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Flowers Accelerate healing after surgery

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nature of the various known therapeutic tenders, and interact with the rights granted positive feelings and reduce tension, and distracted away from the pain associated with the disease.

And is now proving a new U.S. study conducted by researchers at the Department of agricultural crops and forests at the University «Kansas» of the State, the benefits of plants and flowers to patients who underwent surgery at the disemboweled.

The study indicates that there is strong evidence that dealing directly with the flowers provide interest for hospital patients.

And Seung-employed - Hyung Park, Richard Mattson, researchers at the university, various devices and sensors for medical and physiological monitoring to assess the impact of plants in the rooms of hospital patients, and their role in treatment.

According to studies, patients who suffer from tension after the surgery, also suffer from severe pain and was delayed for there Wellness and recovery.

And address some of these problems addressed anesthetics or medicines mitigating pain, but that these drugs may lead to side effects ranging from vomiting, headache, or addiction to drugs. Therefore, scientists looking for ways to non-drug treatment.

The study, published in the journal «Hurt Technology», 90 patients were in the process of recovering from appendicitis surgery.

And the deployment of the participants in the study, randomly, rooms with plants or free them. In a survey presented to the participants, the researchers got their data included length of hospitalization, medication to relieve pain, average pain, severe pain, stress and anxiety.

Researchers also monitored the work of the vital organs in the body. The study showed that living plants with reduced medication mitigating pain, and reduced blood pressure, heart rate, also reduced in pain and say tension and stress.

Also showed that the plants that grow in the best Anvils impact intensities of flowers placed in the bottles.


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