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Belt your weapon secret of elegance

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Often neglect the belts and we consider that the sole function is to install the jeans on your middle no more, or to add some sparkle to the skirt narrow.

Forms of belts but do not stop at this point, there has been broad belt Girdles and those that rest at the hips in addition to the belts, which can be placed directly below the chest.

The task lies in the belts to give sparkle to the dress that you are wearing by focusing on the beauty of the upper body and not the lower section as usual.

How do you place the belt?
It is very important you to know that how you place the belt and for that Here are some tips on how to put it:

- Wearing a wide belt at the smallest point of waist make you skinnier and femininity.

- Belts that embrace the center as Girdles must be made of rubber or satin, or even severe skin, to bear the curvature of your body during the day, because any other Rupture cloth and add to the waist folds.

- When you place a broad belt of Lower the hips of accessories huge hands and your neck because this belt is the one who should be the focal point in your clothes.

- The technology of conflict chromatography necessary to add dramatic effect on your clothes and this means that you can wear a wide belt, black, red dress above story straight.

- When wearing a black and white add a belt with a red or Floral or purple or turquoise for Spot distinctive.

- Bottom of the chest belt should be simple and distinctive colors and choose a soft line with your Wardrobe, even if contradicted them.

Must be the belt model is consistent with the shape of your body:
Before we begin we must antagonize to buy some of my favorite belts that Have one black and another built in addition to the gray and color.

Also acquired a broad belt and another belt in addition to the high average supply, and so you will have the full potential to begin the process of developing the belt and give glow to your clothes.

1) Look in your closet some sweaters or T-shirts for example, may seem out of fashion but if you Wear with a belt click "legnj" or jeans, you will find it and You do not need to increase the number.

2) When are you looking for the renewal of the old Shirt Tie the belt ever color coordinated with the shirt on your waist or just below the chest to get the appearance of a beautiful and uncluttered.

3) If your problem in the abdominal area, the use of a wide belt to your waist makes you look thinner on the stomach and Compress you feminine hourglass shape.

4) If you are very slim Avoid broad belt because it would swallow up the upper section is your look and give you strange, Turn to high-belts, which will adds some detail to the waist without any negative impact.

5) You can be an evolutionary work clothes in the normal use of seat belts strange colors and design as it will give life to like you.

6) Where do you want a normal top and jeans with high heels you can put a broad belt of metal or colored type of change or to increase the dramatic impact.

7) If you want to get rid of the problem of the upper piece of bubble Muffin recommends that you tighten the belt after a lot but a little wide and let her only if I was wearing a long top story swollen at the shoulders.

8) When you wear a belt hips reduce the size of the stomach and with the benefit of this method with a blouse or dress.

9) the bottom of the chest belt benefit-style dress with Tunic blouse or Tonic, but be aware this method will makes a large chest size.

10) If the upper section is your brief Adopted on a belt likes you the same color because different colors will look likes you cut off half your body is not balanced.

Do not forget these tips
- The color of the belt closes to the color of the dress will be an option luck.
- That this belt tightening skin in the smallest area of waist Will give you appearance of a hourglass female.
- Belt Red useless for coloring the clothing neutral with elegance, especially with the white dress.
- You can manipulate the contrast color using a black belt with a red dress story straight.
- Very important to formulate belt fits your age group as well as the shape of your body.
- The leather belt may void the original Fashion but would soon return until the belt remains cheap and seems cheap, and to avoid this problem, many shops offer belts Seasonal elegant and cheap at the same time.


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