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The success of gene therapy for patients with inflammation of the spinal cord for the first time

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For the first time in France, succeeding gene therapy in the treatment of inflammatory disease, spinal cord, which is a serious disease that affects the brain.

The scientists "Nathalie Cartier" and "Patrick Obure" from the Universities of Paris, they planted stem cell derived from bone marrow in the "X chromosome" which carries a gene "ABC D", containing an imbalance that affects the central nervous system the brain and spinal cord responsible for the synthesis which encases the nerves.

The researchers found that this genetic defect affects the male children in the age of five years to 12 years, and shows disorder of the locomotor system and intellectual.

And successfully implant in the repair gene defects by 15%, which helps in the treatment of this disease and open field in the treatment of some other genetic diseases.


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