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Discover Lung cancer through the smell of the mouth

Friday, October 30, 2009

In the latest discovery in the field of lung cancer, it has become possible today to patients who complain are infected with this type of cancer, check out the smell of mouth and, consequently, to make sure whether they have the pernicious disease.

Scientists have developed a sensor that can quickly and easily to discover whether a patient has the lung cancer through the smell of the mouth, as it has been possible through this device to save the lives of many through prior knowledge of the infected cancer.

The experiment was on the sensor by 40 people suspected of having cancer and 56 who are healthy and have found that there are 42 organic material present in the smell of the mouth of those suspected of having cancer by 83 percent and less than 83 percent in healthy people.

Israel and the world was Dr. Hassam Heck in Haifa had made this experience that could well lead to the development of significantly reduce the effects of lung cancer in the future.


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