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Optimism and positive thinking lower the chances of heart disease

Friday, November 27, 2009

showed modern medical research that enjoyment of human-looking optimistic and thinking of generally positive helped on the prevention of heart disease and serious.

Researchers said that the practice of sport regularly, taking the same deep when exposure to crises or even when falling prey to traffic bottlenecks to prevent without raising the nerves and the continuation of the enjoyment of positive thinking about all this will help in the prevention of human diseases serious heart. Research was conducted on more than 1.621 thousand people who do not suffer from heart diseases, where they were subjected to a questionnaire on their outlook and behavior of life when exposure to crises, whether psychological or financial. She pointed out that the persons who have been able to maintain their outlook bullish and things as positive had retreated, including 12 percent the chances of heart disease, compared with 24% among persons who have reacted from psychological trauma, economic and threw their outlook of life in general

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