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Children's hair care

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hair care children a difficult task for any mother, especially girls hair, especially on auspicious occasions to attend with us, this investigation teaches us how beautiful hairstyles for our children by using accessories thin.

First to be those dealing with children felt to be an expert in hair care, and in treatment, because the hair bulb of the child are more sensitive than adult hair, it should not be treated violently.

The basis of children's hair salon on occasions, work is my hair first, and without the cost can not put a strip of wide satin hair girl wacky "Degerdi Carré," or work Velin on both sides with a simple accessories the same color as the dress.

If the hair is long, it could work "Francp" simple on the front, with the lifting part of the hair to one side, and put some accessory.

Can also work "Formp" beautiful for a medium-length work "Francp" circular on the face, then we divide hair into two halves from the back, lift the upper part, and that we associate with "bean" rubber, and then divide it by the locks, circular, and installed some "bean" in the form of roses.

Important tips:
- Do not use hair dryer or iron if the child is 7 years, and at intervals spaced.

- not Pulls hair back so violently does not fall into the hair from the front.

- Shave child's hair completely after birth, especially for boys, while girls after about 6 months should cut a small part of it.

- Put the "serum" instead of cream or oil.

- Make your child's real hair comes eating vegetables and fruit.

- Avoid creams individual curly hair before the age of 12 years.

- Cut down on sweets in his food, and focus on the natural juices.

- Curly hair, can be done in a "Carly."

- Beware of the character before the age of the child the age of 12 years, and Cut down on "generation."


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