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Beware kiss the child from his mouth He got a fatal disease

Monday, November 2, 2009

Habits common in our society, many children in order to show the kiss of love and kindness to the small but know that many of these kisses may be the cause of many of illnesses. And some to the effect that kissing the child in his mouth something very serious fact that the kiss that you print the mother or father the mouth of the young child, especially when it is in the first three months of this kiss capable to transfer the diseases suffered by the parents of one or both.

Prior to the first six months of age before it may have occurred if the immune kiss between an adult, and a baby is created first fungal inflammation of the gums, tongue spread, and spread in all parts of the child's mouth and thus Scraping has continued as well as the inability to move enough to eat and microbes such as the microbes cluster is found in the mouth of a normal human, even if a proper kiss and through the movement of the child and caused him to weak immunity diseases, is produced by the inflammation of the throat and mouth and lead to inflammation of the tonsils, and when the child is older and two years old have significant implications for the heart or recurrent infections in the kidneys and diseases spread through kissing disease meningitis is also spread by microbes found naturally in the mouth of rights.

Viral diseases are viral diseases such as colds, cold should not be underestimated as they may infect cells lining the brain cells and result in very high temperature is very difficult to control and lead to convulsions in children is similar to the case of rheumatoid meningitis and in some cases lead to death.

Doctors recommend the correct kiss for a child is on the child's hand and forehead Microbes on the child's hand or forehead die


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