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Talk on the phone distracts cognition

Monday, November 2, 2009

WASHINGTON - How many things can not recognizing, and you're talking on a cell phone, it appears that many researchers have performed at the University of Western Washington study on the perception of people from passers-by in the street and busy to talk via mobile phone to clear the events revolve around them.

In the study, according to the Herald Tribune U.S., a student to wear a clown and rode a bicycle wheel of one and started walking in one of the fields, and after crossing the infantry field researchers asked them, Did you see anything unusual was the answer from among pedestrians, who were listening to music or to walk alone that one of every three respondents reported having seen just a clown on a bicycle wheel of one.

The report, which appeared in the journal "cognitive psychology", that about 60 percent of those who were walking with a friend said they saw the clown, but among people who were talking on their mobile phone rate was about 8 percent


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