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3 meals a day is ideal to take care of your hair

Saturday, October 31, 2009

1) a cup of milk added to vitamins

2) eggs Poached

3) a large slice of bread

4) the problem of vegetable

5) a grain of citrus fruit

1) the authority dish containing dark-colored vegetables as Jerir, spinach, broccoli, thyme, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes, with the addition of 5 grains of walnuts and a teaspoon of flax seed oil.

2) 10 pieces of beef liver, grilled with a little oil.

3) 3 grains of baked potatoes.

Snack: A cup of fruit salad containing strawberries, bananas, apples, kiwi, oranges, almonds and pine.

1) the authority dish containing vegetables darker with the addition of a teaspoon of flax seed oil.

2) cups of pasta + sauce red + medium-sized piece of grilled meat, and vegetables beside boiled or roast as Asparagus

, carrots and mushrooms.

Snack: 3 pills Islands cut into thin slices + little lemon juice.

Should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

One last tip: The secret of healthy hair to focus on dealing with proteins, grains and vegetables.

Spaghetti shrimp

1 kilo boiled pasta Asbacti
1,1 / 2 cup peeled shrimp
2 cups Decent whisk
1 / 2 cup green Coriander
2 tablespoons Crushed garlic
Salt and pepper
Bell pepper a small section
4 tablespoons butter

How to prepare:
- prepare a vessel and we put the butter, garlic, pepper, chopped.
- Then we turn the shrimp and spices for 4 minutes.
- And then put the stones until we begin to boil pasta and coriander shoot and made immediately upon completion

Belt your weapon secret of elegance

Often neglect the belts and we consider that the sole function is to install the jeans on your middle no more, or to add some sparkle to the skirt narrow.

Forms of belts but do not stop at this point, there has been broad belt Girdles and those that rest at the hips in addition to the belts, which can be placed directly below the chest.

The task lies in the belts to give sparkle to the dress that you are wearing by focusing on the beauty of the upper body and not the lower section as usual.

How do you place the belt?
It is very important you to know that how you place the belt and for that Here are some tips on how to put it:

- Wearing a wide belt at the smallest point of waist make you skinnier and femininity.

- Belts that embrace the center as Girdles must be made of rubber or satin, or even severe skin, to bear the curvature of your body during the day, because any other Rupture cloth and add to the waist folds.

- When you place a broad belt of Lower the hips of accessories huge hands and your neck because this belt is the one who should be the focal point in your clothes.

- The technology of conflict chromatography necessary to add dramatic effect on your clothes and this means that you can wear a wide belt, black, red dress above story straight.

- When wearing a black and white add a belt with a red or Floral or purple or turquoise for Spot distinctive.

- Bottom of the chest belt should be simple and distinctive colors and choose a soft line with your Wardrobe, even if contradicted them.

Must be the belt model is consistent with the shape of your body:
Before we begin we must antagonize to buy some of my favorite belts that Have one black and another built in addition to the gray and color.

Also acquired a broad belt and another belt in addition to the high average supply, and so you will have the full potential to begin the process of developing the belt and give glow to your clothes.

1) Look in your closet some sweaters or T-shirts for example, may seem out of fashion but if you Wear with a belt click "legnj" or jeans, you will find it and You do not need to increase the number.

2) When are you looking for the renewal of the old Shirt Tie the belt ever color coordinated with the shirt on your waist or just below the chest to get the appearance of a beautiful and uncluttered.

3) If your problem in the abdominal area, the use of a wide belt to your waist makes you look thinner on the stomach and Compress you feminine hourglass shape.

4) If you are very slim Avoid broad belt because it would swallow up the upper section is your look and give you strange, Turn to high-belts, which will adds some detail to the waist without any negative impact.

5) You can be an evolutionary work clothes in the normal use of seat belts strange colors and design as it will give life to like you.

6) Where do you want a normal top and jeans with high heels you can put a broad belt of metal or colored type of change or to increase the dramatic impact.

7) If you want to get rid of the problem of the upper piece of bubble Muffin recommends that you tighten the belt after a lot but a little wide and let her only if I was wearing a long top story swollen at the shoulders.

8) When you wear a belt hips reduce the size of the stomach and with the benefit of this method with a blouse or dress.

9) the bottom of the chest belt benefit-style dress with Tunic blouse or Tonic, but be aware this method will makes a large chest size.

10) If the upper section is your brief Adopted on a belt likes you the same color because different colors will look likes you cut off half your body is not balanced.

Do not forget these tips
- The color of the belt closes to the color of the dress will be an option luck.
- That this belt tightening skin in the smallest area of waist Will give you appearance of a hourglass female.
- Belt Red useless for coloring the clothing neutral with elegance, especially with the white dress.
- You can manipulate the contrast color using a black belt with a red dress story straight.
- Very important to formulate belt fits your age group as well as the shape of your body.
- The leather belt may void the original Fashion but would soon return until the belt remains cheap and seems cheap, and to avoid this problem, many shops offer belts Seasonal elegant and cheap at the same time.

Coffee ice cream

Friday, October 30, 2009

one A box of milk a local center
one cup of coffee and dark cool
A pinch of salt.
one teaspoon vanilla
two cups of lightly whipped heavy generous

How to prepare:
- mix all in blender until thick.
- Placed in a plastic box and enter the freezer until frozen.

Tray tost with meat

Cheese means or mayonnaise

How to prepare:
Tend aspects of toast and cheese liquid paint, mayonnaise, and then stacked in Chinese post-painted with butter.
- And then covering the drive toast with Fillers (meat + onions + salt + garlic + spices), and then put another layer of painted toast cheese and butter.
- And then covering the Chinese paper foil and placed from the top of the oven to be a golden color, then cut

Seasonings Cree kill cancer cells

New research shows that a substance extracted from turmeric, the yellow spice used in curry meal kill cancer cells.

Has been widely believed for a long time that the component in the subject of yellow turmeric helps to cure some diseases, and are being tested as a treatment for arthritis and Alzheimer's.

Tests conducted by a team from the Cork Cancer Research in the United Kingdom that this article can damage the cells of esophageal cancer.

Experts said the cancer that this discovery could help doctors find new cures for cancer.

Was discovered by Dr. Sharon McKenna and his team that started the yellow component in the killing of cancer cells within 24 hours.

McKenna says that scientist have realized long ago that the natural ingredients, the ability to heal damaged cells, adding believe that the yellow component in turmeric, could be of therapeutic value.

For its part, noted Lesley Walker of Cancer Research in Britain that the incidence of esophageal cancer rose by more than half of the seventies of the last century.

The Walker is believed that this increase is associated with increased rates of obesity and alcohol abuse.

It is noteworthy that about 7800 esophageal cancer cases are detected each year in Britain.

Esophageal cancer is the sixth form of the disease caused the death, as it leads to about five percent of the deaths in Britain

Pomegranate peel to install Hair Color

Paris - French devised a laboratory dyeing material of pomegranate peel, which is grown in more than 4 thousand a year in the Gardens of Babylon, where the rich rule proved to be installed for the color in women's hair.

Put in the French market Balsam entitled (Kloran) help to stabilize the pigment of hair also protects the hair from the depths of drought and nourish the scalp and makes hair after washed soft and easy to demobilization as it contains no chemicals that will affect the hair.

How do you place the French manicure

Follow the following six steps in order to do you recognize the right way to develop a French manicure on your nails yourself:
1 - Start painting your nails polished with Tonic transparent glossy
2 - Put layer of beige or ivory or light pink and will be the basis
3 - Paste on your fingernail Adhesives (sold to an ad hoc, etc.)
4 - the upper region merrily painted white or beige
5 - Remove the paper very gently
6 - Put a new layer of transparent gloss Tonic

And thus
Your nails beautiful and wonderful and consistent with all the colors of clothing

For more stability, my hands in cold water for a short period
In order to prevent the bloc be careful not to a lot of classes and types of good and Use a known brand.

How to choose kind of Makeup Brushes

Whether you passive makeup every month or just on occasion, you want to grasp you have the outstanding bent brushes for the job. licensed are some simple guidelines you liability follow to be conclusive you group the right brushes considering an even application and professional finish.

Get a Variety

Women don't regularly just wear unique kind of makeup also you need applicators for all the complex you wear. So getting a variety of brushes is a good plan. If you don't have chip brushes at all, viewing passion buying an admit. This will give you a few right aways for use on your eyelids or cheek bones or just for applying powder more evenly and you will save some money by getting more than one at a time.

Get What You Need

Figure outward what kinds of makeup you wear most recurrently and instigate specific you get brushes that are made for specifically over that lexicon. You may also need more than the same type of brush if you use several eye eclipse colors. If you buy a set, make decided the right brushes are in acknowledged. If you can't treasure trove or afford a set, make unequivocal you get important brushes such for a claret brush, spring conflict or shadow brush.

You should find that Bobbi Brown's essentials round set contains most of the brushes you need at a reasonable price. Vincent Longo's brush also include a resplendent brush that is ideal for applying concealer evenly and smoothly first time. Stila also have a great choice of makeup rumble sets available at a very reasonable price that won't discontinuity your budget.

Buy Quality

Since you are going to spend the chief you need to make sure that you are buying the matchless makeup brushes that you can afford. Now, buying professional cluster brushes might not exemplify necessary, but you don't want to scorched your money on brushes that are dash to fall apart or lose bristles further not resort to makeup the avenue you want.

Find surface what some of the best brands of brushes are and what their approximate prices are. This way you know what you are looking for and you will know true pronto if you come across a great deal.

By getting the supreme tone brushes you are ensuring better morale application and longer lasting brushes. You will serve as happier salt away your sway if you spend a mere fresh money to get something that lasts and gives you a qualified finish.

Masculinity is threatened because of lack of chromosome (j)

PARIS - A team of French scientists that chromosome (j) began to disappear from the gene-for-200 for chromosome 1100 / X /, which indicates the existence of a shortage of males to females

The team of scientists conducted experiments on male rats, revealing a severe lack of the hormone / Ositosen / is responsible for the interaction between the male and female, and to facilitate the process of birth

The scientists believe the disappearance of chromosome (j) does not cause any problems as it can be changed or replaced by another chromosome to bring nature is the only one responsible for the answer to this question

Chicken Baneh with cheese turkey

1 kg chicks Baneh
turkey grated cheese
Basal bleached
½ cup flour
Half of a cup rusk
2 eggs
Salt - pepper
Wood sticks Dispenser

How to prepare:
Mix chicken with the Albanians, grated onion and a little salt and pepper.
Padding: Chicks pulling onions and uniqueness and placed part of the cheese in half of a piece of chicken after the second half to close the cheese stick, wood fittings.
And then put flour in a pot and eating chicken in the flour to flipping.
Then hit the egg with a little salt and pepper and then Raise Chicks of flour and stir into eggs and then placed in Rusks. The reddening: Apply oil on low heat until potatoes are grilled golden color.

Baneh crunchy chicks

Chicken Baneh cross section and washed
Onion Bleached
2 eggs
Rusk and semolina flour mixed together in one vessel

How to prepare:
They put chicken onion, salt, pepper and mustard, honey and curry.
And then taken piece by piece and placed in the egg mixture and then Rusks and semolina flour and fry in oil

Discover Lung cancer through the smell of the mouth

In the latest discovery in the field of lung cancer, it has become possible today to patients who complain are infected with this type of cancer, check out the smell of mouth and, consequently, to make sure whether they have the pernicious disease.

Scientists have developed a sensor that can quickly and easily to discover whether a patient has the lung cancer through the smell of the mouth, as it has been possible through this device to save the lives of many through prior knowledge of the infected cancer.

The experiment was on the sensor by 40 people suspected of having cancer and 56 who are healthy and have found that there are 42 organic material present in the smell of the mouth of those suspected of having cancer by 83 percent and less than 83 percent in healthy people.

Israel and the world was Dr. Hassam Heck in Haifa had made this experience that could well lead to the development of significantly reduce the effects of lung cancer in the future.

Medical benefits of peppermint

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Often occur to us sweets and (ice cream), especially in this summer, but the peppermint (stinging) Peppermint is also an old herbal remedy used to treat a wide range of ailments, abdominal pain from bloating and gas end of stomach cancer and gallbladder disease .

And traditional medicine does not necessarily mean it's effective, and spent the doctors said the best answers to the many problems that are supposed to be handled by pepper mint, or heal.

And it turned out that peppermint was the best bit of many plant drugs in clinical trials. Many recent studies that olive oil is very effective in alleviating intestinal irritability syndrome IBS irritable bowel syndrome, which is a set of symptoms that include pain and abdominal cramping and feeling bloated, constipation and diarrhea.

, Italian investigators reported in a study conducted in the year that about 75 per cent of the patients who took peppermint oil capsules for four weeks had a significant reduction in their IBS symptoms compared with 38 per cent of those who took a placebo pill.
There are other discoveries of questionable quality, namely, that additional applications for the peppermint oil to help relieve headaches caused by tension, but a mix of peppermint and caraway oils also helps to treat poor digestion difficult.

Switch sports and the use of Human Growth Hormone Releaser

As the years go by, you are apprenticed to apprehension that you will accept harder time kneeling, bending, and stretching. No amount how abundant you go to the gym, there is actual little you can do to anticipate the basal accident of activity and flexibility. When you booty animal advance hormone releaser, it will stop and about-face the actinic processes that are causing your anatomy and tendons to decay.

When you aboriginal alpha acquainted the concrete signs of aging, you may still anticipate that you accept years to go before things get absolutely bad. That said, before you apperceive it, the decades will blooper by, and leave you with weaker anatomy and beneath adeptness to use them. Without a question, if you are starting to apprehension an abridgement in concrete capacity, it is time to alpha demography animal advance hormone releaser. At the actual least, if you alpha now, you can attending advanced to slowing down the crumbling action a bit added easily.

Many bodies that booty animal advance hormone releaser is able to tie their shoes, and do all the added simple things that adolescent bodies booty for granted. If you feel like your activity is not as abounding because you accept absent your agility, it is absolutely time to do article about it. While diet and exercise can advice this action along, you additionally charge to do article for the beef that is crumbling faster than necessary. In abounding cases, already you abode problems at this level, aggregate abroad will additionally abatement into alignment.

Once you alpha acquirements about animal advance hormone releaser, you will anon apprehend that it is one best remedy for advancing age. In fact, as you anatomy become firmer and stronger, you may be able to get pleasure a cardinal of your above occupations. For example, you may be able to garden, booty allotment in sports, and artlessly get pleasure activities like your anatomy is able and adolescent again. Even admitting these allowances won't last forever, at atomic you will be able to get pleasure an active anatomy for as continued as possible.

Some medicines for gastritis increases the risk of cancer

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paris - Scientists Frenchmen said that some drug therapies for IBD may increase the risk of cancers associated with infection, but, nevertheless, still the benefits of drugs outweigh the risks.

A recent study revealed that the drug "Theopourin" - a drug inhibitor of immunity and inhibitory immune system of the body and is usually used for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease - can increase the risk of cancers associated with viral infection.

A team of Dr. Laurent Bugery and colleagues Hospital St. Antoine in the French capital Paris to study more than 19 thousand patients suffering from Crohn's disease, and about 30 percent of patients treated with drugs Theopourin, and 14 percent have stopped their use, and 56 percent did not use them at all.

After the follow-up for about three years, the researchers found 23 new cases of cancer nodes.

The researchers said, in a study published the journal "The Lancet", statistical analysis showed that patient who use drugs Theopourin, such as azathioprine which is produced by several companies for the manufacture of pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (trade name Aimuran), risk of cancer of the lymph nodes at a rate five times, than those who did not use these drugs at all.

And increases the risk of cancer of the lymph nodes, according to researchers, in patients older males who have a longer history of IBD.

Dark colors to shelter from the harmful ultraviolet radiation

Madrid - a scientific Study Castilian showed that modern clothing, particularly cotton with dark colors help protect the body from harmful ultraviolet. Harmful of the sun without other colors and materials.

The Spanish researchers should be to people who want to prevent the damage of UV clothing made of Pulses of blue, dark red instead of yellow or white because it is the greater the severity darker color the more its ability to protect skin from penetration of harmful rays.

The initial research conducted in this regard to measure the absorption of tissue fabrics that darker colors more colors that serve to absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

Brushing equal to the strength of agile

TOKYO - Japanese Studies later proved that clean teeth three times a day is better than diet or physical exercise to maintain fitness.

Professor "Takashi Wada" from the University Jiki of Tokyo found during the survey conducted on the daily habits of nearly 14 thousand people, middle-aged adults in the mid-forties, those with a graceful strength tends to wash their teeth after every meal.

The study indicated men who suffer from obesity may do not washed their teeth for a period of more than a day, assuring that this does not mean that brushing in itself is a sport for fat burning, but we believe that the concern with cleaning teeth play an important role in maintaining health and preventing obesity.

The importance and the best way to clean teeth spaces

Monday, October 26, 2009

The traditional methods of cleaning teeth using a toothbrush and toothpaste every day, helps to protect teeth from tooth decay and inflammation of the gums, but in most cases, is not sufficient to get rid of tooth decay and gum disease altogether.

This is due primarily to the existence of areas not easily accessible and cleaned using a brush only, namely, the intra-dental spaces.

This, of course, affect the health of the gums in the first place, as it may cause tooth decay tooth surfaces in those areas are not visible for the patient.

Dental caries in these areas much more dangerous than Caries phenomenon, due to the difficulty identified by the patient and the doctor, and usually remains invisible to turn into large cavities need to be large fillings.

The same applies to the case of gum disease, and if do not take care gum, can be up to the bone inflammation, which in turn could get eroded if not treated, and thus the end result in the worst conditions are the fall of your teeth if they were not bones strong enough to withstand the teeth in place.

We talked previously about tooth decay and focus in this investigation on the gum disease.

Gum disease
The lime is known as the first cause of gum disease. Is the adhesive layer of bacteria that result from not brushing your teeth daily, which leads to the accumulation of food debris, bacteria on the teeth, making it difficult to brush removal. And these bacteria produce toxins that irritate the gums and damage teeth.

The surest way to get rid of lime generally lies in the periodic visit to the dentist. Gingivitis is the first stages of her illness, which is a tumor of the gums caused by the accumulation of tartar above and below the gum line.

And the neglect of that class may lead to inflammation of the tissues and bone surrounding, which in turn may cause receding gums, and are deep pockets around the teeth.

Identify the incidence of
Am I at risk of gum disease?
- Yes. Can make you that gum disease at any age, but often affects adults, as three of every four adults are infected or injured gum disease.

There is a growing risk with smoking and some medical conditions. Therefore, it is important to keep your dentist informed of your situation health.

Do you know how to gum disease?
- May be suffering from gum disease if you notice: bleeding when brushing teeth, or sensitivity, swelling and redder in the gums, or smell or foul taste in your mouth, or the presence of secretions Pus from the gums or from between the teeth. Or move your teeth to diverge.

Clean between teeth
All the symptoms and the above-mentioned problems may occur with any of us, undetected, so if I got in the inter-dental spaces.

The concern, therefore these spaces clean is very important. The simplest and safest way to do this is to use a string of Sunni Islam.

Did you know that the lack of flossing means that 40% of the remainder of the surface of the teeth without any cleaning?

- Cut off about 50 cm of string and then Levy mostly about the middle finger of each hand (for in more fingers on one) so that is around 5 cm between the fingers.

- Using your Thumb and index finger, Make the string tight and carefully passed down between the teeth. Avoid pressure on the gums vigorously.

- Levy thread about each tooth in C and dynamic gently up and down on the tooth surface and below the gum line. Use the new part of the thread whenever I moved from tooth to another.

In the beginning, you may feel that flossing difficult. But Persevere to do, with a little patience and practice you'll feel it quite natural, such as cleaning teeth.

Sometimes some may complain that his gums bleed when flossing amalgam. This is very natural in the first phase.

This may indicate the presence of gum disease. But after several days of flossing should stop bleeding because of the improved situation of the gums. Consult your dentist if the bleeding.

Any kinds of thread better?
Although there are several types of threads (or non-waxed linoleum or a certain flavor) they are all designed to engage between the teeth and under the gum line to remove plaque. So I use the type that you prefer.

Some new species are easier to use as a resist Cloning and slip easily between the teeth. And tarpaulins which are less harmful and more protective of the gums.

If the dual difficulty in the use of thread, you may like to try Flossette (thread in the plastic handle), which eliminates the need to wrap the thread to the fingers, and guidance between the teeth and gives you better control.

After you enter Flossette between the teeth Follow the same method of flossing. Ask your dentist to show you the correct way to use if you were not sure.

In the case of bridges, Favored use a special string that contains harsh Party provides you guidance between teeth or under bridges.

Other cleaning products
Is the thread is the only way to clean between teeth? In addition to the thread, there are other products designed to clean between teeth. Ask your dentist to help determine which ones suit you.

- Interdental toothbrush to clean the cavities between the teeth. If there are spaces between your teeth or you are using Tigana or bridges or teeth planted, they help you use this brush with the head of a very small tapered or cylindrical and soft bristles.

- Wooden toothpicks , a triangular wooden stick to help clean between teeth and massage gums.

Water systems for oral care
These systems use pressurized water flow to clean the areas around the gums. Must be your great feature by pressing the control of water and for use in sensitive areas.

Can be used only with water or with mouthwash. Ask your dentist whether the use of the water system to improve oral care at home.

Might ask of us: Did not clean between my teeth before, you delayed so much?
Ever. Whatever your age, the cleaning between teeth is of great benefit to your teeth and gums and you will notice the benefits immediately, so the sooner you start early, the better.

Cleaning between the teeth give a sense of cleanliness of your teeth and gums, as it is clean areas not accessible to brush teeth, and keep your mouth smell refreshing, and most importantly, capable of dealing with gum disease.

Chocolate fondues

Sunday, October 25, 2009

250 (gm) chocolate pieces
150 (gm) butter
125 (gm) sugar
60 (gm) flour
4 eggs
Cocoa to decorate

the way to prepare:
Prepare pot on the fire and put the butter until melting and put Chocolate until melting and place the eggs one by one, with stirring, with sugar and flour gradually and slowly, slowly, violin and weigh up to flattering homogeneity.
- And then we get a vessel and Put inside foil paper and put the mixture and put it in a furnace heated to 200 degrees for 7-10 minutes and then removed him out and put it in the freezer to cool completely.
- It out and put it in the oven once else until chocolate melts inside and Favored it out and go to cocoa and chocolate have tragic Melted from the inside

Tips in choosing a color of make-up

Did you ever think in secret and behind the search for a red blouse, or dress in green, although these were not the colors you like before?

It may seem absurd at first glance, but it may be in response to the psychological needs of their emissions that radiate red, or the effects of energy for one other colors..

Think of this a good thing when Force you desire to purchase under the eyelids purple or green pen identification, nor underestimate the impact the matter.

That is what expert makeup and beauty world, Laura Mercier, which is one of the most important experts in Excursions.

And agrees opinion of many experts and cosmetic companies that do not stop to ask where the colors danced Cosmetics emerald and Aquamarine , rubies, coral and others.

It is true that several riyadhs us do not know Laura Mercier in person, but may not even know her face, but on the other hand knows a lot about us, and beautified many our features, they answer for those on the faces of color accentuated the freshness and youthful.

Therefore, if you decide to Laura that reduced its long experience as an expert worked with Hollywood stars and music stars in the most important occasions in the book reveals the secrets of beauty, it requires us to pause to see him and get to know some tips that can throws us by it.

Book under the title «the secrets of a new beauty: Guide-to-face free of defects», one of the most important books about the secrets of beauty in the world today, which advises Laura Mercier, therefore, with respect to eye color and give sparkle and beauty of it:

Not Fear of colors
Most of the women committed to color neutral when it comes to eye, but can be any one of us dare from time to time and try glowing colors a bit.

This change helps to improve mood, given that some psychologists advise their patients to stop wearing black clothing, as it and weakens the self-strain energy, and the use of make-up to raise their spirit.

So do not go away, says Laura Mercier, maybe all you need is yourself and try, Follow your intuition, because there is always a way to place the color, whether opening or calm or bright, and all you can choose the class that will makes it right for you .

Intensified color of your eyes
There are simple ways to make your natural color of your eyes clear and more brilliant. Some colors enhance the beauty of the eyes and other highlights flaws.

And apply this theory on the relationship between the eye makeup and the real color of your eyes, because you can you will make more swollen or blue, or that Damning it greener, and so on.

Laura has discovered that the following color combinations are appropriate for you if you animate:

Brown eyes
Try: shades of eyelids or pen select colors gray, black, decent, light brown or dark brown with a touch of red, pink or italics redness, or gray and brown, or dark purple, as you can Use light-colored shades of the same degree of eyelid the former, as well as purple, pink and light pink, shades of gold with the addition of a condition that is not the degree of skin color tends to zero.

Avoid: If your skin tends to color olive, brown faded degrees such as oil shale, brick, brown and yellow italics, because it will not add to the beauty of any color of your eyes, but the contrary will highlight yellowing skin only.

Blue Eyes
Try: eyelids painted shades of pink, or brown, pink, or beige, pink, or pink, pink, or violet matte trim, which is not done to him.

For the Registries determine the eyes, you can use gray, black, brown, golden bronze and dark violet.

Avoid: If your skin tends to pink, the shadows that tend to pink blatant, such as pink.

If the color of your eyes blue flamboyantly, Avoid shades of green eyelids, as well as the use of Registry Fixing this color blue or strong.

Green eyes or horny
Try: shades of colors eyelids pink, light rose, violet, green, green, bronze, gray to green italics, olive, caramel, gold, and all degrees of brown and gray.

If your skin color tends to suffer from olive and black halos slash yellow to brown, you have colors such as beige, dark gray, and purple slash of gray, pink and black or purple.

Also preferred to determine the pencil use dark purple colors, black, gray and gold and brown.

Avoid: Green blatant, but if you want to experience bright color such as blue slash of green, or turquoise, it must be a tinge of color to add sparkle to the area around the eyes.

Yogurt Reduces receding gums and tooth loss

Found Dr. Yoshihiro Shimazaki and his team at the end of a study published last February in the journal "Journal of Pereodontologi" specialized oral health, the association between consumption of concrete yogurt and other drinks containing lactic acid, and the safety and health of the mouth parts of the surrounding teeth.

Shimazaki, "said a researcher at the University of Kuishu Facuka in Japanese, that these foods had a role in oral health" and not milk, and cheese. " Cases of disease and lead parts of the surrounding teeth chronic conditions such as chronic periodontal disease, to reverse and to early tooth loss in adults.

Shimazaki said that the benefit harvested from yogurt and other similar foods on the health of the gums, may lie in the effects of beneficial bacteria in it. He added that with the exception of pollutants to clean teeth or wire strings, and the steps to protect teeth and gums remain limited.

Previous studies have pointed to the lack of emergence of periodontal disease in people who eat large amounts of milk, but these studies did not address precisely the kinds of milk, more beneficial than others, according to Japanese researchers.

Shimazaki's team assessed the degree to which parts of the surrounding dental disease in 942 men and women, aged between 40 and 79 years, and the amounts of intake of milk, cheese and foods containing lactic acid.

And found that people who were infected with periodontal disease, public (state the most advanced) were the least intake of food containing lactic acid, compared to people who have made localized disease of the gums (the situation the least developed).

Compared with the other members did not eat any food container on the lactic acid, it appeared that those who ate 55 grams or more of milk or yogurt drinks containing lactic acid, it was observed to have lower scores on the occurrence of severe periodontal disease.

Onion certainty of cancer morbidity

An American study confirmed recent study Cancer Research Center, State of Hawaii recently, that the multiple health benefits of onions, the most important because it helps greatly in the prevention of malignant tumor diseases ..

The Cancer Research Center scientists study the effectiveness of the vehicles after the "flavonoid" in reducing the risk of lung cancer, that these compounds are already protected, but some are more effective than the other.

The researchers found that the composite "Kwerozde" found in onions, prevents cancer is more complex "Narengjin" a "flavonoids" in the grapefruit, as the scholars stressed that onion and garlic of the best medicinal plants useful for human health.

Avoid errors when you remove the make-up

Saturday, October 24, 2009

There is no doubt that the removal of make-up is an essential step to keep skin beautiful and Deficiency. But with the availability of large groups of removing cosmetics make-up, may find it confusing to choose what suits your skin and needs. Here are answers to clear and explicit on a number of questions concerning the elimination of make-up.

Can I use lotion to remove make-up oil painting for oily skin?
Of course, that, contrary to common belief, does not affect fat oil never in the skin. But if your skin is oily and sensitive at the same time, oil may find uncomfortable and never feel that your skin has become tight after removing make-up. In this case, use makeup remover for sensitive skin.

Can I use makeup remover face on the eyes as well?
No problem with that, if written on the product to be reserved for the face and eyes. In this case, the product has been subjected to medical tests were necessary to make sure it does not harm the area never eyes. But if the ad hoc makeup remover for the face only, you can not never use on the eyes because its structure does not fit the sensitive area of the eyes and, if the use of facial makeup remover to clean the eye area, you may suffer from redness and sensitivity and swollen eyes. However, you can use eye makeup remover to remove makeup from the rest of the face, because its composition be in this case soft skin, not harm at all.

Do you really works use makeup remover warrior on Aging?
It depends on the result, which Expecting. Cosmetics remove make-up will inevitably affect the cohesion of the skin or wrinkles. But it may give freshness and sparkle to your face and smooth your skin peeled with the factors in it. Advisable to use makeup remover aging warrior after the age of 40 years when the skin begins to lose her splendor, but no point never to use it before the age of 40

Am I obliged to use liquid or cream to remove make-up if my skin dry?
Be the composition of liquid and decent sticky and more Hydrating the rest of the fixtures. However, removing cosmetics makeup available in the form of oils or water may also be useful for dry skin condition rinsed well With tonik free from alcohol or water intake and not tap water (tap).

You have chosen the following types of cosmetic make-up removal:
• Lotion Clean It Tenders of Givenchy
• Take the Day Off from Clinique
• Eau de Confort Nettoyante Express a L'eau essentielle de Peche by Clarins
• Prodigy Make up Remover by Helena Rubinstein
• Huile Seche Demaquillante Equilibrante of Make Up For Ever
• Fluide Demaquillant Visage et Yeux of Neutrogena
• A Secret de Purete of Guerlain

What is the benefit of tonik?
After removing the liquid make-up by private tonik can get rid of all remnants of makeup remover and all dirt remaining on the surface of the skin. You can also use tonik am to awaken the skin and make it a thriving and vital. In both cases, reveals the impact of tonik tonic for the skin, in addition to the benefits of cleansing or purification or humidification or peeling. So, choose tonik that suits your skin and needs.

Should I use makeup remover even if it did not put make-up?
Of course, because the removal of make-up does not mean just get rid of make-up. It is also concerned with the disposal of excess lipid, pollution, and sweating, and carbon monoxide caused by smoking cigarettes. So, do not Miss never step to remove makeup every night.

If you use liquid wealth to remove make-up, you can dispense with the cream the night?
Reveals the make-up remover for the effect of detergent before everything, and as long as you do not you find your skin is tight, you can dispense with the cream at night. But as soon as the first appearance of wrinkles, moisturizing skin, you care a preparation light. After the age of 40 the skin tends to drought and need time to moisturizing cream rich and effective, and you can then dispense with the use of cream night.

Three different ways to use liquid makeup remover
1 - The first method provides for the extension of the liquid makeup remover fingertips over face and rubbed until well penetrates the skin. Then you wait a bit longer to make-up remover to get out of the face, as if by magic, then rinse your face thoroughly with water, then it Pass wet cotton ball tonik a preparation.
2 - The second method provides for the development of liquid makeup remover in the palm and finger tip and then extended over the face. You make-up remover distribution on your face light circular movements to penetrate well in the skin.
3 - The third way ORDAINS heating makeup remover between the hands and then unrolled on the face and neck and pulled back quickly as if you Rinse. Repeat this five to six times in a row to get rid of all the sediment

Sleep problems in children Causes and solutions

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sleep is important for all, as the saying goes (sleep Sultan), when we sleep, we get the comfort and energy for the day, sleep for children, more important, because it is beneficial to the health and welfare of the child, and the body produces hormones that stimulate growth of the night.

Says Ms. Andrea Grace, sleep expert and author of Teach your child to sleep, that child grow up, during sleep, mentally and physically both."

And insomnia or lack of sleep one of the most common problems in young children between the ages of 1-2 or 3-4 years.

Perhaps the child will find it difficult to sleep, or wake up during the night, according to the Royal College of Mental Health, the problems of sleep when most of the children do not occur only occasionally, usually not serious and disappear over time, but if you took a long time, then parents need to take the problem seriously because it can be annoying and can affect a child's learning and behavior.

Nocturnal awakenings
Known experts, who work with parents and children, night waking, when it is repeated five nights or more per week for more than three months, accompanied by one of these symptoms:
- Waking up three or more times per night.
- Staying more than 20 minutes after waking up.
- The child goes to his parents room to sleep with them.

Causes of sleep difficulties
The sleep difficulties define taking more than 20 minutes to sleep in five nights or more per week for two months or more, is not known what causes sleep problems in children, but the reasons that you might be related to the difficulty sleeping:

- Learn some of the children sleep patterns that could be behind some of the sleep problems, such as not sleeping child only attend a television with his parents in the living room.

- Rapid eye movement in young children more than adults, so it is likely that the child will find it difficult to return to sleep after waking up.

- Some children have trouble sleeping at their clock imbalance in the biological functions of this time is to regulate the times of sleep the body feels sleepy at night or when dark, and the alternative of life and activity during the day, and sometimes confused at the timing of when you travel from time zone to another or because of disease.

There are some factors that make your child more vulnerable to sleep problems, including:
- That have suffered from colic when the child was a baby.

- To be the child's difficulty mood (for example, irritable, moody, or stubbornness).

- Sleep problems are usually more severe when they occur in children who have the difficulty in learning or physical disability, such as epilepsy, autism or attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.

How to understand sleep?
Research suggests that human spend a third of his life sleeping, lack of sleep may lead to serious consequences, because sleep is essential for brain development and growth of the body, and if parents understand the pattern of sleep and they can help their children develop healthy sleep habits and a positive attitude it.

Know the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, natural sleep as follow:
- Has a cycle of stages that include deep sleep and light.

- During the quiet phase of sleep, breathing deeply and the child on a regular basis and lay motionless, can be light or deep sleep.

- During the active stage of sleep, the child is not breathing regularly and show rapid eye movements under closed eyelids, a form of light sleep and could wake the child easily.

- From sessions of sleep and active region between 30-50 minutes in children and 90 minutes in adults.

- Usually occurs when a short period of waking the completion of each session.

- 80 sleep in the early time of the night sleep be quiet.

- 80 hours of sleep in the morning is an active sleep (the time when dreams occur)

Recognize signs of fatigue in children
Sometimes if the child turns suddenly to become irritable, hyperactive or too demanding, and show these indicators that your child is starting to feel tired.

And shows children being tired through changes in their behavior, and if it can detect and parents know when their child feel tired through these signs, they can reduce insomnia and help in falling asleep before turning his hard to strain.

Some of the signs of fatigue of the child includes the following:
• confusion
• many parents stick
• irritability, jittering
• crying
• claim the attention of the Standing
• demands in the diet of many

What can you do?
Secret key to ensure a better night's sleep for your child is that is to change the habits associated with sleep and allow your child to develop the capacity of sleep for the unit, and remember to change the pattern of sleep for your child is a challenge and tiring task.

As such, try to take care of yourself during this period of change, with a little patience you'll get a routine sleeping arrangement meets the needs of your child and family needs at the same time.

Some secrets of quiet nights .. Sleep
- Put to sleep routine since the first weeks of your child, will help your child's bedtime routine to feel drowsy and sleep quietly.

- Most development experts, including children, Dr Tanya Byron, suggest a routine such as bath, milk, cleaning teeth, and tell the story and then sleep.

- Do not do is to feed your baby to sleep, wakes up every time the child will expects similar treatment.

- Try to Break is gradually milk before bedtime by reading a story or sing a song after drinking milk until the milk is not linked to sleep.

- Put your baby to bed awake, this way the child begins to learn hypnosis itself and rely on himself to sleep.

- Do not worry about waking up at night, most of the children wake up several times a night.

- Let your baby naps during the day, children need to nap nap so as not to be jaded at the time of sleep, naps can be during the morning or afternoon.

- Kept the child in bed to sleep Do not try to bring him to Your Bed if taken a long time to sleep, it would make him get used to the habit of sleeping in a room sleeping.

- Take a rest after your baby sleep, you must take care of your health and your convenience.

- Make bedtime luck to you, when your baby sleep in a feel safe and happy, you will wake up in a different mood.

- Being quiet but firm, talk with your child calmly and a low voice, when he asks him to return to his room and go to sleep.

- Catalytic your child, by rewarding positive behavior such as going to sleep in a timely and hypnosis itself.

Selection of games for infants is necessary to develop their skills

A report by a team of British researchers on the development of skills of the child during the first two years of age that this play, which takes young children through the first two years of age gives him personal independent and develop intelligence and provide it with information.

The report emphasized the need for the acquisition of appropriate toys for each age group, indicating that the game may encourage him to speak a few word by way of coming with them.

The report added that it is better to buy play-colored, which capture the attention of the child during the first two years.

Sugarplum not buy for your child so as not to turn into a criminal

If you want to protect your child from becoming out of the law when you grow up banning him from addressing Sugarplum and chocolate on a daily basis and in large quantities .. This is at least as revealed by a British study conducted on 17 thousand persons accused of committing acts contrary to the law was born in 1970.

The magazine "Onovl Observateur" that the French study by a team from the University of "Cardiff" UK revealed that children who eat large amounts of sugars on a daily basis is at risk of committing acts punishable under the law than those who eat normal amounts of sugars.

The study, conducted under the supervision of Dr Simon Moore, from Cardiff University said 70 percent of those accused in violence and acts of outlaws who had been subjected to the study admitted they were having Sugarplum and chocolates in their childhood on a daily basis and in large quantities

Eating at night over weight

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Modern medical study warned that the habit of eating food during the night after dinner and too many entertainers contribute significantly to the increase in weight and gain more kilograms and fat.

And stresses the initial research conducted on animals in this connection that eating at the wrong times and not useful in terms of food and health to make them at a rate twice as likely to gain more weight and fat despite the fact that the total calories ingested, which remained within the allowable percentage but most of which dealt night is a big mistake for the mechanism of metabolism.

Some anti-obesity drugs cause liver damage

U.S. health officials said they went on to study reports of damage in the liver of people who used "Propecia", a drug to combat obesity, which is produced by Roche, which is marketed by Smith GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) under the name Alli.

Said the Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that it had received 32 reports between 1999 and 2008 refer to cases of liver damage of this kind.

All cases except two, relating to prescribing Propecia, which produced outside the United States, of the 32 cases, 27 patients were taken to hospital, six cases of hepatitis have stopped working, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Alli drive to combat obesity pose a health risk
The Food and Drug Administration: "Analysis of these data are continuing and there is no conclusive link between liver injury and orlistat [the active ingredient of the drug] has been identified at this stage", adding that people who use this treatment should continue to be used as described to them.

Obese people prone to liver problems
Said the U.S. laboratory GlaxoSmithKline GSK said in a statement that "there is no evidence of damage caused by drug Alli in the liver.

But people who are overweight or obese are at high risk for health problems related to the liver .. According to the British pharmaceutical group.

And defended her medicine from Roche, saying that there was no evidence of a link between Propecia and the occurrence of liver damage.

A spokesman for the Swiss group said in a statement: "The Roche has always been to monitor and analyze the safety of the liver under the influence of Propecia, and even now, there is no evidence of a link between Propecia and liver damage."

He added that Roche was taking "very seriously the safety of patients" and "continue to work closely with the Food and Drug Administration, both the drugs do not constitute a major source of income for GSK and Roche.

Guide the elderly to maintain strength and fitness

Often see elderly people have lost their strength and their energy and they showed symptoms of old age and weakness, all these qualities is often due to rejection of drills and practice activities that lead to loss of muscle, but of the biggest anti-aging, energy conservation and power are exercise and activities.

The pursuit of a particular system for training exercises of running and weight lifting and maintaining a certain food helps to build muscle and bone and strengthened and preserved.

And training in general must be done at any age when even people who have certain health conditions, exercise is important for them.

The physical exercises that work on the strength of the body useful in the prevention of epidemics and chronic diseases, including: --
- Inflammation of the joints.
- Diabetes.
- High cholesterol.
- Obesity.
- Back pain.
- Depression.
- Low self-confidence.
- Low self-esteem.
- Sleep problems.

More importantly, the exercises help to prevent and treat osteoporosis for the elderly, it helps to build a good building bones and maintain density and reduce the risk of diseases involving Injury any bones.

The elderly are most vulnerable to these diseases, but exercises protect themselves from it significantly.

The greater the age the greater the risk of fragility in the bones or the inability to walk, especially with older women, and descent, known in most of the studies on older persons that the state of one in every four cases of infected bone in zirconia subjected to death.

And maintaining a regular training is most effective when combined with activities that will produce a greater balance.

Before the start of training: --
Experts recommend exercise training once or twice a week almost which works to strengthen the muscle and strength, you should train hard to get the greatest health benefits, should be the total time of training and activity in the week just 30 minutes.

Before you start training you should talk to your doctor since he is fully aware of exercises that will Strengthens and at the same time suitable for your health.

When you start training should include training major muscle and make sure to exercise this work: --
- Legs.
- Hips.
- Chest.
- The abdomen.
- Noon.
- Shoulders.
- Arms.

May require some training weights that are bought from sports shops, but you will not need those tools.

You can use some household items, which in turn will help you do the job such as: --
- Some plastic basins filled with water or sand.
- Bags of dried beans.
- Bags of rice.
- Soup cans.
- Bottles filled with water.

When you might want to move to the resistance, such as trying to pay some heavy objects such as: --
- Wooden furniture in the house.
- The weight machines.
- Weight-lifting.

When you start training would be better to do the following: --
- Start slowly with light exercise.
- Dealt a heavy meal, you must wait two hours before training.
- Must be warm-up exercises with low intensity activity.
- Drink water before and during training.

You may need to stop training if you have: --
- Muscle cramps.
- Pain in the joints, ankles and legs.

You should call an ambulance if you have: --
- Any pain or Dt on the chest and shoulders.
- That I was dizzy.
- I was hit, there was a turnover and a cold sweat.

We must remember that muscle strength increases over time and increased training and who works as not to increase the weight, which will cause them to perform everyday tasks better.

Chili substitute for aspirin

could solve the chili a day to aspirin for the treatment of diabetes, heart disease, blood vessels, this is what has resulted from a study conducted by a team at the University of School of Life Sciences to learn the benefits of plants and spices and their effect on the blood.

The study points to two components in the chili is "Kabssayasn" and "Diyderukabssayasn" helps to reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as reduce the formation of fatty deposits in artery walls and preventing blood clots.

It also indicates that the component "Kabssayasn" affect platelet aggregation or blood clotting, adding that eating hot peppers make the body produce less insulin and allows the body to use glucose effectively.

She said chili pepper may protect against diabetes, but did not refer to the amount of pepper that can be used in cooking, noting that the matter of the strength and the amount of chili cabssayasn it.

The benefits of lavender

A study by British scientists specializing in the natural herbs that smell plant "Lavender" to help calm and a sense of psychological well as contribute to the flexibility of muscles of the body and resistance to stress.

Advised scientists using lavender during pregnancy makes the mother feel comfortable and happy and that by inhaling lavender oil which gives calm.

the benefits of lavender plant also helps to breathe inhaled Pacific

Dark chocolate improves the function of blood vessels

A medical study reported that dark chocolate improves the function of blood vessels, thus confirming the results of previous studies on the medicinal benefits of cocoa on the cardiovascular system.

The researchers from Yale Center for Prevention Research - for the passed six weeks - study the impact of non-sweetened dark chocolate with 39 people, men and women were divided into three groups.

The group took the first day of this 227 grams of unsweetened dark chocolate, while the second addressed the dark chocolate, pancakes and the third was given a substitute.

The doctors during the study period by a special measuring the basic ability of the artery in the arm to relax to allow blood to flow more, before and after consumption of the quota assigned to each group.

Found for the two groups, which Consume cocoa can arm artery's ability to relax improved significantly by 4.2% in those who ate dark chocolate is sweetened, and by 5.1% in those on qualities of desalinated water.

As for the group, which has been given an alternative appeared that the ability of the artery to relax eased by 8.0%.

It is known that cocoa is rich in anti-oxidant (Flavonoiid) help dilate the arteries. This article also found in fruits, vegetables and red wine.

A study of physician Diane Baker, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore published last November, confirmed that eating a few small squares of dark chocolate every day have the effect of aspirin in reducing blood clotting and reduce the risk of clogged arteries, is responsible for many heart attacks

Olive oil, soybeans and strawberries to prevent deadly diseases

Studies have suggested a American and Canadian modern separate that eatings moderate amounts of some natural food may contribute significantly to the preventions of several diseases begin in mid-life, such as heart disease, malignant neoplasms, Alzheimer's, which is aged longer and healthier lives.

The study was conducted laboratory, which is expected to be deployed in October in the journal «Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology» on the science of poisons and Applied Pharmacology, a teams of scientists Center Monell Center in Philadelphia in the United States, scientists said that the article «» Oleocanthal where there are natural extra virgin olive oil may help prevent infection, and possibly cure, of Alzheimer's disease, known as «Alzheimer's disease».

The study found that the article, change the components of toxic substances to the nerves, which is believed to be responsible for the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.

According to Professors Paul Breslin and William Klein, supervisors of the study, the latest discovery will enable scientists to develop new standards for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, and improve methods of treating the disease, the substances known as «ADDLs» extremes associated with the nerve to the brain cells, leading to the disruption they relate to each other, The distortion function.

The scientists discovered that the mixing of the «ADDLS» Alooljukanthol with the laboratory, even a small amount, leading to reduced ability to bind to nerve cells significantly. It also led, in a sudden unexpected, to increase the targeting of the new article by the antibodies, allowing the use of immunotherapy in the future to attack the toxins.

In a second study conducted by scientists at Agriculture Research, and agricultural crops, McGill University, in the Quebec province of Canada, published in the September issue of the journal «World Agriculture» Agronomy Journal, found the results to that of soybean, compared to other agricultural products, contains the largest proportion of material «tocopherol» Anti-oxidant four types, which contribute significantly to the prevention of diseases in general, and heart disease and malignant tumors in particular.

In a related development, according to a study conducted by the American team of scientists from Oklahoma State University and published last September in the «Journal of Nutrition» Nutrition Journal that eating strawberries reduce the level of harmful fats in the body, such as low-density cholesterol, LDL, that cause cardiovascular disease .

And gave the researchers, led by Professor «Arpita Basu», a professor of nutrition, 16 women have the abilities have a cardiovascular disease, two cups of strawberry juice powder, dried for two weeks, and measured rates of fat and blood pressure before and after this procedure, and found that the rate of fats has decreased in large and arrived at the natural rate in 13 cases of whom are without any side effects.

The study concluded that eating food containing soy, as well as to the amount of virgin olive oil, with the fruits of strawberry, Makes You better health and longer than youth without health problems without the need for drugs, may cause side effects in many instances, of what is worse than the original disease.

Gene therapy for Parkinson's disease

The experience of operation carried out on five patients with Parkinson's disease, which depends on the goal of gene therapy in transplantation gene, known as "El - PIN" in the brain to produce dopamine, which causes a decrease in disorder in the brain causing the neurons of Parkinson's disease.

This gene is a virus prompt the brain is capable of continuous production of dopamine missing during illness and causing disorder in the movements and after 44 months was noted improvement in symptoms of the disease, thus encouraging the continuation of treatment by the patient of paralysis, which represents the second disease after Alzheimer's widespread turmoil in the world as a result of nerve cells in the brain.

Copper magnetic bracelet will not work with arthritis

The British doctor Jane Tadman that despite the public demand to use non-pharmacological treatments for joint disease, it is not concerned to encourage them to waste their money to buy products with little scientific interest.

It was announced by researchers at the University of York, the British copper wrist strap and magnetic useless in alleviating the suffering of patients infections, arthritis, confirming that the tests they ran, the court concerning the adoption of alternative medicine treatments did not demonstrate any benefit at all to mitigate the pain or reduce stiffness.

And advised on a charity for arthritis patients not to waste their money on treatments are uncertain.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How accented specter of menopause? The extent to which medication (HRT) is safe today? Can herbs really help?

Jillian is trying to a woman in her age 45 to find a solution to the cases boiling blood frightening.

Feel Hot at the height of the cold
Started the first revolution and upheaval in the blood, attacking me in the middle of the night while I am asleep in my bed and that was more in the colder winter days, which I did not like years ago.

Not thick glass bedroom and the room was very cold and suddenly and without warning, I felt that my body is burning from the heat with increased temperature degree can (for fried egg).

Currently, I realized that what happens to me is not a regular rise in temperature on the stairs going up because of conformity or wander inside the house by the central heating in cold winter night.

In that night was this happening to me for the first time and this is what kept me awake after weeks.

Initially surprised, like many women when they enter the age of 40 and to be frank I had a case of total rejection of the so-called menopause, which started attacking me like a ghost.

After a period of tension from my shock I woke up and realized that I am with all that lucky to have this generation of women who wore fashionable clothes and acts engaged in activities with the spirit of youth, full of life which is hidden features of the menopause.

Despite this young man to feel that the composition of the body have a different opinion, which in turn disturbs the mind pain boiling Blood worry My Sleep and I intend to wear with very light to extremely cold weather.

Was a shattering experience and comforts me now is the arrival of spring and after summer. I prepared myself for a mission to find the best way to tame the Thermostat is my.

Here are some steps to resist the troubles of menopause
First step: go to a doctor
My Doctor knew that the death of my mother diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of (52) years and that it was worried about. So I said, Is there a solution to this problem?

The doctor said that both the brain and Thermostat (thermostat) and (hypothalamus) receive mixed signals this occurs when at least the body's production of the hormone estrogen and progesterone, which causes the expansion of blood vessels and increase blood flow irregularly here and start feeling very hot filling body.

The bad news is that doctors still do not know why this occurs. The doctor, that some patients have found a treatment called Clonidine were initially developed to address the low blood pressure and ease the pain when consumed in small doses.

Other opinion:
Where I always was suffering from low blood pressure, this medicine is not new. No Standardization doctor my blood pressure when prescribing this medicine and said it Send me to a doctor specializing in this age, if not help me to heal. It has therefore decided to stop this medication at the moment.

The second step: a visit to the gynecologist
Here, Dr. Janice Rymer physicist and Chancellor of gynecology at a hospital and the Foundation Guy's and St Thomas and also runs a clinic specializing in the follow-up to menopause. I went there first because I did not completely rejecting you (HRT) and secondly I wanted to get advice from is an expert in this area.

Dr. Lee's advice:
The doctor told me that the use of this medicine for more than five years may increase the risk of a possible incidence of breast cancer although the risk for this disease a few in a period of not more than five years of not using the (HRT) is about (45) One of (the 1000) a woman can grow to have the breast cancer In contrast, (47) woman who take the (HRT) do not have this disease.

On the other hand told me that I have in mind the positive benefits of using this medicine, such as feel better and care for my heart and my bones, especially if I've been using the drug with the early stage of menopause.

Other opinion:
Of course, if the increased menopausal symptoms worse, the use of (HRT) may be appropriate treatment.

As stated by Dr. Rymer "must weigh things but no need to reject the HRT", and knowing that there are some women in this age become a devastating their lives and lose their interest in life and be a concern to them are the correlation (HRT) breast cancer and ignore the fact that this drug a great benefit to the blood vessels of the heart.

The third step: the use of herbs to a doctor
While attacking the press for the herbal remedy, but I have a friend had nominated a herb doctor Dr. Peter Conway

The advise given by:
I told Dr. Peter detailed explanation of the last I have some symptoms so he took my blood pressure was low, too harsh blows my heart and told me that this is an indication of the weakness in the energy my body.

Although he wanted to help me with the problem of blood boiling has focused on the activation energy and the way my body by the blood flow. He described some herbs, such as root and herb Libido reduce sexual desire and Red Clover herbal plant and Almariamp Alistrajls and to use them twice a day for one month and repeat it again.

Other opinion:
Started in body temperature continues to worsen in the first week of treatment, but after about three weeks notice that this rise began to decline with the end of the Week symptoms disappeared completely.

There was some talk that the wire body temperature appears and disappear for years during menopause, but it was this talk terrifies me.

Step Four: consult a dietitian
It is known that both the diet and lifestyle a major impact on health. Therefore, it can be to change some behaviors of food as a catalyst in easing the troubles of menopause. Hence it was my conversation with nutritionist Nigel Denby

The advise given by:
Nigel spoke about the growing risk for heart disease and osteoporosis in women in menopause, but advised some simple changes in diet that could have yielded a clear difference.

The proposed system healthy and balanced diet includes access to three meals containing soy and calcium-rich day.

And also contain plant foods that help in cases of boiling blood. It also advised me to allocate 30 minutes for the exercise and aerobic training walks five times a week and weightlifting exercises to strengthen the bones.

Other opinion:
Stay away from alcohol, because alcohol and caffeine, food, warm lead to bubbles of blood and insomnia. Also try to walk for half a hour each day and take regular milk and soy milk or yogurt, despite the difficulty of the new habits I'm trying not to be addressed as food supplement.

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