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Flowers latest method for the treatment of diseases

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Treatment with flowers is the latest method to overcome the mental illness that affects individuals, despite the surge recorded at the level of psychiatric medicine and psychotherapy at the level of the entire world, led by the United States and European countries, headed once again strongly about natural treatment to fight the pain body and soul to the extent both, and now comes herbal medicine treatment by psychological crises nectar of roses and flowers.

It is astonishing that our ancestors the pharaohs were the first to discover the magic of flowers and use it in many things in life .. In the adornment and perfume and treatment of minor aches, and since many years re-British doctor of German origin, "Edward Bach" discover the secret of roses.

But this time as a means for the treatment of psychological problems daily the British doctor Engaged specializing in physical therapy for many months in his lab mix nectar rose 39 different, selected carefully; combines them in a mix of one, stressed that magical blend sponsor treatment and to heal the psychological wounds of different.

And how to prepare roses medicine is a way, very simple, where they are putting the leaves of the rose in deep pots with the addition of a fixed amount of water, then put the pot in the sun for six hours and then is added a little alcohol to help keep treatment.

There are various flowers that can be used as a medicine, there are papers that address the rights of olive exhausted physically and emotionally, Backed and provide him with vital force and there is violet, which deals with trauma resulting from severe emotional problems or flower of the five pillars, it gives one a sense of security, tranquility, and address the problems of convergence and unity, -and-rose black eye contribute to the treatment of permanent tension and cases of sudden anger and inability to control the nerves and flowers Spider Gray useful to the problems of fear and panic for no apparent reason.

In addition to psychological problems roses can fix the problems, such as physical treatment for diarrhea, which is caused by anxiety, tension and cases of vomiting, associated with fear and panic and pain in the stomach and head and headaches that often visit the depressed

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Thanks for sharing the Flowers latest method for the treatment of diseases. It was nice going through your blog as it is quite informative and helpful.

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