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Tips in choosing a color of make-up

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Did you ever think in secret and behind the search for a red blouse, or dress in green, although these were not the colors you like before?

It may seem absurd at first glance, but it may be in response to the psychological needs of their emissions that radiate red, or the effects of energy for one other colors..

Think of this a good thing when Force you desire to purchase under the eyelids purple or green pen identification, nor underestimate the impact the matter.

That is what expert makeup and beauty world, Laura Mercier, which is one of the most important experts in Excursions.

And agrees opinion of many experts and cosmetic companies that do not stop to ask where the colors danced Cosmetics emerald and Aquamarine , rubies, coral and others.

It is true that several riyadhs us do not know Laura Mercier in person, but may not even know her face, but on the other hand knows a lot about us, and beautified many our features, they answer for those on the faces of color accentuated the freshness and youthful.

Therefore, if you decide to Laura that reduced its long experience as an expert worked with Hollywood stars and music stars in the most important occasions in the book reveals the secrets of beauty, it requires us to pause to see him and get to know some tips that can throws us by it.

Book under the title «the secrets of a new beauty: Guide-to-face free of defects», one of the most important books about the secrets of beauty in the world today, which advises Laura Mercier, therefore, with respect to eye color and give sparkle and beauty of it:

Not Fear of colors
Most of the women committed to color neutral when it comes to eye, but can be any one of us dare from time to time and try glowing colors a bit.

This change helps to improve mood, given that some psychologists advise their patients to stop wearing black clothing, as it and weakens the self-strain energy, and the use of make-up to raise their spirit.

So do not go away, says Laura Mercier, maybe all you need is yourself and try, Follow your intuition, because there is always a way to place the color, whether opening or calm or bright, and all you can choose the class that will makes it right for you .

Intensified color of your eyes
There are simple ways to make your natural color of your eyes clear and more brilliant. Some colors enhance the beauty of the eyes and other highlights flaws.

And apply this theory on the relationship between the eye makeup and the real color of your eyes, because you can you will make more swollen or blue, or that Damning it greener, and so on.

Laura has discovered that the following color combinations are appropriate for you if you animate:

Brown eyes
Try: shades of eyelids or pen select colors gray, black, decent, light brown or dark brown with a touch of red, pink or italics redness, or gray and brown, or dark purple, as you can Use light-colored shades of the same degree of eyelid the former, as well as purple, pink and light pink, shades of gold with the addition of a condition that is not the degree of skin color tends to zero.

Avoid: If your skin tends to color olive, brown faded degrees such as oil shale, brick, brown and yellow italics, because it will not add to the beauty of any color of your eyes, but the contrary will highlight yellowing skin only.

Blue Eyes
Try: eyelids painted shades of pink, or brown, pink, or beige, pink, or pink, pink, or violet matte trim, which is not done to him.

For the Registries determine the eyes, you can use gray, black, brown, golden bronze and dark violet.

Avoid: If your skin tends to pink, the shadows that tend to pink blatant, such as pink.

If the color of your eyes blue flamboyantly, Avoid shades of green eyelids, as well as the use of Registry Fixing this color blue or strong.

Green eyes or horny
Try: shades of colors eyelids pink, light rose, violet, green, green, bronze, gray to green italics, olive, caramel, gold, and all degrees of brown and gray.

If your skin color tends to suffer from olive and black halos slash yellow to brown, you have colors such as beige, dark gray, and purple slash of gray, pink and black or purple.

Also preferred to determine the pencil use dark purple colors, black, gray and gold and brown.

Avoid: Green blatant, but if you want to experience bright color such as blue slash of green, or turquoise, it must be a tinge of color to add sparkle to the area around the eyes.


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