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What is Hand, foot and mouth?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

hand, foot and mouth disease is a viral disease widespread among infants and children under the age of ten, but may also infect adults with few signs of infection-causing disease, and affects males more than females, and frequent infection in the summer and autumn.

This disease may appear as isolated cases or shows pandemic.

Show symptoms of the disease on exposure to a virus infection causing intestinal disease, and several types but keep the virus Coxsackievirus A16 is most common, and enterovirus 71.

The disease is transmitted from person to person through inhalation of virus-laden droplets or by contamination of hands and mouth virus found in feces and secretions from the nose and pharynx as(Saliva ) and skin rashes.

Does not exceed the incubation period of six days, but keep the virus infectious to a period of more than five weeks.

The disease manifests a high degree of body temperature for two days, with a sense of apathy and fatigue, with pain in the abdomen, sore throat and nose, with enlargement of the lymph node in the neck and bottom of the lower jaw.

Two days after the appearance of heat rash in the form of small red painful blisters in the mouth may turn into small ulcers in the tongue, gums and mucous membrane lining the roof of the mouth and throat. The rash appears in the same picture on the palms and feet, buttocks and genitals and disappears within ten days of the outbreak began.

There is no specific treatment for this disease is cured, where automatically, and is used in the treatment discount heat and antiseptic mouth rinse and a local anesthetic to mouth ulcers with eating plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration


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