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Eating at night over weight

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Modern medical study warned that the habit of eating food during the night after dinner and too many entertainers contribute significantly to the increase in weight and gain more kilograms and fat.

And stresses the initial research conducted on animals in this connection that eating at the wrong times and not useful in terms of food and health to make them at a rate twice as likely to gain more weight and fat despite the fact that the total calories ingested, which remained within the allowable percentage but most of which dealt night is a big mistake for the mechanism of metabolism.

Some anti-obesity drugs cause liver damage

U.S. health officials said they went on to study reports of damage in the liver of people who used "Propecia", a drug to combat obesity, which is produced by Roche, which is marketed by Smith GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) under the name Alli.

Said the Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that it had received 32 reports between 1999 and 2008 refer to cases of liver damage of this kind.

All cases except two, relating to prescribing Propecia, which produced outside the United States, of the 32 cases, 27 patients were taken to hospital, six cases of hepatitis have stopped working, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Alli drive to combat obesity pose a health risk
The Food and Drug Administration: "Analysis of these data are continuing and there is no conclusive link between liver injury and orlistat [the active ingredient of the drug] has been identified at this stage", adding that people who use this treatment should continue to be used as described to them.

Obese people prone to liver problems
Said the U.S. laboratory GlaxoSmithKline GSK said in a statement that "there is no evidence of damage caused by drug Alli in the liver.

But people who are overweight or obese are at high risk for health problems related to the liver .. According to the British pharmaceutical group.

And defended her medicine from Roche, saying that there was no evidence of a link between Propecia and the occurrence of liver damage.

A spokesman for the Swiss group said in a statement: "The Roche has always been to monitor and analyze the safety of the liver under the influence of Propecia, and even now, there is no evidence of a link between Propecia and liver damage."

He added that Roche was taking "very seriously the safety of patients" and "continue to work closely with the Food and Drug Administration, both the drugs do not constitute a major source of income for GSK and Roche.

Guide the elderly to maintain strength and fitness

Often see elderly people have lost their strength and their energy and they showed symptoms of old age and weakness, all these qualities is often due to rejection of drills and practice activities that lead to loss of muscle, but of the biggest anti-aging, energy conservation and power are exercise and activities.

The pursuit of a particular system for training exercises of running and weight lifting and maintaining a certain food helps to build muscle and bone and strengthened and preserved.

And training in general must be done at any age when even people who have certain health conditions, exercise is important for them.

The physical exercises that work on the strength of the body useful in the prevention of epidemics and chronic diseases, including: --
- Inflammation of the joints.
- Diabetes.
- High cholesterol.
- Obesity.
- Back pain.
- Depression.
- Low self-confidence.
- Low self-esteem.
- Sleep problems.

More importantly, the exercises help to prevent and treat osteoporosis for the elderly, it helps to build a good building bones and maintain density and reduce the risk of diseases involving Injury any bones.

The elderly are most vulnerable to these diseases, but exercises protect themselves from it significantly.

The greater the age the greater the risk of fragility in the bones or the inability to walk, especially with older women, and descent, known in most of the studies on older persons that the state of one in every four cases of infected bone in zirconia subjected to death.

And maintaining a regular training is most effective when combined with activities that will produce a greater balance.

Before the start of training: --
Experts recommend exercise training once or twice a week almost which works to strengthen the muscle and strength, you should train hard to get the greatest health benefits, should be the total time of training and activity in the week just 30 minutes.

Before you start training you should talk to your doctor since he is fully aware of exercises that will Strengthens and at the same time suitable for your health.

When you start training should include training major muscle and make sure to exercise this work: --
- Legs.
- Hips.
- Chest.
- The abdomen.
- Noon.
- Shoulders.
- Arms.

May require some training weights that are bought from sports shops, but you will not need those tools.

You can use some household items, which in turn will help you do the job such as: --
- Some plastic basins filled with water or sand.
- Bags of dried beans.
- Bags of rice.
- Soup cans.
- Bottles filled with water.

When you might want to move to the resistance, such as trying to pay some heavy objects such as: --
- Wooden furniture in the house.
- The weight machines.
- Weight-lifting.

When you start training would be better to do the following: --
- Start slowly with light exercise.
- Dealt a heavy meal, you must wait two hours before training.
- Must be warm-up exercises with low intensity activity.
- Drink water before and during training.

You may need to stop training if you have: --
- Muscle cramps.
- Pain in the joints, ankles and legs.

You should call an ambulance if you have: --
- Any pain or Dt on the chest and shoulders.
- That I was dizzy.
- I was hit, there was a turnover and a cold sweat.

We must remember that muscle strength increases over time and increased training and who works as not to increase the weight, which will cause them to perform everyday tasks better.

Chili substitute for aspirin

could solve the chili a day to aspirin for the treatment of diabetes, heart disease, blood vessels, this is what has resulted from a study conducted by a team at the University of School of Life Sciences to learn the benefits of plants and spices and their effect on the blood.

The study points to two components in the chili is "Kabssayasn" and "Diyderukabssayasn" helps to reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as reduce the formation of fatty deposits in artery walls and preventing blood clots.

It also indicates that the component "Kabssayasn" affect platelet aggregation or blood clotting, adding that eating hot peppers make the body produce less insulin and allows the body to use glucose effectively.

She said chili pepper may protect against diabetes, but did not refer to the amount of pepper that can be used in cooking, noting that the matter of the strength and the amount of chili cabssayasn it.

The benefits of lavender

A study by British scientists specializing in the natural herbs that smell plant "Lavender" to help calm and a sense of psychological well as contribute to the flexibility of muscles of the body and resistance to stress.

Advised scientists using lavender during pregnancy makes the mother feel comfortable and happy and that by inhaling lavender oil which gives calm.

the benefits of lavender plant also helps to breathe inhaled Pacific

Dark chocolate improves the function of blood vessels

A medical study reported that dark chocolate improves the function of blood vessels, thus confirming the results of previous studies on the medicinal benefits of cocoa on the cardiovascular system.

The researchers from Yale Center for Prevention Research - for the passed six weeks - study the impact of non-sweetened dark chocolate with 39 people, men and women were divided into three groups.

The group took the first day of this 227 grams of unsweetened dark chocolate, while the second addressed the dark chocolate, pancakes and the third was given a substitute.

The doctors during the study period by a special measuring the basic ability of the artery in the arm to relax to allow blood to flow more, before and after consumption of the quota assigned to each group.

Found for the two groups, which Consume cocoa can arm artery's ability to relax improved significantly by 4.2% in those who ate dark chocolate is sweetened, and by 5.1% in those on qualities of desalinated water.

As for the group, which has been given an alternative appeared that the ability of the artery to relax eased by 8.0%.

It is known that cocoa is rich in anti-oxidant (Flavonoiid) help dilate the arteries. This article also found in fruits, vegetables and red wine.

A study of physician Diane Baker, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore published last November, confirmed that eating a few small squares of dark chocolate every day have the effect of aspirin in reducing blood clotting and reduce the risk of clogged arteries, is responsible for many heart attacks

Olive oil, soybeans and strawberries to prevent deadly diseases

Studies have suggested a American and Canadian modern separate that eatings moderate amounts of some natural food may contribute significantly to the preventions of several diseases begin in mid-life, such as heart disease, malignant neoplasms, Alzheimer's, which is aged longer and healthier lives.

The study was conducted laboratory, which is expected to be deployed in October in the journal «Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology» on the science of poisons and Applied Pharmacology, a teams of scientists Center Monell Center in Philadelphia in the United States, scientists said that the article «» Oleocanthal where there are natural extra virgin olive oil may help prevent infection, and possibly cure, of Alzheimer's disease, known as «Alzheimer's disease».

The study found that the article, change the components of toxic substances to the nerves, which is believed to be responsible for the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.

According to Professors Paul Breslin and William Klein, supervisors of the study, the latest discovery will enable scientists to develop new standards for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, and improve methods of treating the disease, the substances known as «ADDLs» extremes associated with the nerve to the brain cells, leading to the disruption they relate to each other, The distortion function.

The scientists discovered that the mixing of the «ADDLS» Alooljukanthol with the laboratory, even a small amount, leading to reduced ability to bind to nerve cells significantly. It also led, in a sudden unexpected, to increase the targeting of the new article by the antibodies, allowing the use of immunotherapy in the future to attack the toxins.

In a second study conducted by scientists at Agriculture Research, and agricultural crops, McGill University, in the Quebec province of Canada, published in the September issue of the journal «World Agriculture» Agronomy Journal, found the results to that of soybean, compared to other agricultural products, contains the largest proportion of material «tocopherol» Anti-oxidant four types, which contribute significantly to the prevention of diseases in general, and heart disease and malignant tumors in particular.

In a related development, according to a study conducted by the American team of scientists from Oklahoma State University and published last September in the «Journal of Nutrition» Nutrition Journal that eating strawberries reduce the level of harmful fats in the body, such as low-density cholesterol, LDL, that cause cardiovascular disease .

And gave the researchers, led by Professor «Arpita Basu», a professor of nutrition, 16 women have the abilities have a cardiovascular disease, two cups of strawberry juice powder, dried for two weeks, and measured rates of fat and blood pressure before and after this procedure, and found that the rate of fats has decreased in large and arrived at the natural rate in 13 cases of whom are without any side effects.

The study concluded that eating food containing soy, as well as to the amount of virgin olive oil, with the fruits of strawberry, Makes You better health and longer than youth without health problems without the need for drugs, may cause side effects in many instances, of what is worse than the original disease.

Gene therapy for Parkinson's disease

The experience of operation carried out on five patients with Parkinson's disease, which depends on the goal of gene therapy in transplantation gene, known as "El - PIN" in the brain to produce dopamine, which causes a decrease in disorder in the brain causing the neurons of Parkinson's disease.

This gene is a virus prompt the brain is capable of continuous production of dopamine missing during illness and causing disorder in the movements and after 44 months was noted improvement in symptoms of the disease, thus encouraging the continuation of treatment by the patient of paralysis, which represents the second disease after Alzheimer's widespread turmoil in the world as a result of nerve cells in the brain.

Copper magnetic bracelet will not work with arthritis

The British doctor Jane Tadman that despite the public demand to use non-pharmacological treatments for joint disease, it is not concerned to encourage them to waste their money to buy products with little scientific interest.

It was announced by researchers at the University of York, the British copper wrist strap and magnetic useless in alleviating the suffering of patients infections, arthritis, confirming that the tests they ran, the court concerning the adoption of alternative medicine treatments did not demonstrate any benefit at all to mitigate the pain or reduce stiffness.

And advised on a charity for arthritis patients not to waste their money on treatments are uncertain.

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