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Bags eyelids Disease and treatment

Sunday, November 1, 2009

question: I have a small white pockets on swollen eyelids, I was hit by a state of madness. It does not Hurt me, but it appears to be alarming. It has been suggested to me that it meibomian cysts , although its only solution is surgery. What is your opinion?

Answer: From your description of the situation, you may be suffering from one of two cases of the eyelids: meibomian cysts or milia.

Glands of the eyelid
The meibomian cysts (also called the chalazion), is a small bag filled with fluid, arises from the Meibomian gland is a specialized gland fat.

And like other sebaceous glands, the glands secrete liquid meibomian fatty sebum is a mixture of fat and mucus, which helps prevent the skin (and hair, eyelashes, and within which the eyes) by the drought.

There are about 30 of the endocrine gland in the eyelid meibomian upper and 20 in the lower eyelids. The glands produce a fatty liquid that, through very small holes (channels) along the edge of the eyelid, or behind the eyelashes.

There are, meet with a layer of liquid tears the eyes, which feed the outer surface of the eyes , and she cleans, and protects them from infection.

The channel, which passes meibomian cysts secretions may become blocked, and if increased narrow orifice, or if the increased stiffness means sebum fatty opened near, here, you may return the liquid fat is due to the thyroid, which causes inflammation and generates a bigger bag and heading towards the inner surface of the eyelid .

May become thicker walls of the thyroid nodule transformed into a rubber-like rigid chalazion.

Any type of bags?
The bag meibomian the form of swelling round Steel, eyelid grow within the top or bottom due to a blocked gland meibomian.

The milia it Antvahat white form on the surface of the skin, often around the eyes to be, when dead skin cells are evaluated within the sweat glands and hair follicles.

And disappears a lot of bags meibomian without any treatment. However, some of them remain in existence has been transformed into large bags the size of a pea, which disrupts the ability to vision and also distorts the form of the eyelid.

The first orientation is the use of treatment put warm compresses for 10 to 20 minutes, three to four times a day. This compresses can be idle liquid fat and increase the movement, and lead to recovery of the situation.

The event and entered the infection to the node small, there may be a need to paint with anti-bacteria.

But if the situation remained for a longer period, the specialist in the eyes turn to the withdrawal of fluid from the node, or removed, after making a small incision under the eyelid, or operations are rare, blue node injection of steroids.

The bags Miliaria is a small white spherical swelling very composed on the skin of the eyelids, or nose, or the rest of the face.

Sometimes called oil seeds, is much smaller than the glands meibomian cysts - they are the size of a pinhead. It may seem inconvenient form, but they are not harmful and they do not interfere with the vision.

The composition of bags miliaria when skin cells do not die naturally, but they become trapped inside a hair follicle or gland, ethnic, and those cells then begin to mix with the liquid fat component bag was too small. Compared bags meibomian cysts, they also appear near the outer surface of the skin.

Miliaria and bags are common in newborns, which usually disappear during the first weeks of their lives. However, they appear in adults, especially due to the damage caused by chronic exposure to the sun, or burns the skin, or use in excess of the limit for skin care products, or peeling of the skin, or the use of nonsteroidal paint for a long time.

I do not recommend removing bags miliaria by sufferer. It does not contain the openings on the surface of the skin, but this can not be blown up like some other warts. There is the option of surgery with Scalpel and blade. The laser treatment, peeling, or acid fruits, or retinoic acid or by micro-peeling process (in a rare occurrence), they are options that can be used.

Try to consult a specialist in skin or in ophthalmology has experience in cases of diseases of eyelids.


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