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Study warns of aspirin for prevention

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Researchers recommended not to take aspirin for preventing those who are not diagnosed with heart disease.

According to the study published in Drugs and Therapeutics Bulletin that taking aspirin can cause internal bleeding and that does not prevent death caused by heart disease.

According to the study that its recommendations are based on tests he underwent 95 thousand people.

The study recommends that the doctors of persons who take aspirin for prevention screened.

The Royal Society of Physicians two years that she agreed with the findings of the study.

The patients who had already suffered a heart attack using diluted doses of aspirin to prevent a recurrence, the behavior of a medical benefits, but it is believed that many people who did not suffer any heart disease taking aspirin for prevention.

Said John Davidson, a large nurses in the Commonwealth of the British Heart has proved that eating heart disease and circulatory benefits of aspirin to him, and they continue to be, but it is dealt with without suffering any of the mentioned diseases is exposing himself to the risk of hemorrhage, which is beyond the potential benefits of addressing aspirin.

Davidson added that the best means of prevention of heart disease is to abstain from smoking and reducing consumption of foods containing saturated fat and eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise.


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