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Few of the sports is beneficial to human health

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Uncovered medical research has shown that exercise, even for about two days a week back in good health on the rights and enable it to combat obesity and improve mood and mental health.

The researchers said that the practice of sport for about half an hour a day in the week, play an important role in reducing the chances of obesity, excessive, and in the case of obesity in the first place are working to minimize the exacerbation of the problem.

The research Held in the 288-thousand people who Crossed the eighteenth Where control of hours and times of exercise for sport throughout the week

The follow-up to the people who managed to exercise for about twice a week for nearly half an hour down, including a 35% chance of obesity, compared to approximately 28% of the people who've done it for about one day a week.

Source: Middle East News Agency

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