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Yogurt Reduces receding gums and tooth loss

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Found Dr. Yoshihiro Shimazaki and his team at the end of a study published last February in the journal "Journal of Pereodontologi" specialized oral health, the association between consumption of concrete yogurt and other drinks containing lactic acid, and the safety and health of the mouth parts of the surrounding teeth.

Shimazaki, "said a researcher at the University of Kuishu Facuka in Japanese, that these foods had a role in oral health" and not milk, and cheese. " Cases of disease and lead parts of the surrounding teeth chronic conditions such as chronic periodontal disease, to reverse and to early tooth loss in adults.

Shimazaki said that the benefit harvested from yogurt and other similar foods on the health of the gums, may lie in the effects of beneficial bacteria in it. He added that with the exception of pollutants to clean teeth or wire strings, and the steps to protect teeth and gums remain limited.

Previous studies have pointed to the lack of emergence of periodontal disease in people who eat large amounts of milk, but these studies did not address precisely the kinds of milk, more beneficial than others, according to Japanese researchers.

Shimazaki's team assessed the degree to which parts of the surrounding dental disease in 942 men and women, aged between 40 and 79 years, and the amounts of intake of milk, cheese and foods containing lactic acid.

And found that people who were infected with periodontal disease, public (state the most advanced) were the least intake of food containing lactic acid, compared to people who have made localized disease of the gums (the situation the least developed).

Compared with the other members did not eat any food container on the lactic acid, it appeared that those who ate 55 grams or more of milk or yogurt drinks containing lactic acid, it was observed to have lower scores on the occurrence of severe periodontal disease.


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