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Chicken Baneh with cheese turkey

Friday, October 30, 2009

1 kg chicks Baneh
turkey grated cheese
Basal bleached
½ cup flour
Half of a cup rusk
2 eggs
Salt - pepper
Wood sticks Dispenser

How to prepare:
Mix chicken with the Albanians, grated onion and a little salt and pepper.
Padding: Chicks pulling onions and uniqueness and placed part of the cheese in half of a piece of chicken after the second half to close the cheese stick, wood fittings.
And then put flour in a pot and eating chicken in the flour to flipping.
Then hit the egg with a little salt and pepper and then Raise Chicks of flour and stir into eggs and then placed in Rusks. The reddening: Apply oil on low heat until potatoes are grilled golden color.


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