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Beauty salons is not safe, healthy?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Visit beauty salons to be something it when every girl and woman want to be beautiful, a touch of the new form to look at the different appearance and stylish break the daily routine in light of the rapid pace of everyday life.

However, there are some things which should take caution and care, including the beauty salon in order to maintain the beauty and freshness and health.

Some specialists were asked what should be cautioning the visitors centers in Thailand.

Facial skin is one of the most sensitive to any external factors that are exposed.

To maintain your skin, avoid Lightening eyebrows, particularly for women and pale-skinned and sensitive, because the peel is using hydrogen peroxide, a chemical irritant to the skin, leading to infections, severe skin infections. "

Must also be careful to use the crank to remove the hair from the skin for women with sensitive skin or acne treatment, the fact that this may increase the risk of acne and acute Hair ties
as well as the use of masks suitable for the type of skin that do not cause irritation.

One caveat is also lack of integration between cleaning the skin and remove hair on the same day, and avoid saunas face of it suffering an injury early as wrinkled must use sunscreens appropriate for the type of skin after any cleanup work before leaving the living room and exposure to the sun, to keep the skin from the rays. Especially after the blush when any cleaning.

With regard to hair For the woman or girl to avoid the work of the hair perm, especially if they suffer from weak or falling of hair or had recently coloration.

It should also be also avoid wrinkle curling, hair, or weak or weary wizard newly pigments, and stay away from hair dyes with a lighter color than the natural hair color because they contain ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, which causes severe damage to the scalp.

This is best not to overindulge in Ki hair, but only using the average electric dryer heat. "

There is no doubt that every girl or woman wants to look beautiful image and trying to do this through the intention for beauty salons, skin care, but what is not learned is a step by its attempt to use some of the technology without paying attention to the damage resulting from it. "

So on each of the intended beauty salon careful not to overindulge in nail polish and removers Acetone, which is one of the main reasons for weak nails and loss of natural luster.


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