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Warning against the bites of insects during flight

Monday, November 2, 2009

Many like to do these days trips to the green areas with dense trees and long grass, where camping,and enjoy the beauty and breathe fragrance, especially in their trips to outside the Kingdom.

The mistake many of them wear short clothes are not aware that these areas tend to be full of insects that carry serious diseases through biting or disk.

Disease such as Lyme disease (Lyme), a disease common in areas of dense forests and trees exist in many parts of the world and increase its spread in Europe and America, which is a bacterial infection caused by an insect bite of ticks.

Often overcome the body's defense mechanism of infection and eliminate infectious bacteria, the bacteria can remain stationed at the site of the bite and cause localized skin infection, in some cases may spread bacteria in blood and lymphatic system to other organs and cause inflammatory disease affects several body organs, such as skin, heart , the central nervous system, joints and eyes.

Warned Centers Disease Control and Prevention American holidaymakers, the likelihood of illness, "Lyme", which is spread in areas with high levels of humidity and temperature of the world, and stressed that it is possible to avoid infection through tick bites an insect, to take the following precautions:

- Stay away from areas that are likely to live where usually, this kind of insects, such as wooded areas, land of the long grass, and places covered in leaves, thick.

- Use insect repellent on the skin, especially open spaces of it, and also on clothing, and prefer to buy packages where the concentration 20 percent to 30 percent of the DEET, insect repellent while, permethrin, can be used on clothes only, but does not used directly on the skin.

- When the person is in a place where they can collect this insect, the tick, it is advisable to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts and socks to prevent the arrival of the insects to the skin, and that the color of clothing, opening in order to facilitate the discovery of the insect and disposal before making a disk or biting.

- Clothing should be checked before entering the house to get rid of any insects stuck clothing and still carefully with forceps.

- Must be awareness and understanding of any unusual symptoms, such as the emergence of circular skin rash, fatigue, cold and shivering, fever, headache, pain in muscles and joints, Is to go to the family doctor and giving him a history of illness in detail, so that they can appropriate treatment immediately.

This disease responds well to early treatment with antibiotics to achieve professional and fully recovered, but the rate of recovery when treatment is delayed, reduced


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