop-down or left Churning way to look natural, and even wrinkled, for the day, also appeared in a variety «cruise» House «Chanel» Last, can also be submitted to the top of the head away from the front using a gel or collar innovative stylish appearance on special occasions.

It could be argued that this evolution of style with a modern hairstyle «pop», which celebrated this year his Cent a year. Because it must keep pace with the spirit of the times, has come this season shorter than it was to restore to the minds of the appearance of «twenties loud».

Has also been portrayed brilliantly in the novel «de Jrait Gatsby», which turned into a film represented by Mia Farrow and Robert Redford. Jean-Paul Gaultier in his presentation of the «Hot couture may epitomize», gave us the look of Hollywood in the forties and fifties, to the extent that many of the models obese mirror image of Rita Hayorath or Marilyn Monroe or Lauren Bacall and their hair Flowingly Crispy Straightening or sometimes in a way that the intensity a bit Sometimes other her makeup brilliant scarlet red

Panoramic adopted by the same designer Elie Saab, in the current squad for two seasons of fashion industries. Came elevated and clear when you stick to the slave and back in the form of a modern Cin.

In the formation of Hot couture may epitomize, have visited the nineties through a very little makeup and hairstyle suit the evening and the evening more in line with the White squad put forward in the season hot couture may epitomize the current autumn and winter.

Lay-offs came in the form of «Cin» Because a large part of fashion this season, inspired by lines and decoration of the eighties, the hair is also back to this epoch through the hairstyles, it is true it is inflated with some exaggeration, but not without a touch to give young women a lot of femininity. We read a lot of offers this panoramic view, among them Julian McDonald.

The presentation of «Chanel» For Hot couture may epitomize, and he exploited this era connivance further, and added to the hair strands while the additional hair is brought back in a pony tail with Tease even give him a bit intense.

The result was a combination between the appearance of Marie Antoinette, is at the height of her youth and a woman yearning for a modern time romance.


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