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Soft drinks (Diet) have a negative impact on kidney function

Monday, November 9, 2009

New York - the latest research revealed that soft drinks free of sugar may help to maintain weight and enjoy the graceful strength, but it doubled the chances of impaired kidney function.

And research has shown that eating two packs of these drinks especially cola endeavor to increase the chances of a defect in kidney function.

Research has shown that women who drank two or more of these special cola carbonated beverages have a fall of 30% efficiency and kidney function, while the doctors see as the kidney and urinary tract that this percentage is very high, which should limit his mind and the limits of these beverages.

And conducted research on nearly 3256 women were divided up into two groups. the first drink soft drinks with sugar and the second Drinks Soft drinks without sugar.
it was observed that women who drink soft drinks sugar-free cola fell among them a special rate of 30% efficiency and kidney function, compared with 12% among women with these beverages adorned in the traditional way but they also fell victim to the clutches of increased chances of contracting diabetes.

Source: Middle East News Agency


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