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Guide the elderly to maintain strength and fitness

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Often see elderly people have lost their strength and their energy and they showed symptoms of old age and weakness, all these qualities is often due to rejection of drills and practice activities that lead to loss of muscle, but of the biggest anti-aging, energy conservation and power are exercise and activities.

The pursuit of a particular system for training exercises of running and weight lifting and maintaining a certain food helps to build muscle and bone and strengthened and preserved.

And training in general must be done at any age when even people who have certain health conditions, exercise is important for them.

The physical exercises that work on the strength of the body useful in the prevention of epidemics and chronic diseases, including: --
- Inflammation of the joints.
- Diabetes.
- High cholesterol.
- Obesity.
- Back pain.
- Depression.
- Low self-confidence.
- Low self-esteem.
- Sleep problems.

More importantly, the exercises help to prevent and treat osteoporosis for the elderly, it helps to build a good building bones and maintain density and reduce the risk of diseases involving Injury any bones.

The elderly are most vulnerable to these diseases, but exercises protect themselves from it significantly.

The greater the age the greater the risk of fragility in the bones or the inability to walk, especially with older women, and descent, known in most of the studies on older persons that the state of one in every four cases of infected bone in zirconia subjected to death.

And maintaining a regular training is most effective when combined with activities that will produce a greater balance.

Before the start of training: --
Experts recommend exercise training once or twice a week almost which works to strengthen the muscle and strength, you should train hard to get the greatest health benefits, should be the total time of training and activity in the week just 30 minutes.

Before you start training you should talk to your doctor since he is fully aware of exercises that will Strengthens and at the same time suitable for your health.

When you start training should include training major muscle and make sure to exercise this work: --
- Legs.
- Hips.
- Chest.
- The abdomen.
- Noon.
- Shoulders.
- Arms.

May require some training weights that are bought from sports shops, but you will not need those tools.

You can use some household items, which in turn will help you do the job such as: --
- Some plastic basins filled with water or sand.
- Bags of dried beans.
- Bags of rice.
- Soup cans.
- Bottles filled with water.

When you might want to move to the resistance, such as trying to pay some heavy objects such as: --
- Wooden furniture in the house.
- The weight machines.
- Weight-lifting.

When you start training would be better to do the following: --
- Start slowly with light exercise.
- Dealt a heavy meal, you must wait two hours before training.
- Must be warm-up exercises with low intensity activity.
- Drink water before and during training.

You may need to stop training if you have: --
- Muscle cramps.
- Pain in the joints, ankles and legs.

You should call an ambulance if you have: --
- Any pain or Dt on the chest and shoulders.
- That I was dizzy.
- I was hit, there was a turnover and a cold sweat.

We must remember that muscle strength increases over time and increased training and who works as not to increase the weight, which will cause them to perform everyday tasks better.


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