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The discovery of new causes of heart disease

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A team of Amaricans scientists Succeeded to reveal the number of triggers and causes of heart disease, which operates on the negative impact on the efficiency of the mechanism functions Acharaiien and Atherosclerosis To become human prey in a large heart disease and heart attack.The researchers maintain that these factors can be overcome in the case identified through the identification and stop the activity of several molecules responsible for attracting these causes of the negative and grave when they see that the bacteria play an important role in causing heart disease.
And hardening of the arteries, resulting in the formation of layers on the walls of the arteries Amoven of the brain, heart, and to impede the normal flow of blood necessary for them as composed of layers of fat and cholesterol deposits, which wrapped in the arterial wall causing inflammation and vulnerability to corruption and declining efficiency.
Show these layers in some cases as a result of damage to the arteries, causing heart disease and heart attacks.
The researchers explained that the cessation of activity of receptors scattered on the wall, known as partial / Tyler - 2 / present on the surface of immune system cells can increase the opportunities for the prevention of heart disease and heart attack.

Not buy Sugarplum for your child so as not to turn into a criminal

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If you want to protect your child from becoming out of the law when you grow up banning him from addressing Sugarplum and chocolate on a daily basis and in large quantities .. This is at least as revealed by a British study conducted on 17 thousand persons accused of committing acts contrary to the law was born in 1970.

The magazine "Onovl Observateur" that the French study by a team from the University of "Cardiff" UK revealed that children who eat large amounts of sugars on a daily basis are at risk of committing acts punishable under the law than those who eat normal amounts of sugars.

The study, conducted under the supervision of Dr Simon Moore, from Cardiff University said 70 percent of those accused in violence and acts of outlaws who had been subjected to the study admitted they were having Sugarplum and chocolates in their childhood on a daily basis and in large quantities.

Fruit Manjustin useful in easing the pain of arthritis

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fruit Manjustin a tropical fruit that is spreading throughout the world.

Are available in the form of fresh or canned fruit or juice.

There is also a pill extracts material in Manjustin, and sold in the markets of East and West.

This fruit is rich in antioxidants, as well as groups of minerals and vitamins beneficial.

Therefore, eating it as fresh fruit is undoubtedly useful for general human health and the business of the body and the prevention of vascular diseases and tumors.

This fruit is not a peek of the species known to cause allergies or digestive disorders or other disturbing side reactions.

There are many scientific studies conducted on the fruit in the examination of the impact addressed to reduce the activity of inflammation in the body.

The majority of these scientific studies talk about the article «Zanthon» anti-oxidant.

Although scientific studies carried out in laboratories and animal testing, but the findings suggest the feasibility and usefulness in this side to ease the irritation of inflammation in the joints and others.

Are also being conducted in several regions of the world, like the United States and other studies to test the impact on humans.

And all these things are enough for those who wanted to enjoy being addressed to keen on that and optimistic benefiting the body of them.

But if anyone wants to be addressed as a treatment for arthritis, in particular, there is a need to demonstrate through studies on humans.

But there is no scientific studies talk about the positive effects of eating these fruits, the health of hair.

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